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Reaper's Bones KickStarter was a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now! .
Reaper's Bones KickStarter was a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now! .
17,744 backers pledged $3,429,235 to help bring this project to life.

Status Report

Posted by Reaper Miniatures (Creator)

We wanted to take a moment to give everyone a quick update.

International customers: we're still working through our international shipments. USPS's international shipment policies caused our shipping counter to fall out of sync, so we took it down. Please don't be alarmed.

When we get to your order, our system will send you a shipping confirmation.

Undertakers: your rewards are being processed and we will begin shipping next week.

When we get to your order, our system will send you a shipping confirmation.

As always, if you have any questions regarding your shipments, contact Our front office is flooded with emails and phone calls, so please be patient. We will get back with you as soon as we can. And make sure you include your Kickstarter email address and/or your order number in all correspondence.

As always, thank you!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Albert Font Roca on

      exactly... they started very good, lots of communication, the countdown, etc... but right now, it's a shame. It's been almost a year since we backed the project, and here we are, still empty handed

    2. Missing avatar

      Manbo on

      Come on, It's already august now and still no words. I'm even starting to wonder if i'd get it till the christmas. What annoys me more is some ppl already received their packages. The more (addons) we backed, the later we receive them. It's so ridiculous.

    3. Missing avatar

      Albert Font Roca on

      That's starting to be annoying, it's been more than a month since reaper started to ship the orders, and I still don't have any new about mine, a more or less big one (175$ pledge).

    4. Missing avatar

      Daniel Brumme on

      Got my parcel from the customs (no problems there - the invoice was clearly visible on the outisde...?). However when I opened Kaladrax's box, both of the dragon's wings were missing...

    5. Kasper Melchior Christiansen

      Ten days since the last post, could we get a new update?

    6. Missing avatar

      Adam Wood on

      I am neither an international customer or an undertaker. I backed at Ghast level and I am still waiting. A friend of mine in the area got his vampire level a week or two back. Any idea why I haven't seen or heard anything as to the whereabouts of mine yet?

    7. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Bekermann on

      From Germany, I picked up my package from customs today, meeting another guy doing the same. Thanks Minis looking great :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Callum Deans on

      UK resident here.

      Still waiting for an email to say if they've even been sent or eaten by wolves...or something.

      This is getting a little silly now, any chance of an update to keep us up to date on what is going on?

    9. Missing avatar

      Albert Font Roca on

      Same here. Apparently they are not sending as fast as they did... Still waiting (Barcelona, Spain) for the mail.

    10. Missing avatar

      Damien on

      In Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Still waiting for an email to say they have even been sent.

    11. Jairo González Arroyo on

      I'm still waiting for my 16 lines package in Madrid (Spain) ... FUUUUUU!!!

    12. Alan Kelly on

      I'm in Ireland, got my confirmation email on Friday :)

      Had a fairly large order, vampire plus most of the optional minis, paints and a case.

    13. Affrae on

      I'm in Australia and I got my golden ticket yesterday!!! Thank you guys!

    14. Missing avatar

      Samuel Campbell on

      When are NZ orders being shipped out?

    15. Missing avatar

      Sloan on

      Just got notification that UPS will be delivering my order Monday 29 July in Calgary, AB. Thank you.

    16. Missing avatar

      Alejandro Torres Duran on

      From México, just received the email. My order is shipping! Best news I've had in the whole week!!

    17. Jake on

      From the UK here - Haven't received an email and no delivery. Sort of forgot I even pledged. Will be a nice surprise one day when it shows up.

    18. Michael Pruden on


      Anybody run a Swords and Wizardry game yet? How'd they go?

      I'm going to be running one next week with some RPG n00bs. The simple rules will sure be a hit. :)

      I'm going to run some adapted DnD 5e and Pathfinder adventures I've made. :)

    19. Michael Pruden on

      @Scott asked the question and got an answer. :)

      A truck will be here Tuesday 7/30/13 to pick up all Canadian PO box deliveries to have them dropped into the Canadian Postal system. This will take at least a week to get to the border and then however long it takes for Canadian Post to deliver. These deliveries will not be trackable. Please allow 2-3 business weeks for delivery from Tuesday 7/30/13.


      Adrienne Hawkins

      It's only for those that are PO Box addresses. UPS won't ship to PO's. you won't get a notice with a PO.

      Not sure if it answers your question but it works for me and another couple of rural people. :)

    20. scott friel on

      @Michael Pruden, how did you come by that information? I have no update from UPS. Where should I be checking for the information. My buddy in Calgary got his almost 3 weeks ago.

    21. Allen Sam on

      Checking in from Malaysia..... The package arrived in perfect condition. Thanks a lot Reapers.

    22. Fabricio Leotti on

      Got mine last night, here in Brazil. Everything was just perfect. Worth every second waiting for it.... Thanks, Reaper guys!!!

    23. Affrae on

      Every time I check my email I feel like I'm hunting for a Golden Ticket in a tonne of chocolate bars... :)

    24. Michael Pruden on

      Canadian PO Box trucks leave next week! So 2-3 weeks left. :)

    25. S Buntenbach

      @Daniel- same letter-go with my emails and my creditcardbill to the "Zoll" and must pay only the 19% - Little look in the pack and a Smalltalk over the Minis- thats all

    26. Jairo González Arroyo on

      @Victor: Yo tambien soy de España y Reaper me confirmo que mi pedido no se encontraba entre los que habian salido en el primer camion para ROW(resto del mundo). Prueba a mandarles un e-mail (en ingles) a la direccion preguntandoles si tu pedido se encontraba en ese camion. Lo malo es que aun no sabemos para cuando saldra el segundo camion... ni si nuestros pedidos estaran en el. Un saludo.

    27. Missing avatar

      Boubi on

      Somebody received anything (email, parcel) in Asia?
      Still waiting and this time in the complete fog!

    28. Victor Ayala on

      Im from Spain and still no email about delivery :-/ Should i get worried?

    29. Missing avatar

      Sloan on

      So Germany has got theirs before Western Canada. I'm glad people are getting theirs but is their any word as to what the hold up is for Alberta?

    30. JenoLT on

      @ Daniel: If you take your kickstarter e-mail stating your pledge and/or your credit card bill everything should be fine. For me, the content list was inside the package.

      The customs only charge money after day 9 btw. (They won't charge anything below 5€).

    31. Missing avatar

      Daniel Brumme on

      @ S Buntenbach: I'm from Germany as well... Did you have any problems with the German Zoll? I got letter from DHL stating that they were unable to clear the goods at the customs because there was no commercial invoice attached to the outside of the package. :o(

      @ reaper: I've send you an email regarding this problem and hope to get it solved asap (money charged for every day the package stays at the German custom authority!)

    32. S Buntenbach

      got my parcel in Germany today

    33. Mark Peyton on

      Any ROW got an indication that their shipment was packed yesterday or is the reality that no ROW is being shipped at the moment?

    34. Jairo González Arroyo on

      Reaper confirmed. My order was not in the first container to ROW. I will be patient ...

    35. Rob Mitchell on

      I have the same status as Tim, and it has been that way for more than a week now...

    36. Tim Cummings on

      In Canada (Not a PO Box), UPS label has been printed but the physical package hasn't actually entered the UPS system yet (Order Processed: Ready for UPS). Does this sound normal, or has something gone wrong?

      I just get concerned when Reaper says that UPS has it, and UPS says that Reaper has it.

    37. Missing avatar

      Francine Robert

      Got the box three days ago (Canada)! I am leaving a word just to tell you that all is complete and in good shape! It was really worth the wait for these models. Thanks to the Reaper Team for making it through!

    38. Michael Johnson on

      Craig, thanks for that information. Got to wait a little longer it seems, but we will be patient :)

    39. Cyrus McEnnis on

      @Kevin Miller - yeah they did specify what service they were using for delivery some time back. I can't remembet where but I'm pretty sure it was well before March.

    40. Missing avatar

      ivan on

      @ craig thanks for the heads up on Aus deliveries mate, I've been patiently scratching my head over it. Good to have some context

    41. François Potvin Naud on

      Canadian here that got my order two days ago! These are all awesome, but I should have gotten some additional foams for my carrying cases. :(

      Also, I have one small problem with one of my dragon: I have two left wings... The right one is nowhere to be seen. :( Have somebody else found themselves with parts missings or having the wrong parts? Also, I'll have to mod my Clockwork Dragon because he can't stand at all, one of it's leg seems too short somehow.

      Still, they are very cool, and Kaladrax is 200 times more awesome than I thought!

    42. Michael Pruden on


      They said a couple weeks... But at the rate this is going a suggested a month. Than there is no disappointment. :)

    43. John Pope on

      Woot! More time to get minis painted before I really start drowning in them.

    44. Kevin Miller on

      The sad part is, had I known that they were going to be shipping by UPS in Canada (did they ever state how they were shipping?), I could have updated my address when they sent out the emails before starting to pack.

    45. Kevin Miller on

      @Michael Pruden... Another month? sigh... Looks like the store I work part time at is going to get their Undertaker package before I receive my Vampire goodies. Trying to hold out on buying them will be brutal! :)

    46. Missing avatar

      Craig Whiting on

      @MICHAEL PRUDEN: And I thought we were hard done by living in Australia. It just goes to show that when you think you are in a hole someone is in a deeper hole. Thank you Michael for putting us Aussies situation in its proper perspective. Good luck and I truly hope you do not have to wait another month.

    47. Michael Pruden on

      @Kevin Miller
      I just got a reply from Reaper about the PO Box numbers. Since UPS doesn't ship to them it will be another month before their sister company can get it out to us. :) YAY!

    48. Missing avatar

      Craig Whiting on

      @Kevin Miller I'm glad you got a reply as well. Craig McClung gave us good advice. In a way a feel sorry for Reaper as it looks like it is a minnow trying to negotiate with whales. AKA UPS and USPS. The freight carriers seem to have the luxury of treating smaller clients however they like. Reaper are always having to reply to the kickstarter backers and apologize for other organization's short comings.

    49. Kevin Miller on

      @Craig Whiting... Hey, Craig, glad to see you got a reply as well! At least having an idea of where we are along the process is better than no idea.

    50. drow on

      no matter how long you've waited...
      no matter how tired you are...
      no matter how thin your patience has worn...
      just remember.

      some of us vampires got ours months ago. :D *flee*

      okay, but honestly, some of us also haven't gotten around to doing more than take them out of the box. a garage is all i've been painting lately.