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Reaper's Bones KickStarter was a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now! .
Reaper's Bones KickStarter was a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now! .
17,744 backers pledged $3,429,235 to help bring this project to life.

Counter Moved

Posted by Reaper Miniatures (Creator)

We took the counter off of our front page... it was killing our website.

So, here is a solution for you, if you care the watch along at home.


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    1. Sean

      No news from UK ;-( have to wait a bit longer...

    2. Dubois Eric

      No news too from Belgium....

    3. Geoffrey Roy on

      Fredericton, NB Canada, and I got mine today! They are coming folks. Hold on!

    4. Graham Lloyd on

      Hello! same as Michael for me too but I'm in Ireland - and I totally agree with his comment - we just have to wait a little bit longer

    5. Michael Pruden on

      I'm in Alberta Canada with Vampire + a bunch and nothing yet as well. We are all being treated the same. It sucks yes... But is anybody really getting preferential treatment? I say no. We'll all get our stuff soon. Just hold out a bit longer. ;)

    6. Roy Tsai on

      Live in Taiwan. didn't get any notification.
      I'am shocked when I saw the Counter closed.

    7. Missing avatar

      Boubi on

      French living in China... Didn't get any news either. Not that happy knowing that it seems we were treated last, not as mentioned at the beginning with 1 day US, 1 day Canada, then 1 day international shipping... Now no news, at least it seems that I am not the only one! Let's see... how they will handle it.

    8. Sean Dugger on

      I just got my package yesterday!! Thanks so much, it's fantastic! The only problem is, there are soo many minis here, its going to take forever to paint them all. *sigh*

    9. Missing avatar

      Chris Johnstone on

      How do you think Undertaker level backers feel? We are the last 800 or so packages to ship. I will give Reaper credit, they where very upfront and honest about the shipping.

      Do we all wish that they had had all 3.5 Million dollars worth of minis in hand and ready to ship March First, sure. Was that realistic? Not in this universe.

      International orders largely got held up by not Reaper, USPS dropped the ball, and UPS couldn't figure out what forms they needed.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Also UK, also no notification. ROW backers do seem to have been treated as lesser backers on this one.

    11. Susan Patrick on

      I'm in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and my package just arrived! I got the Vampire kit plus a few dragons and a case and they are all awesome. Best of all: NO FEES! The delivery guy just left the box. THANK YOU REAPER!

    12. Mark Downie on

      Just letting others in Australia know they are not alone. I'm in Melbourne and still waiting. Bummer the counter is gone. Now we're completely in the dark.

    13. Missing avatar

      Paul Ryan

      The Reaper idea of updating information for the people who've handed them their money is doing a good job of changing me from a first time customer to a last time customer. :-(

    14. Missing avatar

      Warren Sistrom

      I think australia must be coming last :( cause I have none either.

    15. Michael Johnson on

      Same with us Grovel, no notification as yet

    16. Grovel on

      Aussie backer here, no notification received.
      Last I saw there were 2100 orders left (after cob yesterday) so hopefully there will be good news tomorrow.

    17. KevinR

      @Callum -- there are reports in the main comments that Reaper posted on Facebook about the counter: due to USPS complexities, it was badly out of date and so not providing useful information. The last valid data appeared to be something like 1900 international orders left at noonish Tuesday. They should finish that Thursday or so. So, I'd suggest sending Reaper an email (questions@...) no earlier than Friday if you haven't heard anything and are really worried.

    18. Missing avatar

      Callum Deans on

      UK customer here. I've noticed the counter is gone and confirmed it with a few friends. Does this mean everything is shipped now? I've still not got any notification that my stuff is coming.

    19. Missing avatar

      Gresapojken on

      Judging by the counter, they've finished the shipping. So where's my notice of it? :( I'm a Vampire level and just a few extras, and some mates that were on 2+ Vampire levels and loads of stuff have recieved their notices. I've checked through my spam and all foldes, and there is no mail. Anyone more experiencing this?

    20. Julian Tysoe

      And England!

    21. Iain Davidson on

      And here they come, heading out to Scotland ;-))

      Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff!

      You're getting:

      Your shipment was postmarked on 07-16-2013 and is being shipped USPS.

    22. Mr Bushtroll on

      PS that was 6 months in the manshack....

    23. Mr Bushtroll on

      Hey i'm in alberta canada....still waiting with a shelf space cleared in my manshack forest cabin
      hope its a sunny day so i can start priming and sorting ....lets see 6months was counting days...then counting weeks now we just say what month is to love ranch life

    24. Iain Davidson on

      And now Worcester Park - Over 1100 orders shipped today, and another 2000+ to go - maybe everything will be out of the factory by the weekend!

    25. Missing avatar

      Chris Johnstone on

      Marc at Reaper contacted me about Undertaker Level, so it looks like we are getting close.

    26. Iain Davidson on

      And I've just seen one for Maidstone, GB - only the 2nd UK one I've seen, but then again, I haven't been watching 24/7, more like 23.5/6 ;-))

    27. Michael Johnson on

      Well this is getting excited. Saw a Bones pledge destination for Midland West Australia, a suburb only 25 minutes drive from our home....Cool....

    28. Iain Davidson on

      Hi Ash, from what I've read on ReaperBryan's comments, I believe that there are roughly two parts to the process. The first is picking the line items and assembling your order into one package. The second is taking that package and then doing the paperwork for customs, shipping and postage. When it has gone through the second stage you will then get a shipping notification.

      So this also (I think) explains that the KS counter shows line items and orders and then shipping, so the line items and orders can decrease while the shipping stays constant if the second stage isn't happening, or happens at a different rate...

      Hang in there, I think we're getting close to the end... ;-)

    29. Ash Meredith on

      How do I know if my Bones have been sent or not? Do I get a notification?

    30. Jairo González Arroyo on

      I think at the end of July we will have all our desired minis. Keep hope, folks!

    31. Tim on

      Little Fish Comics, I'm also a store who couldn't agree more. I made a giant coming soon area back in March, which I've since removed from the showroom because well, it's July.....

    32. C on

      @Halen: See the Reaper Bones sub-forum.

      @LFS: Retail stores who backed the Reaper KS got Bones before retailers who didn't. Part of the incentive to back the Bones KS was to receive Bones before retail outlets. Reaper used KS because the traditional distributor-retailer chain did not generate the funds Reaper needed to expand the Bones line.

      @Travis: (: I still need to inventory these things!!!

    33. Iain Davidson on

      Just seen the first package for Scotland - Livingston to be precise... Its not mine, but it feels like its getting closer ;-)

    34. Missing avatar

      Halen on

      So I got mine today and opened up Cthulhu and the plastic on the head is more like rubber so th tentacles bend under barely any pressure then go back. This will make it almost impossible to paint I think and when painted the paint will probably chip off. Is this supposed to be like this or is it a defect?

    35. Missing avatar

      Little Fish Comics on

      Feeling kinda ripped off. As a retail store having everyone else getting their stuff first kind of bites into the saleability of the product whenever it actually arrives here. Since people are already putting them up online -as a brick and mortar store it's pretty hard to compete. I was hoping to start a new product line for the store. Now it's probably dead on (eventual) arrival.

    36. Travis Leichssenring on

      @C - I'm at 4.1% error/missing mini's. Filled out everything and already emailed it in. Back to the waiting game. Its all good. I have plenty to keep me busy.

    37. Jeffrey Johnson on



      They're gorgeous!

    38. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      I live in Alberta, Canada, and got my minis last week. It was very nice to be one of the lucky ones that got shipped out early. Thank you so much they are very cool!!

    39. KevinR

      Lots of news from Bryan on the main comments.
      * Canada essentially done packing.
      * UPS truck will pick up Canada pallets Thursday or Friday.
      * Rest of World packing begins Thursday.
      * USPS truck will pick up RoW pallets Monday or Tuesday next week.
      * Not sending shipping emails right now to minimize confusion.

    40. KevinR

      ROW is rest of world (in this case, everything but US and Canada).

    41. Liack on

      @Kevin: :( so much for seeing my town appear in the latest "most recent destination".

      What does "ROW" stands for??

    42. KevinR

      @Liack -- I think that Jason is asking for an update on international (rest of world) shipping. The last that was said was before July 4, when Bryan said that they would have room to pack the Canada and ROW orders once the US orders were gone, but that they would also keep on pestering UPS to provide a guy (for Canada) and USPS to provide a truck (for ROW). Reaper is at least packing Canadian orders today but it is still unclear if those are actually shipping, and there is no news at all on international orders.

    43. Liack on

      Tweet Reply, they had 18089 orders, and now only 3777 are left to ship!

    44. Liack on

      @Jason: what do you mean by ROW update? if you mean the counter, it's been moving everyday @
      Out of curiosity (and laziness), what was the original number of orders?

    45. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      It's been about a week now since the last ROW update. Is there any news on possible shipping?

    46. Missing avatar

      zorper on

      Just got this and my tracking number. I'm in Colorado.

      Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff!

      You're getting:
      Mummies x1
      Swamp Things x1
      Deep Dwellers x1
      Forces of Nature x1
      NOVA x4
      We Be Goblins x1
      IMEF Marines x3
      Demons x1
      There Be Dragons x1
      Figure Case x3
      Mind your Manors x1
      Dwarves x2
      Orcapocalypse x1
      Frost Giants x1
      Elves x2
      Undead Horde x1
      vampire x1

      Your shipment was postmarked on 07-08-2013 and is being shipped UPS Ground.

    47. Jonah

      My Bones are on the way! 30 line item order, shipped today. :D :D :D

    48. Iain Davidson on

      @KevinR - many thanks for posting those links - there was some very useful/interesting information there...

    49. KevinR

      Shortcut to Bryan's unofficial comments here (both as himself and in the main Reaper account):

    50. KevinR

      @Joseph -- the only Bones in shops at this point should be the 29 pre-Kickstarter bones, although rumors are some retailers backed at a Vampire level here and are repackaging those. (The Undertaker pledges are being held until last, so no new Bones in retail packaging should exist.)
      Fulfillment is on-going, depending on where you are in the world:
      * US: under about 22 items or over about 40 items should already be shipped (and you should receive notice from Reaper and UPS). The middle range should be completed by Wednesday or so.
      * Canada: about half the orders (up to 15 items or 30-40 items) were packed and 200 of those were shipped on June 21. Those are generally being returned because UPS provided the wrong customs form. Once UPS provides the correct form, those orders plus the rest should be shipped.
      * International: nothing has gone out since mid-April, waiting on USPS.
      Reaper is badly overdue on an official update, although Bryan Stiltz (Reaperbryan) has been good about providing unofficial updates in the main comments here and on the forums.