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Reaper's Bones KickStarter was a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now! .
Reaper's Bones KickStarter was a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now! .
17,744 backers pledged $3,429,235 to help bring this project to life.

Counting Down

Posted by Reaper Miniatures (Creator)

The count down counter is live on our website for our Kickstarter fulfillment! Go to and watch it go!

We will not be checking comments during the day as we are all doing this.  Sorry!  We're kinda busy right now. ;-)


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    1. Missing avatar

      Tristan Liao on

      I'm so tired of waiting for this to arrive. Almost a year and still no indication of when it is due!!

    2. Benton Gross on


      Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff!

      You're getting:
      Mister Bones x2
      BBEG x1
      We Be Goblins x1
      Iconics II x1
      Kaladrax Reborn x1
      C'thulhu x1
      Nethyrmaul x1
      Jabberwock x1
      Frost Wyrm x1
      Iconics x1
      Forces of Nature x1
      Spider Centaurs x1
      Red Dragon x1
      Clockwork Dragon x2
      Undead Giant x1
      Mythos Monsters x1
      Deathsleet x1
      Demons x1
      There Be Dragons x1
      Figure Case x1
      Klocke Classics x1
      Orcapocalypse x1
      Undead Paint Set x1
      Starter Paint Set x1
      Frost Giants x1
      Ebonwrath x1
      Fire Giants x1
      vampire x1

    3. ookage on

      I am a supporter living in Japan.
      When is the shipment schedule to Japan?

      by ookage.y

    4. Nicole Mine on

      Woohooo got my confirmation today while in bones are on there way!

    5. Andre Dorian on

      Yay! Finally! Thanks guys!

    6. Riley on

      Gah. 18 line items for me, in the US. That's okay, I can wait. Thanks for the transparency in the shipping process.

    7. Eric N.

      Bryan commented over in the main comment thread that he expects today and some/all of Monday to be Canada (finishing them off while they have a UPS rep on hand to deal with all the custom red-tape they've tried to minimize)

    8. Nicole Mine on

      Wonder if they're going to get back to shipping to the US.. I'm happy Canada is getting there orders out. I just wish they'd pop in some US ones too.

    9. Nicole B. on

      Just got my bones--box held together by straps not tape, and the straps were *quite* loose, but everything appears to be there, and it was packed so that it's nigh impossible for individual figures to come out or anything bad to happen as long as the straps don't actually come OFF...will do an official count followed by a victory dance!

    10. Nicole Mine on

      The numbers haven't changed for over an hour....... wonder when they'll get to six line items.

    11. Antonio Garcia

      @Josh Helton: Pics or it didn't happen!

    12. KevinR

      @Tony -- this is entirely a guess, but they might want to wait on the international orders until Canada is sorted. The procedure (customs form) is going to be different, and confusion would be a bad thing. In fairness, I think that Reaper should keep to US orders until UPS can fix the Canadian problem (this week), then switch to a couple days of international orders. [I'm in the US with 29 items, so I'll be waiting for a while in any case.]

    13. AEVB on

      Counter seems to be stuck on 2, but locations are updating

    14. Missing avatar

      Tony on

      Thanks Dan for the update (8 hour's ago) does this mean that the international orders are going out last? I think mine is 21 lines so I will be waiting for a while, but yo be knocked further back because I am international is going to sting some what.

    15. Tom Callahan

      Your Selection:

      Vampire x1 $100
      Undead Giant x1 $10
      Nethyrmaul x1 $25
      Mummies x1 $5
      Swamp Things x1 $5
      Kaladrax Reborn x1 $10
      Spider Centaurs x1 $10
      Deathsleet x1 $10
      Frost Giants x1 $10
      Fire Giants x1 $10
      Fire Giant Warriors x1 $10
      Frost Wyrm x1 $10
      Jabberwock x1 $10
      Figure Case x1 $25

      Yeah...I imagine mine might be a while

    16. Jon Uzel on

      Yeah, those of us who went overboard might be waiting a bit longer, but it's a small price to pay it.
      My Bones Stuffs
      Vampire x2
      Figure Case x2
      There Be Dragons x1
      Undead Giant x1
      Kaladrax Reborn x1
      Nethyrmaul x1
      Jabberwock x1
      Forces Of Nature x1
      Clockwork Dragon x1
      Mind Your Manors x1
      Red Dragon x1
      Starter Paint Set x1
      Starter Set 2 x1

      I bet there's gonna be a HUGE sigh of relief at Reaper once this all gets shipped out.

    17. John Billings on

      I have 31 line items, and I'm an international backer. I suspect I will be one of the last, which is somewhat depressing, but does give me time to clear a room of my house to put it all in.

    18. The Chuck on

      So I saw this update this morning, checked the site, and saw they were at around 75 orders. I didn't look at it again until 4pm. I opened the browser, the page loaded up and showed 588 orders. Then the auto refresh kicked in and it showed 589 orders, and the last order was sent to my home town. Sure enough, 2 min later I got the shipping confirmation email :)

    19. Michael Ross on

      Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff!

      You're getting:
      Frost Wyrm x1
      There Be Dragons x1
      Clockwork Dragon x1
      Undead Giant x1
      vampire x1

      Your shipment was postmarked on 06-20-2013 and is being shipped UPS Ground.

    20. Andrew Hows on

      So is it US > Canada > International? Or are us foreigners getting interleaved with the rest of you?

    21. Brian Todoroff on

      Shipped! Should be here Tuesday. :)

    22. Dan "The Dread Painter" Goodchild on

      From ReaperClark on the forums earlier today:

      OK, OK, I processed out a couple of local pickups at the end of the day that's why it says Denton.

      And yes, we are currently working on domestic shipments with 5 line items. We had a snag with the Canadian shipments, that's why we switched back. UPS is working on helping us fix the problem (software related) and then we'll finish processing Canada. We are printing 1500 orders at a time, so when we finish this batch tomorrow, if the Canadian orders are unable to go back in the queue, there is some talk about doing a 1500 run of orders outside the USA and Canada next. Of course, that will take us back to orders with one item first. ;-) We'll see what happens. Yes a Vampire counts as 1 item. Orders with 5 items will be either 5 different items or any combination of multiple things that add up to 5 items. So, if all you got was 5 Vampires, then you will be in the 5 items group.

      We were going to run two shifts but we found it was better to have everyone work one shift and double up the various stations. We will get just as much done in our normal workday and not have to run two shifts.

    23. Lee Sweeney on

      Nothing yet
      Your Selection:

      Vampire x1 $100
      Mister Bones x5 $5
      Mythos Monsters x1 $10
      C'thulhu x1 $10
      IMEF Paint Set x1 $18

      Anyone seen any IMEF Paint kits yet?

    24. Grovel on

      @Dan Goodchild
      I hadn't heard about that change of plans, but shipping 1188 orders with double the staff numbers when dealing with the simpler orders seems like it failed to have the intended impact. I thought they had been doing similar numbers previously. I have 14 items in my order so I know i'll be one of the last anyway, not particularly fussed if it takes one week or three at this point - it'll be another 3 weeks in transit anyway.

      Vampire x1 $100
      Ebonwrath x1 $10
      Haunts x2 $12
      Demons x2 $30
      Deathsleet x1 $10
      Undead Giant x1 $10
      Mythos Monsters x1 $10
      Vermin x1 $10
      Nethyrmaul x1 $25
      Deep Dwellers x1 $7
      Kaladrax Reborn x2 $20
      C'thulhu x2 $20
      Familiars x1 $6
      Hydra x1 $15

    25. saiqlo on

      Thank you all for confirming my international address! Appreciated and looking forward to the minis!

    26. Car Tag on

      I got mine today... I have a table full of plastic. This is awesome.

    27. Dan "The Dread Painter" Goodchild on

      @Steve Deis: I hope they're using thermal (or even thermal transfer) label printers and not laser printers. That would be my guess since they already use that technology for printing the paint labels.

    28. Benjamin Blair on

      Pretty sure they're done for the day.

    29. Dan "The Dread Painter" Goodchild on

      @Grovel: It's not moving because everyone has gone home for the night.
      They had originally planned to run two shifts but found it was more efficient to take the 2nd shift's staff and use them to double up the workstations on the first shift.

    30. Grovel on

      Looks like refreshing is pretty useless, the counter doesn't seem to be moving.

    31. Steve Deis on

      12 Line items for me:

      -- Vampire x1 $100
      -- Figure Case x1 $25
      -- Red Dragon x1 $10
      -- Spider Centaurs x1 $10
      -- TownsFolk II x1 $4
      -- Hydra x1 $15
      -- C'thulhu x1 $10
      -- Jabberwock x1 $10
      -- Ebonwrath x1 $10
      -- Owlbear x2 $6
      -- Forces Of Nature x1 $15
      -- Frost Wyrm x1 $10

      You got to admit shipping 1100+ orders in one day is pretty impressive. Just printing the shipping labels must have taken quite a while and a boatload of toner!

    32. Harrek

      @Brett: Keep in mind that Reaper are not the ones who are packing the vampire box set. That was done in China. So it is not the Reaper employees doing sloppy work here. Expecting them to open each and every one and verify the figures would be too much to ask of them (to me, your mileage may vary of course). Especially since when people found a problem a simple email fixed it with the missing figures sent out.

    33. Dan "The Dread Painter" Goodchild on

      @Brett Robertson:
      With respect and recognizing that I don't know in what business you are: In large scale manufacturing like this 100% perfection *IS* an unreasonable expectation. That's why specifications for products, machines, raw materials, etc. have tolerances associated with them.

      A few more weeks wouldn't kill *us* but have you considered it from any other point of view? For example, in addition to producing their own products, Reaper does contract manufacturing for other companies. The Hell On Earth Kickstarter is waiting for Reaper to finish producing/shipping minis for their backers. HoE was hoping Reaper would be able to get them out the door before the rest of the Bones shipment arrived and consumed Reaper almost completely but two containers arrived early and now the attention HoE's project gets has been significantly reduced.

      Also consider that Reaper used to release ~10+ new minis every month and hasn't had much more than that in total since the KS ended. The warehouse space alone that is being eaten up by this project must be an enormous headache for Reaper and its employees.

      It's better for everyone if they ship what they have and then tidy up any loose ends after the fact; that's just good logistics. Personally, I hope that your that you get your wish and that your rewards are 100% complete but if not, please consider the above.


    34. Styxx42 on

      @Cryus McEnnis
      I totally disagree.
      You sell a product you ship the product you sold.
      No Excuses.
      Slow down and do it right.
      Or don't do it at all.
      I don't put up with sloppy work from my employees, I expect the same from any vendor.

      I really meant I have waited this long. Do it right.
      I am not complaining, I am just saying do it right. we have waited in excess of thee months. A few more weeks is not going to kill us.

    35. Cyrus McEnnis on

      @Brett Robertson

      That might not be realistic. They can't take the time to individually check each and every Vampire box and meet their shipping targets, and with the sheer number of figures we're getting... well, if they're running at 99.9% accuracy that's still going to mean a lot of errors when we're talking about a couple of million figures, total.

      I appreciate what you're saying, and I hope you're one of the people without issues, but just given the scale of the project and that the Vampire boxes were packed at the factory I think I'm going to be counting on at least 2-3 errors in my shipment, personally.

    36. Missing avatar

      Bali on

      Geez Reaper didn't you learn anything from the kickstarter? What's with the auto-refresh? You know we're all F5 junkies. :)

      Keep up the great work guys!

    37. brentil on

      We should start a #hashtag for this on FB & Twit as we get our shipping alerts!

      #ReaperBonesShipped !!!

    38. Antonio Garcia

      So, how many of you also pledged for Relic Knights?

    39. Styxx42 on

      all I want after waiting so long is 100 percent fill rate.
      I don't think that is too much to ask.
      don;t rush. Just do.
      I am willing to wait for perfection. I have already.
      Totally am looking forward to my summer Christmas gifts.
      Please make it right.

    40. dwsparks on

      My order (finally) shipped!

      vampire x1
      Starter Paint Set x1
      Red Dragon x1
      Frost Wyrm x1
      Jabberwock x1

    41. Grovel on

      Great to see! A totally unnecesary but very much appreciated touch, Reaper.

      Classy customer service.

    42. Onoes on

      So, it's been so long since I actually set all of this up... I've kind of forgotten what I even chose with all of my money. Maybe a dumb question, but is there somewhere I can go look at that?

    43. Nicole Mine on

      Wonder if they'll stay late to push out more orders.. I know it's almost 7 pm in TX right now.

    44. Missing avatar

      Andy on

      I think they've said before that Undertakers will come after everything else, since they will have to clear out space to package all of the minis for retail.

    45. Iain Davidson on

      Since there are 1188 orders shipped today, and 12,611 orders remaining, it could be calculated that about 11 working days will complete the shipping. Of course, more complicated orders as we get nearer the end, but less of them - might balance out...

    46. Eric N.

      we know that vampire is a single line item, from what people have been posting.
      Undertaker is likely 1 LI as well. Possibly two, one of the mini and one for the racks/signage

    47. SHQtallahassee on

      line items in 12659 orders remaining

      orders shipped today

      most recent destination

    48. SHQtallahassee on

      Since I already got my single Sophie, that leaves me with 19 line items. Of course, one of those lines is an Undertaker level with 4x59 minis in it, and who know if that's REALLY one line item or 59...