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Reaper's Bones KickStarter was a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now! .
Reaper's Bones KickStarter was a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now! .
17,744 backers pledged $3,429,235 to help bring this project to life.

Good news!

Posted by Reaper Miniatures (Creator)

First, a quick note about Origins. We had been looking forward to seeing you there, but unfortunately we won't be there this year in a booth. Our brother Tim Peaslee will be running demos, so be sure to say hi to him when you're there. We can't do a proper booth this time around because we simply can't spare the labor right now.

Why can't we spare the labor?

Friday, June 7th, we received two 40ft containers full of Bones! For those of you keeping track at home, those containers were filled with over 470,000 models. We're still looking for the last container to be delivered next week, but we have enough to start shipping now.

What's next?

We've unloaded the containers (we have the bruises to prove it). We're getting those models organized into our system and firing up our fulfillment line this week.

We know we're behind our estimated ship date of March, so we've added a second shift for fulfillment so we can process the packages very nearly 'round the clock. We're doing everything we can to blast through these pledges so you can receive your Bones as quickly as we can manage it.

Thanks for your continued patience and support.

Cue the Lost Ark theme...
Do you see what I see?


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    1. Missing avatar

      ashenwarrior on

      Almost 4 months late.... Beginning to wonder......

    2. Missing avatar

      Naji Norder on

      I got the "Last systems check" email 11 days ago. About how long should I expect between that and the shipping email? I'm trying to figure out if they'll show up before the four-day weekend.

    3. Stephen Miller on

      I must be going crazy. I could have sworn I just recently got an email asking me to make changes to my address if I needed to, because my Bones were going to be shipped soon. For the life of me I cannot find that email. I use gmail, so *NOTHING* ever gets trashed. Very odd. Since my email is still good, I am not overly worried, just baffled.

    4. Adrian Burton on

      Just got the UPS shipping email so w00t. THE SHIPPENING! IT HAS BEGUN!

    5. C on

      More details on the Reaper Bones sub-forum, such as...…

      Yeah, it's annoying to go to different places for info, but that's where the Reaper backers come from.

    6. KLM63 on

      Shipping has restarted. In fact someone has already received their order. I'm guessing they lived close by.

    7. Missing avatar

      Vincent Eskilsson on

      Looks like shipping might have started.

    8. Cyrus McEnnis on

      @Aaron - it depends on a lot of factors, and anything I said would be rampant speculation at best. All I can say is normally, from Reaper to NZ I see my orders take about a week in shipping.

    9. Sydney on

      Anybody know about how long shipping takes?

    10. KLM63 on

      @Jairo - the last container should reach Reaper's dock today (6/18). They said they would post an update when it has arrived.
      @ Adam Eichholz - do you need to change your address? You should have received a system check email by this point in time. If you haven't check your SPAM filter and see if it ended up in there. There are instructions there to change your mailing address if you need to. If your address hasn't changed you should be fine.

    11. Jairo González Arroyo on

      Have reached the last container to Texas?

    12. Adam Eichholz on

      Do I need to send my mailing address or anything? I've always been confused on this point...

    13. Missing avatar

      aduong314 on

      I recently emailed them asking if my package is going to be here by july 15 because I was gonna be on vacation and needed to know if I needed to change my shipping address and they replied "Unless there's a fiery crash on the highway involving a UPS truck and your package, it's extraordinarily unlikely that we'll be past July 15. You're going to be among the first packages shipped." my pledge was of one vampire and 1 nethyrmaul.

    14. Dean Coleman on

      They have put some pictures up on their FB account if some of the bigger figs in their boxes. I'm stoked now.

    15. Jeffrey Johnson on

      This is awesome! Yes, I was saddened when my miniatures didn't arrive in March, but I'll live. It'll be this wonderful time in my life when one day the truck drops off my shipment.

      Really looking forward to it.

    16. Joshua Taylor on

      I know I can look up what I pledged for, but I like the idea of being surprised. It will be like Christmas and my birthday all in one:)

    17. Michael Johnson on

      Same here. we are all excited in this house!

    18. Missing avatar

      Daniel Hebert on

      If you don't remember what you ordered, follow the link in the "final check" email - it takes you to the pledge manager which will show you your order. You can also change your address there if needed, or just close the window if you don't need to.

    19. Joshua Taylor on

      Just got my check address email also. I don't remember everything I ordered but it was at least a vampire, and 7-10 addons that I don't remember exactly... Can't wait to see what I am getting!

    20. Mark Howell on

      Got the checking on address email too!!!

    21. Phil Hobson on

      Just got my "last check on shipping address" email from Reaper. WOOT!!!

    22. C on

      @Chris: Evidently, it's worth a drive to Austin and camping outside! (:

      More importantly, if you can wait until November, Reaper has its "12 Days of Reaper-mas" special, where, with a minimum purchase ($35 or something) from the Reaper store, they will toss in a "reprint" of an OOP sculpture, such as a Sophie. Last year, they tossed in a bottle of Christmas Wreath green paint, which isn't too bad a shade color to go with the Leaf Green in the Learn to Paint Kits. See the Reaper forums for details of how last year's went.

      As for the OLGS, I could use some Army Painter Strong Tone and Dark Tone (?) inks, a W&N Series 7 Size 0, A Mega Pack of bases, and Bones Reaper Learn to Paint Kit 1. Gee, I wonder why. (Actually, the kit's b/c of the ratmen in the MYTH KS -- darn you Reaper, still getting my money even from another KS! (:

      Finally, speaking of FLGS, tomorrow is Free RPG Day! See for details, including the Pathfinder "We Be Goblins, Too!" adventure, which, I assume, uses the Pathfinder goblins from the Reaper KS.

    23. KevSteele on

      oops meant to post on comments, not the update. sorry.

    24. KevSteele on

      Also fwiw, Reaper had a huge list of possible stretch goals and the estimated cost that it would take to put them into production. Instead of introducing new stretch goals based on a set cost increase, they decided on upcoming stretch goals based on demand for a specific type of model. That is why, near the end, some of the goals were harder to hit than others.

      I have to give reaper props for this approach. They were honest about their cost estimates and drove their stretch goals in a financially responsible manner. (for the company).

    25. Chris Preston on

      Yeah, but how much would you pay for shipping for those elementals? Heck, how much is your time and gas worth going to the LGS to pick them up?

    26. Michael Gunderson

      Pondering driving up from Austin and camping outside the warehouse until they throw Bones at me to make me go away...

    27. C on

      @Philip: What? What a rip off! Oh, wait. I didn't pledge for them. COOKIES FOR ME. :D

      *Anyway* I checked FRPGames and they already have Bones on pre-order, at 20% off MSRP. However, they don't have all the Bones in stock, so I asked them to stock... certain ones. :) I'll start a topic on the main Comments page which OLGS are selling Bones at what price!

    28. Rusty Q. Shackleford on

      Reaper... Please post here when ya throw up that daily counter. Either that or I'll just F5 your website every hour or so. And I'm probably not the only one doing that :P

    29. Alan

      Well, we got so many great deals that I'm not gonna worry about it. Remember that these are Preview prices. *Some* pf those may be in error and could be subject to change.

    30. Philip D'Hollander on

      @C: I've been checking those prices and we did do some great deals... just one curiosity... The 'elemental pack' (earth elemental and wood elemental) had an add-on price of 15 USD for us Bones backers... but on the website, both are for sale individually for 6.99 USD... thats 13.98 USD for both, a dollar cheaper than we paid 10 months ago :-)

    31. Rob Beachler on

      Sits by mailbox tapping fingers...

    32. Missing avatar

      Kiel Howell on

      Thanks Daniel Herbert!

      Just googled the distance between port LA and Denton, TX. Unfortunately its pretty much a 21 hour trip via highways...and trains stop a lot.

    33. Missing avatar

      Daniel Hebert on

      @Kiel Howell: It's probably just not up yet. "I don't know how soon he will put it up there" they said. I'd take a guess that we should have some more news + the counter sometime early next week, especially if that final container shows up soon.

    34. Missing avatar

      Kiel Howell on

      "Watch our main website for a daily counter." Can someone point me to this? I can't find it...or does that mean it's not up yet?

    35. Mike Norris on

      @Kevin - Thank you for clearing that up for me. :)

    36. Azimuth on

      Aaaaaahhhh I want minis so bad! Thanks for all the updates, Reaper, will definitely be watching for that counter (although you may want to post that info as an update so people will get an email about it, comments are a bit hidden)

    37. C on

      Speaking of Kaladrax, take a look again at the price from the previews section. Not a bad price to not pay for the delay!

      Good news is that, for a few of the large figures you may not have had the cash flow to pick up, the retail prices are only $3 or $5 above KS. The familiars are $2 for 6 miniatures. Scroll to Jabberwok and Pathfinder Red Dragon.

      For the *NEXT* Reaper Bones KS, I hope to get more Mythos miniatures. The Cthulhu Wars miniatures look great, but they're unfortunately expensive. I'm earmarking another $200 for Reaper Bones! Maybe I'll get this KS' miniatures actually painted by then!

    38. KevinR

      @Mike -- 3000 or so backers had only Vampire, paint, cases, and things in Vampire. Another 3000 have only things that are not on the list posted by Reaper far below. The remaining 12,000 have something in the last container (Clockwork, Kaladrax, Orcpocalpyse, Fire Giants, Manors, etc.).

    39. Mike Norris on

      Reaper - wait, I am confused. 2/3rds of the orders will ship with the last container? What about the other 1/3rd?

      Maybe I missed something or am late to the conversation...but..hmmm...

    40. Reaper Miniatures 6-time creator on

      The items I listed below will be complete when the last container arrives (very soon). We know the container is off the boat, so now keep your figures crossed the the train from L.A to Dallas doesn't derail!

      Of 18,000+ backers [not 17,000] we have shipped not quite 3000 so far already, the other containers have freed up about 3000 more [including the delayed Canadian orders which can ship now] so 2/3 will be able to ship with this last container arriving.

      Watch our main website for a daily counter. I know Kit (Mr. Hands) is working on one so that once the madness really begins you can see our progress. I don't know how soon he will put it up there, and I don't know if it's going to count down or up, but either way, it's all very exciting!


    41. WSUJ Steve on

      So.. the only extra things I ordered are in the last shipment (Orcapocalypse and the Hydra). Dang! Oh wait, the pathfinder dragon wasn't, so I guess 2/3rd's is delayed.

      On the bright side, yay the Canadian shipping issue is sorted out.

    42. Missing avatar

      Mike Foxman on

      Hey Reaper. Thanks for working so hard to get these to us. I tend to kickstart projects because I like them and want them to succeed, so the wait doesn't bother overmuch. Sooner is better, but I ain't mad at'cha.

      And besides, this gives me plenty of time to complete my mini-bin. Now all I need is an old-school striped bathing suit and a top-hat, and it's a-swimmin' through solid (and often pointy) matter I go!

    43. Yageira on

      Finally some good news, cthulhu shall soon be mine, just out of curiosity just how many of the 17,000+ backers will these two shiping containers take care of?

    44. Missing avatar

      backbones on

      I am so ready for these miniatures, you guys don't even know.

    45. KLM63 on

      Reaper has broken through the Canadian paperwork and are cleared to ship to Canada. I would guess that there is a pallet of boxes ready to go. BUT I don't know that for sure. Either way shipping to Canada will start soon.

    46. Derrick Byrd on

      Thanks for the update and letting us know the majority of the last container! I will be awaiting the last container with anticipation...

    47. daleperchn

      Thank you Reaper very much for the update and for trying to expedite things with the 2nd shift and skipping Origins!

    48. Missing avatar

      Sloan on

      When you say that the orders will be shipped this week sometime, does that include shipment to Canada or are you still having duty issues?

      Thanks for the updates.

    49. Missing avatar

      Giles Thompson on

      I just had to have that Jabberwock :-(

      Oh well, not long now ...