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Reaper's Bones KickStarter was a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now! .
Reaper's Bones KickStarter was a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now! .
17,744 backers pledged $3,429,235 to help bring this project to life.

Update on Shipments from China

Posted by Reaper Miniatures (Creator)

We are currently waiting on only 4 more shipments (Containers) from China, the last of which should be leaving China about one week from today!

It normally takes 3-6 weeks from ship date to arrive at our dock, with 5 weeks being the Average.

As things arrive over the next few weeks we will be able to resume shipping orders, but we are thinking that the bulk of your orders will be waiting for that last shipment to arrive.

We appreciate your patience and support throughout this process!



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    1. Rusty Q. Shackleford on

      Do I really want my clockwork dragon so I can dress it up pretty and take it on walks with me around town while it sits on my shoulder? Yes. Yes I do. Said dragon is Awesome and Said dragon will be even more awesome when I get him and get a chance to torment my players with him.

      Now, final point. When did the First people start to receive their vampire only pledges? The answer: Not more than a month after the estimated date or so. Where does it say the estimated date of delivery for a Vampire + Every addon ya got is March? It doesn't. They even stated at times that getting addons could and would result in delays.

    2. Rusty Q. Shackleford on

      They skipped another show so that they Could get these orders out faster. They had more people working longer.

      To the first person that can give me the definition of "Estimated" I shall award 1 cookie. Anyone who is confused as to Why I want that definition, look the word up and stop complaining.

      Every Single Kickstarter puts their Best scenario estimated, because in many cases if they put worst, they'd never get a single backer. And to me, a few months delay is nothing really. D

    3. Travis Leichssenring on

      Just got my order confirmation email. Now I'm just waiting for the shipping confirmation. Thanks Reaper. Can't wait for the next KS. Maybe I'll get some dragons.

    4. dwsparks on

      Assuming I get my order my September, that will be six months after the original date. You know what? I'm totally okay with that. Kickstarter campaigns that are wildly successful create a whole bunch of logistical problems - and they almost always deliver late. There are KS projects that are more than a year behind their original date - OGRE is projected to ship in Oct 2013, from an original Dec 2012 date. We weren't ordering miniatures in stock to be shipped next week - we were fundamentally changing the way Reaper does business.

    5. Jonathan F Bilodeau on

      Look in the end it is Cthulhu's fault. Once we all realize this everything will be right as a nice soul being devoured.

    6. Cyrus McEnnis on

      Guh, "trade show that had been scheduled way before the Kickstarter" below.

    7. Cyrus McEnnis on


      They didn't shut down to go to a trade show, they shut down to host their own trade show that had been scheduled well before the trade show and was planned to use the space they use for sorting shipment. They hadn't planned on fufillment taking this long and when the conflict became inevitable whatever decision they made was going to annoy a lot of people. This is without taking into account mind you that they haven't received the needed figures to complete the shipment yet, more than a month after the convention ended.

      Basically all I'm trying to point out is they had conflicting commitments and the choice they made had 0 effect on shipping as it turned out.

    8. Chris Preston on

      @Daniel: Reaper was still giving the estimated March date as late as February, 6 months after the Kickstarter ended. So the estimate was not merely based on a very small sized venture. Also it was said that Reaper had actually expected to make over $1 million from the start and had planned to go as high $4 million possibly.

    9. Jason Willetts on

      I believe that once a Kickstarter pledge level is entered and someone backs at that level, it cant be modified. So it may not have been possible to edit the Estimated delivery date. And because all the pledge levels were listed well before the 17,744 backers pledged the 3.4 million dollars, they couldn't go back an change it.

      That being said, more updates are better, even if its just "Still on the way, etc."

      For those that are not watching their Facebook page, they did respond to a backer saying 2 Containers arrived on 6/7/13 (earlier than they thought) and shipping would resume this coming week.

      Its almost over.

    10. Daniel Schuncke on

      @Opaliy: They had a projected goal of $30,000 and recieved $3,429,235 from 17,744 backers. Simply put, they never expected to deal with this kind of volume and the original projected shipping time (March) was based on the original goal. More work=more time. It wasn't dishonest, it was simply inaccurate. It's not like they expected to be a nearly record setting pledge drive. Anyway, I forgive them. Try getting what you are getting from the Vampire pledge level at retail price and tell me if getting it faster was worth it. As far as Reaper Con goes, that was on the schedule well before the kickstarter began and is an important part of the business, it can't be ignored and they don't have the man power to give it proper attention and put out pledges at full blast.

    11. Opaliy on

      I find this behavior quite dishonest. I understand that it is difficult to ship all these orders and they did not anticipate the large number of pledges. But giving us a ship date of March 2013 when they likely knew they would not be able to make it is dishonest. Fulfilling some orders and then shutting down the process because they had to go to a trade show is not very respectful to the backers who gave them money. I can live with a delay if it is clearly communicated and the delay is not because they had "better things to do".

    12. C on

      @Thomas: Here's a thread by someone who painted the same sculpt in Bones and metal:…

    13. Jay Nunes on

      Is this the latest news still? By this count Reaper will have their shippments by the end of June. Will we see our orders by mid-July?

    14. Missing avatar

      Kevin Cirone on

      Thomas can you elaborate on the complaints this local player had?

    15. Thomas Rader on

      Local player got his Vampire pledge recently and seemed to only have complaints about it... Now I'm a little concerned.

    16. Missing avatar

      Scott D. Young on

      Any chance those Canadians at PaizoCon could pick up their bones there?

    17. Jenz Merrill on

      Hoping for another touch base update soon. I am going to be really sad if everything I ordered shows up during Comic Con when I am out of town.

      Starting to look at the calendar and guess that is when things are coming though.


    18. Kylie (aka Babbles or Dabbles) on

      I am excited and while I cant say I am not disappointed in the delays, I understand and except them. I think Reaper are doing a great job of keeping us in the loop and getting the miniatures to us as quick as possible.

      Doing some simple math if the shipments left 21st May (1 week after this post) and it takes 6 weeks to ship then they wont have the minis until the 2nd of July. I was just figuring out dates in my head and thought I would share. I think it will be at least a couple more weeks before we hear more news.

      In the mean time I will keep looking into storage solutions for all the minis!

    19. Dean Coleman on

      Figuring (pardon the pun) we paid, at least for the vamp level, $100 for $600 worth of minis (used about $2.50 each, which seems the norm), which is a pretty huge discount, I am ok with waiting. I'd rather not have bits and bobs of "Well, no big news" or "It's still on the water". When they get information they give it to us. What do we want them to tell us when they are waiting as well? Their shoe sizes??

    20. Missing avatar

      Dixon Butas on

      CEO Ronnie Renton of Mantic apologizes after 7 days without an update on their kickstarter. Come on guys keep us in the loop, if nothing else its polite.

    21. Missing avatar

      Daniel Hebert on

      @Dianna Andre: Reaper has promised that official distribution of the new minis to retail stores will not happen until all backer orders are done. Already-existing minis are still available in stores and on Reaper's website to order as normal.

      The only stores that are getting new minis from the KS early are ones that participated in trade shows and got a Vampire box set that way as a preview of the new product line; however, those minis are not in blister packs and are not marked for retail sale. There's also, of course, a bunch of stores that backed the KS either at the Vampire or Undertaker levels, some of whom have received their backer rewards already and some have not, just like the rest of us.

    22. Missing avatar

      Dianna Andre on

      Does anyone know if this delay effects the release of the new minis to the public, or just the kickstarter sets?

    23. Christopher W Rueber

      My goodness, @Chris Langevin. So voicing our opinion is unacceptable, 'eh?

    24. Chris Langevin

      Some Kickstarters that have been funded successfully, have gone bottom up, leaving their backers with nothing to show for it, and a loss in their investment. And we have people here complaining about a slight delay, with a guarantee of our fulfillment. Cant we all understand that Kickstarter is NOT A STORE.

    25. Christopher W Rueber

      I'm also getting a little twitchy about the delay. I get it, the kickstarter boomed out of control. Shipping simplest orders first only makes sense from a bulk delivery standpoint... but it's a good way to make people that spent significantly more, grumbly. Ah well...

      Which is to say: I'm excited, and sad that I have no minis to paint at present!

    26. Blackdeath Miniatures

      I'm not very pleased about the delay. Now it's 3 months!

    27. Jairo González Arroyo on

      @Reaper Miniatures How about if you include one additional model exclusively for the delay? As Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster. You can see it here:

    28. Missing avatar

      Daniel Hebert on

      @Mason, @Ben: Canada is the ONLY country Reaper has specifically had problems with. All other countries (including U.S.A., U.K., and Australia) are waiting for Reaper to receive the final shipping containers from China, which is anticipated in the next 2 to 3 weeks, as stated about a day ago here: At that time, shipping will resume on all orders. Canadian orders will resume as soon as the governmental red tape is done, but even some Canadians will have to wait for the final containers from China, because those have a lot of the remaining add-ons.

    29. Missing avatar

      Ben Whitehead on

      @Mason Becker I concur. As an Aussie backer I am absolutely clueless as to when we may have our orders.

    30. Mason Becker on

      and what about us Australian backers, my pledge is well over $600 but i haven't seen any news about whats going on here

    31. Nakos on

      @ Robert and Jon, Reaper has already shipped thousands of orders. They last shipped Vampire plus additional Vampire level add-ons /or paints /or figure cases. They are waiting on these additional cargo shipments from China to move onto the Vampire plus Stretch Goal add-ons.

      Additionally they are waiting on the Canadian Bueracracy to finish their Customs papers so that they can start shipping all the packaged Canadian orders that would have already shipped.

    32. C on

      Reaper posted an updated in the main Comments. Essentially, the update is that there is no update.

    33. Jon Larsen on

      @Reaper - why don't you post a daily or weekly update on your shipping progress. It could read 5/14 - shipped XYZ type shipment, 5/15 - still phase, XYZ.

      Alternatively, you could just say nothing...

    34. Robert Koper on

      Is there any update since this one on May 14? I hate to be "that guy", but this KS has missed its Target Date by more than two months now. Is there anything that Reaper can ship to keep us entertained until the Bones get here? Samples? Figure cases ordered? Prozac so don't keep freaking out?

    35. Missing avatar

      Doug Houseman on

      Ed -

      I know you are trying your hardest, but it would be good to get an email out to all your supporters giving them an update, and a single URL where updates will be posted.

      Running between the 3 semi-official locations and several non-official locations to try and understand what is going on is not useful for anyone.

      I love the product, I understand the issues with the delay, and I can understand you are probably as frustrated as anyone right now with where things are. I hope when this is over you can find a couple of days with no one to bug you and just unwind.

      Thank you again for the great project.

    36. C on

      @Justin: Pretty much all the KS I've seen ship the simplest shipments first. So, whenever possible, cut back to *NO* add-ons for a KS. Doubt I'll do that for the next Reaper one, but I did so for MYTH and Dwarven Forge.

      @Jacob: Read that article about a week ago. Required reading for backers!

    37. Justin Fitzgerald on

      Although I'm pretty annoyed they decided to ship to the biggest donators last, I'm mostly waiting for the second Kickstarter. When?

    38. Ryan Schwartzman on

      I think Reaper has done a fine job of keeping us up to date if you had paid attention. To be honest the fact that the last of the shipment is on its way and it wont be 2014 is still a miracle in my mind. One day Steve Jackson will be able to ship OGRE......

    39. Texas Stu on

      I, for one, have no problem waiting for my Reaper Bones without complaining about how long it is taking. It is what it is and it will take as long as it takes.
      I'm confident Reaper is not sitting on a mountain of minis wringing their hands in glee and chuckling in a Snidely Whiplash manner.
      I would like to, instead, complain about poverty and a bunch of non-Bones topics but this is hardly the place so I'll direct those complaints elsewhere.

    40. Jacob Matthew on

      C posted as explaining 90% of this thread.

      I see your post and raise you a which explains 100% of this thread in the first 2 points.

    41. Missing avatar

      foofighter on

      Here we are in June and still nothing. I am patient, but it's wearing thin. Very poorly planned and unprofessional from a company as old and established as Reaper. Quite smart though, getting an interest free loan for 9 months on someone elses dime. Imagine the cost of a bank loan on 3.5 million over this period. GG Reaper.

    42. Missing avatar

      Daniel Hebert on

      @Theely: They didn't receive their plastic injection machine in the U.S. until several months after the kickstarter. In the meantime *14* injection machines in China had to be running for about 6 months to make all the kickstarter rewards. Future production will be primarily in the U.S., but there was no way for them to not use China for this project (or future overly large projects) without literally adding years to the delivery time.

    43. James Miller on

      For Theely: They have purchased the new machine and all future production has been moved back to the US. But the did make it clear that the Kickstarter orders would be run by the China company for this one last time. (I can deal with the wait knowing that they've brought the jobs back to the US.)

    44. Missing avatar

      Theely on

      What exactly did our pledges pay for? I thought it helped purchase the machines/molds (Reaper showed us an image of one) to make make the minis locally but instead it was to off-shore the production to a Chinese sweatshop?

    45. Missing avatar

      Daniel Hebert on

      Minor update from facebook:…

      Noting has change from our last announcements. Everything is still proceeding as scheduled. All product is now on the water from China and we are just waiting for it to get here. First container arrives today or tomorrow.

    46. Missing avatar

      Halen on

      @Bevan Anderson: I'm trying to be patient, and it's not easy considering that by the time I get mine I'll probably have been waiting for over a year( I backed right away and by from what they have said it sounds like it'll be late July by the time mine arrives) and your not making it easier showing me those pics lol

    47. Bevan Anderson on

      Just had a read through the forums, and found this:
      Go back for more...

    48. Nakos on

      Chris, remember that it was mentioned as unofficial. So until they get confirmation we may not hear it direct from them.

    49. Chris Preston on

      @Nakos: Knowing that all the goods are finally actually en route is news. That no additional problems at the production end creeped up is news that people would like to hear. Let's remember that this project has repeatedly had delays due to the production side. Knowing that we are past have to deal with them is something that Reaper should be shouting.