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Reaper's Bones KickStarter was a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now! .
Reaper's Bones KickStarter was a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now! .
17,744 backers pledged $3,429,235 to help bring this project to life.

Post KS Reaper Pledge Manager info & More Sculptures

Posted by Reaper Miniatures (Creator)

If all goes well, it looks like we will be publishing the RPM by the end of next week, if not sooner. Get yourselves ready! I know, like you haven’t been prepared for weeks now, right? The system is about done and ready for us to test for a day or two and make sure it won’t break when you use it.

We’re sorry it took us so long, but the volume of backers and the complicated nature of our Kickstarter was more than we had originally anticipated. Like with most things, you do your best to think of everything and then you have to make changes on the fly when a problem rears it’s ugly head, like the International shipping issues we did not foresee.

Please note that due to the delay, the pledge manager will only be active for placing your final reward selections for about 10 days. You will be able to change your shipping address at any time, but you will have to lock in your order within 10 days. We need to get our final numbers as rapidly as possible so we can get everything finalized by next March like we planned.

Anyone that misses the deadline we will handle on a case by case basis. Don’t worry we won’t leave you in the cold, but we do ask that you do your best to complete your requests within the time frame allotted to save us gobs of trouble.

Just so you know we are not slouches here at Reaper. We have started casting up the Sophie models and started bottling paint so we can start shipping as soon as we have some information to ship against. So, we should be able to get a significant portion of the first shipments out this month as we planned. We are sure things will probably bleed over a bit into October, but we won’t be too far behind schedule!

Also, here are a few more original sculptures for some of the minis that were just concept art.

Lizard Man Warrior by Gene Van Horne

Lizard Man Spearman by Gene Van Horne

Storm Giant by Julie guthrie


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    1. Antonio Garcia

      @Cedric: This will the first time I ever paint minis, so I'll start with the rats, vermin and skeletons an work my way up hehehe.

      I can deal with a delay or two, and since I traded in Sophie I wanted my paints to ship with the minis in March (or April), so I'm good. This is a HUGE project, and for the price we're paying (we're basically getting a 50-75% discount on all minis), I can't really complain.

    2. C on

      This *is* KickStarter. It's not even a pre-order. In return for the KickStarter exclusive and discounted goods we have long waiting times, delays, unexpected inconveniences, and sometimes no product at all. It's classic risk / reward ratio. So far, with this KS, Reaper has delayed the RPM, reduced the RPM response time, cancelled two sculpts, released an RPM incompatible with IE, and made early international shipping unavailable for paints and Sophie. I expect more in the future, and you should too. If you are dissatisfied with this level of service, write to Reaper and see if you can cancel your pledge.

      Me, my only issue with the KS is that I'm not good enough to paint the miniatures. :P

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael Wood on

      I think folks like Stanley are concerned that when the Pledge Manager becomes available, the window to manage your pledge will be so short that some folks might not get the opportunity to actually use it. As it is, the last update next week implied that it should have been up a day or two later, and would only be active for about 10 days if that timeline had been accurate. The concern, not hearing anything else, is that it might "go active" for even fewer days. Not everyone checks e-mail every day, so without some "lead time" on when it will go active and when it will close, a concern that one might miss a narrow window to act is valid.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ben Whitehead on

      Keep up the good work Reaper.
      I can only imagine how crazy it will be getting all our orders ready.
      But I'd rather you take your time and get it right, then rush it and get it wrong :)

    5. Daniel Luckett on

      Why would you think that? I've been dealing with Reaper for YEARS and I've yet to have a bad experience with them. They are a Grade A company, and I have full faith in them.

    6. Missing avatar

      Stanley Swierzewski on

      You know, the constant delays on this Pledge Manager keeps making me feel like I'm going to end up getting screwed out of my purchase. I know there isn't much you guys can do, but could we please have some actual hard dates?

    7. Jacob Papenfuss on

      Hey, guys?

      If you're counting pennies or needing someone to pay you back to have money to buy little plastic men, don't buy little plastic men.

    8. Atarun

      @Jonesy: thank you, but I DO understand that he would want the closing of the RPM to be as late as possible... but here is the thing: if the RPM had opened 20 days ago and were opened for 30 days, as initially planned (more or less), then it would close sooner than it will now, opening in a few days and closing 10 days later.
      Basically, Antonio should pray that the RPM opens as late as possible and that the RPM usage window isn't shortened below 10 days. That would get him closest to his goal.
      Personally, I just hope they won't shorten the usage window too much. I wouldn't want to miss that opportunity.

    9. Jonesy, Hermit & PT Hero of Valoria on

      @Atarun, Antonio is saying it's bad timing because the person he counted on for cash they owed didn't repay him.

      @Antonio Might I suggest in the future getting it in writing if you didn't already? Also, do they have someone who they will not cross? Like a parent, lover, friend, ect? If so, you can ask them to put pressure on that person to do the right thing.

    10. Atarun

      @Antonio Garcia: I don't understand your argument... I mean, sure, more days to save sounds better, but isn't it the same whether the RPM is already open or not? Aren't the days separating today from the day the RPM closes all that matters, financially?
      From the viewpoint of "saving money to get more stuff", I don't see a difference between the RPM opening 15 days ago and closing in 15 days and the RPM opening in 5 days... and closing in 15 days all the same.
      Or do you mean that as long as the RPM doesn't open, you can't save up?

    11. Antonio Garcia

      @Gary: I was thinking in terms of the Relic Knights Pledge Manager, but I had forgotten Bones ship in March and RK ships until May, which is why it is completely understandable that Reaper needs to finalize orders ASAP. Not really a problem. I was banking on some $$$ owed to me that was not repaid, which threw off my plan, but I'll see what I can do.

    12. Bruce Scarcelle on

      i wish we could like comments because i would spam like gary's :) lol well said

    13. Gary Henson on

      @Antonio You've already had 28 days since the project closed, say 4 more until the RPM opens (guess), and 10 days until it closes. That's 42 days to save money for extras.
      If the RPM had opened about 1 week after the project as initially hoped, and had been open for 30 days, you would have had 37 days.

    14. Antonio Garcia

      @Shellhead: For me, it's not a case of "rent, food or Bones minis" it's a case of "I love Kickstarter so much that I've backed a lot of projects, and I won't max out my Credit Card if I don't have the funds at my Paypal account". Check my profile and you'll see what I mean.

    15. Antonio Garcia

      @Atarun: Well, 10 days is more than enough to select our rewards, but we had figured we had about 30 days to save extra money in order to go all out with more paint sets, more of the huge minis, or even extra sets of those in the Vampire level. 10 days means most of us won't be bale to get all we really wanted once we heard about the pledge manager.

      Am I angry? Nah, I've got 240 minis being sent my way in March!

    16. Missing avatar

      Telid on

      I'm not sure if this is possible given the method that kickstarter updates seem to go out to everyone -
      My recommendation would be to stagger the window for subdivided groups of backers within the kickstarter. E.g. 4 windows of 5000 people each, arbitrarily selected by the first letter in their username, instead of 1 window of 20000. Otherwise, we're going risk DDOSing the reaper site when all of us try to update at the same time.

    17. daniel on

      all i know is hope they put something up on here to visit to cause if there is only 10 days i wish they do have it on this page or something so it will be easier to find hopefuly or they tell us exactly when they start the sending cause honestly with 10 days you can get very busy

    18. Atarun

      So, let me get this straight: the more delayed the manager gets, the shorter its usage window becomes.
      There is indeed no use, as many have pointed out, complaining about the day the manager will close (in can only be postponed, after all)...
      But what about the actual time to use it?
      30 days seems more time than anyone seldom connected to the internet would need to learn that the manager is up and find some time to use it.
      10 days seems reasonable enough, though I guess some people will manage to miss the opportunity, being on holidays or not noticing the update filtered as spam or whatnot.
      I'd like to know that it will not become any shorter... Under one week, I'm not sure I'll have the time to use it myself.

    19. Missing avatar

      Shellhead on

      Call me old-fashioned, but if you can't afford to pay for something over a 10 day period, you probably shouldn't be buying it in the first place. Do you people not have credit cards? That'll give you at least a couple more weeks of leeway.
      Seriously, if your paycheck comes down to "do I pay for rent or do I pay for minis" your priorities are WAY out of whack.

    20. Experiencing Life to the Fullest-Da Wolf

      The key is to have as many folks as possible complete it during the 10 day window. This will help maintain the schedule as best possible. Only people who can not do it should take advantage of the follow-up (out of the country where they don't have access to a computer, family emergency, etc.)

    21. Experiencing Life to the Fullest-Da Wolf

      Gordon - You can add items at the KS pricing in the RPM since you backed at that level during the KS. The KS pricing is going to be less than retail by a fair amount. Not sure on the exact amount but you can get a gauge by what other Bones minis currently cost at retail.

    22. Experiencing Life to the Fullest-Da Wolf

      Jackson - If you use a credit card you may buy yourself the time you are looking for. Just do it on the 10th day of the RPM and pay your credit card off when it is due (between 30 and 59 days after the charge is posted for a typical credit card).

    23. Jackson Starky on

      Loving the lizard men and the storm giant. A bit disappointed in the shortening of the RPM time frame; I was looking forward to getting at least one more paycheck that didn't require rent to come out of it before having to finalize things, as I may have to pass up the second Vampire level I'd planned on in order to get the add-ons I want, but I'll see what I can do about making things work. Still very impressed with this project, and even more so now that I've seen some of the concept art figures take more substantial form.

    24. Teskal Flink, Wereskunk on

      Yes, the storm giant is really looking better than in the concept art, I like it.

    25. Gary Henson on

      @Antonio Undertaker is a retail level package, and includes signage etc for confirmed retailers, so yes, they will be retail packed.

    26. Commissar Mike on

      Meh. They will get it done when they get it done. I already know exactly what I want, and I expect it's the same with most folks. The only thing I feel impatient on is getting my hands on those new paints!

    27. Missing avatar

      Martin Hoglund on

      DAT STORM GIANT. He looks even better than in the concept art. I love that manly beard.

    28. Gary Henson on

      TL:DR - It's the number of options/stretch goals is "delaying" the manager, not the number of backers.
      I find it funny that people are worried about being able to raise more money in the 10 day window. If everything had gone like Reaper had hoped, the pledge manage would have opened 3 weeks earlier, and would have closed at the same time.
      So you would have had exactly the same amount of time to raise money for new options, think about what you want, change your mind etc.
      With regards to how long it takes to produce the manager, Reaper has stated it's taking longer not because of the number of backers, but because of the large number of options available to those backers. Each pledge level has different options, and Reaper need to make sure people can only add the options they're supposed to be able to, and that everything adds up correctly. They also need to make sure new backers can come in, but they get charged the higher rates for everything.
      It's far from a simple system, it's a fully functioning eCommerce system with a large number of related conditions on pricing and availability. I'm not at all surprised it's taken this long, and I'm glad they're serious about producing a stable, well tested system. If they'd released the manager 3 weeks ago, I'm sure they would have spent a LONG time between then and now dealing with hundreds, if not thousands of small errors that arose from a difficult system without proper testing.
      My only vague concern is about server stability, given the large number of people who are likely to all try and log in within a couple of hours of receiving notification. However, I suspect they've been working on that too.
      One thing I have noticed about this KS project is that a much larger percentage of users than usual are being positive, and are happy to wait for what promises to be a great product from a well established company. Despite the vocal minority, I've been pleasantly surprised by the behavior here, compared to a few other projects I've backed. Yay us!
      And yay Reaper!

    29. Antonio Garcia

      @Gordon: No retail packaging for Vampire, so unless you go double Undertaker (at the original KS discount price). Come to think of it, maybe those won't be in retail packaging either... Bryan?

    30. Scott B (aka Dan d'Lyon)

      Also, remember that people can still get in on the project even if they didn't pledge initially, so I expect over 18,000 when all is said and done.

      @ Gordon, remember that none of the add-on items are likely to come in retail packaging. But, if you already pledged at the undertaker level, then you can add more items at the kick starter prices.

    31. SaraJane on

      A 10 day window for 3.4 million dollars and 17,744 backers... I feel like there are going to be some issues with missing the deadline.

    32. Missing avatar

      Scott Aldridge on

      I do hope you have a plan for people who miss the 10 day window. Because many people will miss that window and have money left over.

    33. Gordon Johansen on

      If we pledged under the retailer package, is there any discount on stuff we add to the order using the RPM? I'd love to get some of the extras for the store inventory but there's not much point if we are paying full retail.

      Gordon Johansen (The Sentry Box)

    34. Missing avatar

      Giacomo Pantalone on

      One of the good sides of this plastic (or whatever it is) is that is very soft. i usually remove the bases from the hard plastic minis, and in this case it might be even easier! I'm quite curious to see how this new material is. probably it will not be the future of all the companies, but it might be a nice turning!

    35. XD Miniatures on

      I just wish these came with slotta-tab style bases. This looks like a lot of cutting, but where else can you get so many quality minis for such a low price?

    36. Missing avatar

      Sarah Billingsley on

      Under the circumstances, I'll be pretty happy if it comes out soon - mostly because of my own impatience! As software projects go, this hasn't had much delay and Reaper has been good about communicating where things stand.
      I have to admit, I don't care when the early stuff ships - most of it's not relevant until the rest arrives! (If that's in March, I'll be thrilled ... and probably a little surprised, March is a pretty ambitious goal).

    37. Paul Davis on

      @Giacomo - Really? You drop two insulting posts towards development (its just code...) and show a clear lack of understanding (its just CPU usage) - and as a developer who does code for a living, your dismissive tone and insulting comments were no worse than the replies you'd received.

      You say you're not here to flame, yet your comments like "unless you want to hide with this other kind of delays" indicating Reaper isn't honest - and "Or maybe you are just messy in your work." which, WOW, um, that is majorly insulting. Then you proceed to say "it doesn't mean that you can create your delays from nothing just because!" basically saying they are intentionally delaying the process (to what end??) which again insinuates that aren't honest.

      Now you're crying because people took issue with what you said. Man up, own what you said and understand that, instead of expressing unhappiness with the delay and the greens, without injecting your speculation and uninformed evaluation of development process and timelines - you elected to be insulting and you should have expected people would comment on it, after all, in the 17,700+ supporters, there are gonna be fanboys who'll take you to task over it.

    38. Battlefield Press, Inc. on

      I hope the pledge manager is soon, I want to order a Cthulhu so I can use it for my games.

    39. Andreas

      As someone who's written a web site very similar to what they need very recently, let me attest that such a system is NOT easy to do. Took me about 3 months with lots of overtime to get it even to beta level.

      You don't want to mess up such a system.

    40. Steve on

      The shorter time for the RPM suggests to me that they'll b starting to cast the Vampire models after 10 days and need that info of numbers this early to be able to get them done by March.
      Lizardmen sculpts look fantastic! Really nice models.

    41. Sam "smokingwreckage" Hart on

      Curious as to why the previously stated 30 day window is now so short?

      At a guess, they thought it would be 30 days, after which it'd close, so they could get stuff shipped in time. Then about fifteen days into the 30 days, they realised they were still at least 5 days from having it even start. So by the time it goes up, they'll only have 10 days of that window left, after which the poopie hits the turboprop.

    42. Missing avatar

      Giacomo Pantalone on

      I am not shure about the "lot more expensive" part: Actually the standard figures are 2$ in retail price, while in the original kickstarter offer were quite similar priced. if you want to add 4 figures now is 5$, wich is still more than half. I have many friends interested in single miniatures, but i'm positive about the final retail prices of those.

      at least, that's my hope! ;)

    43. Missing avatar

      Erik Mann on

      I was hoping the RPM would be open the previously stated 30 days. I will be getting a bonus near the end next month & was going to put a good chunk of it toward more ad-ons but this shortened window means I'll have only about a third of what I was hoping to get. Most unfortunate. And I'm sure the same items will be a whole lot more expensive once this is finished and the retail prices are listed.
      Curious as to why the previously stated 30 day window is now so short?

    44. Missing avatar

      Giacomo Pantalone on

      Honestly i am not used to kickstarter fundings, and i'm not in a hurry. I'm just perplexed by the reasons of the delay. i'm used to wait, this hobby is made by waitings, but i don't like to hear reasons that do not convince me, that's all.

      Beside of that, i find a little disappointing the insulting tones of some users. We're here just to comment the updates of the KS, not to argue on other people's competences. so please, end it now, nobody (well, not me ^^") is here to flame. :)

    45. Ash Meredith on

      Storm Giant is kickin it

    46. C on

      @Utter: This is *exactly* why I pledged on so few KS! (: I've only pledged with companies that have had long track records, and Reaper make this... my third KS. :D If you want to hear of a KS nightmare, do a search on the Hansfree KS!

    47. C on

      @Giacomo: You might want to pull out of the KS entirely. You *can* have too much of a good thing and I'm sure the RPM is *just* the start of further delays. It's already past mid-September and I doubt the paints and Sophies will be shipped by the end of the month.

      As someone who's pre-ordered stuff online, and who's seen other large hobby companies miss their retail shipment deadlines, I expect delays with these KS mini's. KS isn't even a pre-order. There's no guarantee that your pledge will result in promised product. I hope you and other backers understood this when you made your pledge. If you find this disagreeable, see if you can cancel your pledge.

      Me, I see 200+ mini's for $100! For that sort of price, I'm fine with waiting! I'm sure for $100, you can buy a good assortment of mini's *today* and have fun painting.

    48. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    49. Missing avatar

      Andrew Kolb on

      since my account says 'collected' I'm going to assume that I'm good to go. I hope anyway.