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Reaper's Bones KickStarter is a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now!
Reaper's Bones KickStarter was a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now! .
Reaper's Bones KickStarter was a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now! .
17,744 backers pledged $3,429,235 to help bring this project to life.

More new sculpts!

Let me start with...

we are working on the pledge manager.  It is still pending but will be coming soon!

Snakeman Warrior  sculpted by Julie Guthrie

Medium Fire Elemental sculpted by Bob Ridolfi

Large Fire Elemental sculpted by Julie Guthrie


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    1. Heather McClay on

      @Reaper, I have e-mailed to get my information so I could finish the process, but haven't heard back. Is there specific information I should be sending?

    2. Peter McAndrew on

      In this case, it was mentioned in the Reaper forum (this thread:… ) that the swords were fashioned out of sheet aluminium.

    3. Peter McAndrew on

      The green parts would be green stuff. Some sculptors use multiple materials for different purposes - one for the armature, one for "flesh", one for weapons, etc. (for example, Pro-Create or Milliput) However, you might have pre-cast metal weapons or other bits being included in the mini, usually to give consistency between minis in a series.

    4. Min'rocheem Lungelow on

      that's incredible - the level of detail on these is mindblowing.
      Is that using green stuff? or, a better question is: what materials do the sculptors use most often?

      and why are some of the bits metal or clay looking when other parts look to be green epoxy?

    5. Peter McAndrew on

      Yes, miniatures are almost always sculpted to scale (the few exceptions are digitally created). Resizing sculptures is harder than sculpting to the appropriate scale.

    6. Min'rocheem Lungelow on

      Are these being sculpted at the same scale as the miniatures? because if they are, then HOLY HELL, these are some insanely talented individuals.

      and I am jelly.

    7. daniel on

      will love the fire elemental just hope they do cast it in the red ^^

    8. Keith & Diana on

      Oh, I love the elementals! I was worried how you'd pull off the fluidity of fire, but that's spot on.
      And the snakeman is cute!

    9. Erico Schroeder on

      My dear Reaper, thank you for making for saving my bad day. Those miniatures really saved my mood, i will wake a happier man tomorrow...

      Meanwhyle: i love the snakeman, and the big fire elemental is just amazing (serious, i keep thinking how the sculptor made that o.O). But the medium elemental looks strange, maybe it is just the "greeny" color, but the "fire details" dont look so nice, giving her a much more "gaseous look" than a "in fire look". Fire would have a more "crispy" texture, wich right now looks to "soft" in that model... (just my cents, it still looks great, but will probably be painted diferently by me :P)

    10. Missing avatar

      William Coye on

      The lizard man looks like excellent PC fodder. I realy like how the medium fire elemental is obviously made of fire, but its human characteristics are very pronounced. Whereas the large elemental is obviously just a creature of fire; no human elements there. SUPER EXCITED FOR THE ACTUAL MODELS.

    11. Kermode Bear on

      Snake man is hot. Really looking forward to some kind of rainbow paint job for them, Quetzacoatl-style.

    12. Jonathan Griego on

      seems like the comments are not posting properly.. thats annoying.

    13. Jonathan Griego on

      I never said anything to that effect now did I?

    14. Jonathan Griego on

      Then again some of the models cant be called anything but ugly...

    15. Jonathan Griego on


      Point taken but of course the corrollary to my statement is women dont generally fantasize about ugly clothed men... do they?

    16. Julie on

      @Johnathan Griego

      My bad, I guess I didn't get the memo saying fantasy miniatures are for people with penises only.

    17. Julie on

      @Johnathan Griego
      My bad, I guess I didn't get the memo saying fantasy miniatures are for people with penises only.

    18. Missing avatar

      Pejay on

      I'm generally not a fan of cheesecake, but I really like the fire elements. It's /tasteful/ cheesecake.

    19. Jonathan Griego on

      You know you can expound feminist sentiment about anything you want but when it comes to the end of the day these are fantasy miniatures, and people dont generally fantasize about ugly fully clothed women.

    20. Norb on

      Great Snakeman Warrior. I may have to order more of these. Please let Julie know that she enhanced the drawing with her sculpt! The facial expression, raised scales, and the body contour really make it pop!!

    21. Julie on

      Oh noes, feminists aren't commenting on something that isn't sexist! FYI naked doesn't mean sexist.

    22. Missing avatar

      Vincent Noiseux

      I believe that the large fire elemental is what happens to the medium when you p*** her off by asking too many questions about the pledge manager.
      By the way, when are we getting it? Ahhhhhhhh, fire...

    23. Timeless (Sky Crystal Arts Owner) on

      I agree that the large fire elemental is pretty amazing.

    24. Jeff on

      That large fire elemental is absolutely wonderful! This is the best far-too-much-money I've ever spent! :-)

    25. Missing avatar

      Jeff Gilbert on

      Sweet! Always loved Julie Guthrie's work!

    26. C on

      @Mark: Speaking of green stuff, you should be able to make legs from it and add 'em to your serpents. Here's a thread showing various humanoid parts made with green stuff, including legs!…

      This site may be more useful:

    27. Mark A. Siefert

      Great sculpts, though I do prefer my serpent men with legs.

    28. C on

      @Jonesy: Miniatures are sculpted in an epoxy that's originally blue and yellow, hence the name "green stuff". Do a search on "miniatures green stuff"!

    29. Jonesy, Hermit & PT Hero of Valoria on

      Nice! Are the elementals painted green atm? Just how transparent are they?

    30. Steve on

      They all look great, I was wondering if the snake warrior had changed from the concept sketch and why but reading the comments has answered that, thanks!

    31. Missing avatar

      Bali on

      Look great. The snake man is very nice and the fire elementals look amazing!

    32. Missing avatar

      calvinbean on

      Oh, and all of these look great!

    33. Missing avatar

      calvinbean on

      Must Google "Julie Guthrie"...

      Anybody see the recent video of the "fire tornado" in Australia?!? The first thing I thought of when I saw it was "Fire Elemental". )

    34. Adam Everett Beck on

      @Julie Guthrie,
      The Snakeman reminds me of the 7-Headed Hydra from the All Things Dark & Dangerous line, a Partha pewter version of which was gifted to me as a young boy (along with your gorgeous Giant Skeleton piece) and helped fuel my lifelong love of fantasy art. In short, I love your work and am glad to see you're a part of this endeavor! -Adam

    35. Missing avatar

      Guthrie-Ridolfi on

      @Jason Andersen, the snakeman pose was changed to make it easier to mold and to keep the scale pattern flowing without the additional twist in the body. I was also asked to make a specific type of head, so it does differ from the sketch. -Julie

      The wings of the fire elemental were changed slightly for better balance and fit, but I tried to retain the original feel of the piece. They should be thin enough to let the light through, but not too thick to make it fall over, -Bob

      Thanks to everyone for the nice comments.

    36. Arthur Santos on

      The snakeman kicks ass. I want to play that mini for my character or put him in as a major npc if I'm running.

    37. Jason Andersen on

      Love all of these sculpts. I had to go back and look at the concept art to figure out what was bothering me about the snakeman and the med elemental. The snakeman concept art had the head turned all the way around ("looking over the shoulder"). Not sure why Julie decided to change it but it still looks great. The med fire ele looks very similar to the concept except the wings - they don't look "smoother" on the top the way "real" wings would be, which I think is what is bothering me about them. Even so, a great sculpt! I'm hoping those wings are thin enough to let a good amount of light through the translucent plastic (but not TOO thin... wouldn't want them breaking off with a bit of handling).

      Kudos to the sculptors!

    38. Peter McAndrew on

      @Grag: You can always paint over the translucent plastic with solid colours.

    39. Missing avatar

      Grag on

      And also, I would do anything for a solid fire elemental. I love the translucent, but that solid one is so imposing!

    40. Missing avatar

      Grag on

      Big Fire elemental is hands down the best figure so far.

    41. Missing avatar

      Fred Skinner on

      You know how fire spreads out. It just makes the elemental multi faceted, large, huge Beautiful !!
      You don't see green flames often though. Evil wizard created Demon Elemental

    42. Missing avatar

      CthulhuDarren on

      The Large elemental is more like HUGE.

    43. Chris Cundy on

      Thanks reaper for keeping the quality up on the new sculpts! March is not soon enough!

    44. Morgan Williams on

      These sculpts look amazing!

    45. Radiance House on

      Hm, I wonder if sent over all the information then. It sounds like they're just trying to sort through it all!

      I wonder if the Zombie / Wraith levels are still going to ship in 2012?