Reaper Miniatures Bones: An Evolution Of Gaming Miniatures

by Reaper Miniatures

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      Scott on

      lol I think the sexism is just a form of defense, if a girl were to actually comment here I think you'd see 17,744 reasons why these were suddenly only a sound economic investment and not secretly our way of living out fantasy lives (not that I'm against fantasy lives and I do believe these are probably the most sound investment I've made in the past year)

    2. BeCause on

      Scott: The female opinions expressed in this thread have 100% without exception been for the mini as is, including my wife. The only people who think this is sexist, are people who's overly sensitive moral superiority complex is showing.

    3. Steve on

      This is a fantastic model and leaves me extremely eager to see some of the other concepts turn into miniatures, especially the dragons! Great work, Reaper and Patrick Keith. Very cute!

    4. Ryan Blackstock

      @Steve I'm with you, cant wait to see what they do with Kaladrax and Cthulhu!

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      Chris Johnstone on

      Hello, just so I am clear, we are getting the Pledge Manager first. The last Kickstarters I have backed, the survey gets done, and then the company puts together a Pledge Manager if they want/need one. Just tring to make sure I am not missing my survey, and slowing things down for everyone.

    6. C on

      Gonna play devil's advocate here, but I bet the women who would have been offended by this magnificent sculpture never pledged in this KS project -- or would buy female fantasy miniatures -- in the first place. Women *do* buy and paint miniatures, but they're not fantasy ones, even beefcake.

      What sells is CUTE (: Mice and Mystics is one of the more anticipated boardgames on BoardGameGeek, not because of its mechanics, but because of its miniatures, featuring anthropomorphic mice. Not surprisingly, Mouse Guard is popular on RolePlayingGeek. Mouslings were suspiciously absent from the Bones KS. (: Do a search on mouslings or other CUTE miniatures, and you'll find a good number of female miniature painters, such as...

    7. Ryan Blackstock

      @ Chris J Reaper hasnt released their pledge manager yet, so no worries

    8. Missing avatar

      Richard Bennett on

      Cedric, you're either being deliberately provocative or are woefully ignorant of the topic. Or both. Congratulations on finding an exception to "prove" your "rule".

      Perhaps you'd like to explain your theory to these ladies:

      Marike Reimer
      Jen Haley…=
      Natalya Melnik

      If you are lucky you can make your escape while Natalya pauses to decide which of her Slayer Swords to kill you with...

      Oh, and as a Reaper Customer perhaps you should take a glance at this page

      and see how many female artists work for Reaper AND NOT JUST ON FLUFFY MOUSLINGS!

    9. Steve Severino on

      Absolutely fantastic figure! Love it. Can't wait to see more Bones concept drawings come to life.

    10. Missing avatar

      Chris Griffiths on

      @Richard - WOW! Thanks for the links...

    11. Missing avatar

      Alexander Tschersich on

      @Hehe, I guess that Natalya would really do such a thing. She seems to be a really irritable personality. I remember her telling someone to "drink poison" on cmon :-D
      That said, I guess that Cedric does not deserve such a fate. He did not hate on the giantess, nor did he say that women ONLY go for cute.

    12. Teskal Flink, Wereskunk on

      there are even girls which paints undead miniatures:…

      Zombies are not cute...

    13. Daevid Nyvar on

      @Richard - Yes. Thanks for those links. Awesome stuff. A bit cute for my taste, though . ; )

    14. MG on

      Gorgeous mini. Can't wait for the questionairres to actually come out!

    15. Dave on

      I have heard the buzz about this mini for the past couple of days, but this is the first time I have seen it. The concept art didn't do much for me, but now that I have seen the real figure, I'm sold. Very cool piece, Reaper!

    16. Chris Oakley on

      I agree, its pretty bad ass.. Can't wait to paint it..

    17. Missing avatar

      calvinbean on

      @Teskal Thanks for the link!

    18. Clyde Lee Graham

      Too sexy for me, I'll pass.

    19. MossMonster on

      @richard, notice the cleavage and skin in the pics of all the artists you linked. Oh nos, women have breasts! And skin too!

    20. Bruce Scarcelle on

      Its funny listening to u guys bicker. In the end mosy of us pledged and will get awesome minis. Giantess is awesome, cant wait for the rest. Only problem is ive already spent so much and am still going to add :)

    21. Ryan Blackstock

      @ Bruce LOL, I'm in the same boat. Maybe we should start a support group :)

    22. Missing avatar

      calvinbean on

      We should start a "rescue" foundation for unwanted Cloud Giantess, someplace where people can send them, where they can live out their days, and yes, where they can be loved.

      [insert video clip of Cloud Giantesses frolicking in a field, chasing a very tiny tennis ball]

      So give, people, give all you can, to the Calvinbean Rescue Foundation for Unwanted Cloud Giantesses. Because the world is such a cruel place.


    23. Missing avatar

      AG on

      While it might be a pain to do, maybe Reaper might consider allowing those few people who don't like this mini to swap it out for a fire giant in the pledge manager...

    24. Steve on

      @Darrin, not going to happen. Keep in perspective the cloud giant is ONE of the free add-ons of over 250 models people are getting, guarantee that there is no one who will like every single one of them. Everyone will have personal likes and dislikes in the models, and that is fine. If everyone was able to pick and swap with every model this whole thing would just be a gigantic logistical mess. Don't like it - sell it off, or store it, or give it to the above Calvinbean Rescue Foundation. ;)

    25. C on

      If you don't like the miniature, there's always the KS trade thread:…

    26. Jonathan Griego on

      Well its the 16th, the first minis are supposed to ship before the end of the month. Yet here we sit and the RPM has yet to be finished; assuming the RPM will be up for 30 days we can not reasonably expect the first set to ship until the middle of October. For some reason I have a dreadful fealing that we wont be seeing the second, vastly larger shipment be put out until chrismats 2013.

    27. Steve on

      I'm pretty sure that Reaper said they will be sending first shipments as people finalise, not at the end of the 30 days, so finalise quickly and you will get the first lot sooner. With the survey complete in the next month or two, and a large portion of models (200) already being tooled in China (Update 63) I think they are reasonably well on top of things.

    28. C on

      Well, the only "first minis" that will be shipped is the limited edition Sophie (and paints -- I want my paints!) -- and many backers opted out of her for the $25 credit. Dunno about the miniatures industry, but the hobby boardgame industry ALWAYS has delays, even by the largest hobby game companies!

      Maybe offer on BoardGameGeek to paint someone's Zombicide miniatures. That'll keep you busy! :D

    29. Craig Janssen

      Personally, I would prefer Reaper take their time on this. It boils down to a quality issue, and I can wait for good product. As well, the longer they take to get the Reaper Pledge Manager up, the more money I can add on ;)

    30. Jackson Starky on

      @ Craig: Re: Pledge Manager: My thoughts exactly!
      @ Reaper: Take your time, get it right, and let us throw more money at you. :-)

    31. Ryan H on

      Wow the painted images brings out a lot of details. Thank you @Brian for posting a link. And thank you @Martin for doing such a beautiful paint job.

    32. Alan

      Just found that link and was gonna post it. She's AMAZING! And it looks like they've got her in metal?

    33. Missing avatar

      Bentley on

      ... i now just have a tab open with kickstarter so i can check it every 30 minutes or so.

    34. SaraJane on the reaper pledge manager up yet? I've been waiting for an email with the survey and I haven't received anything...

    35. Wayne Williams on

      Pledge manager isn't live yet.

    36. Jonathan Griego on

      No RPM is not up. It must be a true wonder to behold if it has taken them a month or more to write a program that should by all rights have taken 1-2 days.

    37. Peter McAndrew on

      Writing the program might not have taken long, but testing and debugging is (or at least should be - I'm looking at you, Microsoft) the longer part of getting software out.

    38. Elyklord - Creator of Vekyl

      Plus Kickstarter didn't even get the necessary data to them for a couple of weeks, so that was a huge delay right there.

    39. Missing avatar

      Glinch - Obsidian Dragon on


      As a reminder there are 17744 people in this thing, and 16475 of them pledged the $100 level, that is a lot of people/data to get straightened out They don't want everyone to flood in and crash the entire server with a quickly thown together system. That could beeven worse is hw much data gets crossed/error.. it's a good thing they are taking time to get it all set first.

    40. mothrascales on

      The painted version of this miniature really brings the artist's concept to life.

    41. Clyde Lee Graham

      re: The Cloud Giantess pose... It's not something that kept me out, as I'm in at the $250 mark, but I'm not a big fan of cheesecake for it's own sake. I'll be looking to trade my Sophie as it is, preferably for something I can use in game. But it's not just the (okay, fine, arguable) cheesecake pose... it's also that it's a pose you might see once, rather than an army of raging cloud giants & 'Now, now you Naughty Human' cloud giantesses.

      The pose limits the utility of the mini... as such, it reminds me of an old lead miniature of Spiderman, posed on a brick wall. Man, he takes that brick wall with him everywhere.

    42. Norb on

      If you haven't checked yet, there is a fabulous painting of her by Martin Jones on FB,

    43. Missing avatar

      querysphinx on

      Does anyone have a picture of this mini from the back? Front looks great but the hip seems to be out of joint. Just the camera angle maybe?

    44. Missing avatar

      querysphinx on

      did not mean to double post

    45. Predator_Flagship on

      Locked in :-) Roll on March... now, to the Return To Ravnica Prelease Tournament! (MTG players should know what I'm talking about!)