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Reaper's Bones KickStarter was a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now! .
Reaper's Bones KickStarter was a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now! .
17,744 backers pledged $3,429,235 to help bring this project to life.

Who is this and what is he holding?

Posted by Reaper Miniatures (Creator)

What we can tell you so far...

200 of the masters left for China yesterday! :-) We think that will give them something to do for a while while we get some sculpting finished up.

We sent in a big PO for the 29 Bones models that we can get, just so we have lots of inventory until the rewards castings come in. This also gives the Chinese factory something to do while they start making new molds too. Because you folks wanted to see what they were like and started buying them, we've run out of two models already!

Kit has not been able to get the final data from KS yet. :-(

But, we are hoping to get it soon and then be able to see what it is exactly that we got! We are going as fast as possible, have no fear Underdog is here!

PAX went very well and Bryan should be back tomorrow!

The KS is still on our minds everyday and we are thinking about all of you 17,744 backers and the newbies that have signed up! There were ton's of folks that tried to up their pledge only to have the system crash and then lose their entire pledge! Can you imagine! We hope they all have contacted us and didn't give up!

More to come!


Seen at PAX Prime!

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    1. Ash Meredith on

      Thanks for the update - WEEETONNNN!!!

    2. Cerity "Legendary Bottlejak" Silverhawk on

      They call him WHEATON! Hope PAX was fun @reaper.
      I swore up and down no more minis. Frog has some and now I swear Bombshell is it. Until thanksgiving.

    3. Missing avatar

      tcarpenterjr on

      FYI, the money I spent on this kickstarter was budgeted for other things. A HUGE factor in deciding to support Reaper in this endeavor was the satement you would be setting up the production in the USA in the future. I don't often see companies do what is best for the USA like that. Please don't dissapoint is in this.

    4. Matthew Mosher on

      So someones attempt to spam Will to get on board with Bones must have succeeded. sweet!
      From what I understand the equipment to do injection molding even smaller parts can be quite expensive and bulky so depending on weather they are starting to shop around for used equipment or getting new that can take time. Some companies buy new equipment fairly often and re-sell their still quite good but now used equipment at a fraction of the price making it often good deal for both parties).
      Having it made in China right now means they are more-likely to make their target date as a molding company will have numerous machines able to produce the millions of figures were getting. I cant imagine reaper getting more than one or two (maybe three) machines for in-house production (at least initially). once the kickstarter initial bulk is done in China, in-house machines could be used to meet ongoing production and introduce new figures periodically.

    5. Greg Sargent on

      "Because you folks wanted to see what they were like and started buying them, we've run out of two models already!"

      was that from items being bought at PAX or just people going out to their local hobby store and getting some?

    6. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    7. Ogaday on

      It's a long process. Production will be brought to Texas, but this run of Bones will be done in China. Moving production will take a year or so, iirc.

    8. Nathan on

      I thought this kickstarter was to bring the production to America.

    9. Missing avatar

      James P. Johnson on

      What happened to manufacturing them in Texas??!?!?

    10. Matt Price on

      @Chris Fuller (and Reaper): I completely agree. I'm not a fan of the "anime" style, or the oversized weapons. A few of the Pathfinder minis will be immediately making their way to ebay or put up for trade for that reason exactly. Thanks for putting up that poll. Let the folks who dig the anime scene find their minis elsewhere, and not in the Bones line!

    11. John E. Gunter on

      I'm glad to see that the Bones line is doing well. I've gotten to where I like plastic minis better than metal because they are so much easier to modify than metal ones are! Congrats guys, glad the Kickstarter went so well and that you treated us backers so nicely too! :-)

    12. benjoshua on

      After conducting a brief, limited, and un-scientific poll from other miniature enthusiasts, I think there is enough evidence to show that a significant majority of collectors would love for the female Frost Giant to look less anime and more like a realistic warrior. One thing the poll definitely seems to communicate is that ethusiastis prefer weapons that are more realistic than over-sized.…

      I would love for the sculptors to take a look at what miniature enthusiasts are saying they want and factor that in to their sculpting.

    13. Dylan Swain on

      Paint 'n Take was amazing, guys! Would have been better if I were sitting next to Sparks McGee there, though!

    14. Rusty Q. Shackleford on


      This just in! @Reaper uses small Chinese children to painstakingly wittle away at Bones material and create fabulous miniatures!

      How do I know this? Their response to asking who they use in China!

      "J.R.Vosovic: Not public info, sorry. "

      Small children! Of course, as we all know, Small Chinese children make the best miniatures. So they should be commended for their valiant use of the best resources around instead of condemned for using what the mainstream would call "Unethical business values"

      @MattOtt: Any relation to a Kevin Ott somewhere around the age of 20 or so?

    15. Jordan Peacock on

      It's great to hear that the current Bones are selling that well! :) I look forward to hearing news about moving production to Texas (eventually).

    16. Missing avatar

      Bentley on

      Wil Wheaton! and the Paint and Take (Which was amazing btw, Meeting Jason Weibe and painting the Dwarf/Troll minis was awesome!)

    17. Exwilly on

      wait is that wesley crusher aka Wil Wheaton looking at bones

    18. Matt Razincka on

      Thank you, Reaper, for rekindling my enjoyment of painting. The paint and take at PAX was awesome.

    19. Kermode Bear on

      I'm thrilled that production is planned to move to the US! Reaper, I love you, this is very much appreciated.

    20. Mike Ott on

      Yes, part of this kickstarter funding (as has been stated before) is going to be used to move operations in house in texas, as of right now however, to keep up with demand, they need to use their existing partner facilities overseas so by supporting this kickstarter, you are, in fact, helping to create more jobs in texas once they get everything moved over.

    21. Jeff Scifert on

      Great to see Wil Wheaton got his interest piqued :)

    22. Billy Gove on

      Will Wheaton holding the Bones

    23. Andrew Hayford

      @Mark Eventually, they were planning on moving plastics production to their own factory floor I believe. (they do all their own metal casting currently). But as I mentioned before, that won't be for a while. Likely trying to build a factory now, and use it for the current rewards would actually cause more delays then fewer.

    24. Ken Krout on

      Damn, another huge pile of money and work going to China from under employed Americans. I thought they were from Texas. :(

    25. Michael Erb on

      Mark, they are working to move production to Texas, but it is a gradual process. They've been upfront these minis would still be made in China.

    26. Andrew Hayford

      @Lou Both the molds and models are made in china for now. Plans are in place for them to move the production to US but there is no definitive time table.

    27. Jason Jackowski on

      anyone know Wil's reaction to the Bones?

    28. Lance Lamont on

      All Right, Will Wheaton :)

    29. John Kadolph on

      AWESOME! Thanks for the update Reaper! It is always nice to get something from you!

    30. Lou Branch on

      @Jordan - Sounds like the molds are being made in China, not the minis.

    31. Kris Vanhoyland on

      Wil Wheaton! *squeals like a geek*

    32. Mark Jelfo on

      Whoa! I though someone from Reaper said that because of the success of this KS that they would be working with a local company (in Texas) for the production. Am I misinformed? I am hoping that continuing to work with China doesn’t cause more delays — like the ones Reaper reps told me about during conversations at PAX East and Origins this year. I’d love to see these KS figs ship on time. Can someone verify?

    33. Chris S

      @Jordan They said that they *hoped* to eventually move product, say in about a year.

    34. Chris S

      Hmm, didn't know Wil was at PAX. Nice!

    35. Daniel Amos on

      You guys should put together some painting guides or maybe expand the tips section of your site?

    36. Jordan Voltz on

      Whatever happened to production in Dallas?

    37. Lee Hambly on

      So excited and can't wait to get my Bones. When should we expect the survey to come round?

    38. Missing avatar

      Randall Black on

      Haven't received notice of your website being up yet. What do I do to finalize my order?

      Randall E. Black

    39. Reaper Miniatures 6-time creator on

      J.R.Vosovic: Not public info, sorry.

      Jason Mical: ASAP, but unknown as yet.

    40. H. W. McCray on

      Yeah, I tried upping my pledge at the last minute to get Cthulhu, and it didn't take. But it my previous pledge level should be in the system.

    41. Graham Williams on

      The paint and take at PAX was awesome - great meeting Bryan there. Thanks for putting the P&T on, it was a huge hit with our group!

    42. Jason Mical

      When does the pledge manager go up? I want to throw more money at you!! PLEASE LET ME GIVE YOU MY MONEY!

    43. J.R.Vosovic on

      Who are you using in China?