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Reaper's Bones KickStarter is a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now!
Reaper's Bones KickStarter was a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now! .
Reaper's Bones KickStarter was a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now! .
17,744 backers pledged $3,429,235 to help bring this project to life.

Who is this and what is he holding?

What we can tell you so far...

200 of the masters left for China yesterday! :-) We think that will give them something to do for a while while we get some sculpting finished up.

We sent in a big PO for the 29 Bones models that we can get, just so we have lots of inventory until the rewards castings come in. This also gives the Chinese factory something to do while they start making new molds too. Because you folks wanted to see what they were like and started buying them, we've run out of two models already!

Kit has not been able to get the final data from KS yet. :-(

But, we are hoping to get it soon and then be able to see what it is exactly that we got! We are going as fast as possible, have no fear Underdog is here!

PAX went very well and Bryan should be back tomorrow!

The KS is still on our minds everyday and we are thinking about all of you 17,744 backers and the newbies that have signed up! There were ton's of folks that tried to up their pledge only to have the system crash and then lose their entire pledge! Can you imagine! We hope they all have contacted us and didn't give up!

More to come!


Seen at PAX Prime!

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    1. Robert Morris jr on September 21, 2012

      So, how do we get to the pledge manager? Or when will it be up?

    2. Peter McAndrew on September 16, 2012

      Sophie can't be shipped out before the pledge manager because they don't have addresses for us yet. You'll need to finalise your order in the pledge manager before the first round of shipping can happen.

    3. Jackson Starky on September 14, 2012

      I've seen this question asked elsewhere, but I'll bring it up here since Reaper has commented on it in their latest posts. If Sophie is getting shipped out before the pledge manager is ready, how do we tell you that we've swapped her out for other stuff?

    4. Daniel Luckett on September 12, 2012

      Good idea 'cause I moved. :P

    5. Missing avatar

      Noel Anthony on September 7, 2012

      Thanks for the ongoing updates guys!

    6. Reaper Miniatures 6-time creator on September 7, 2012

      Wait for the backer surveys that is...

    7. Reaper Miniatures 6-time creator on September 7, 2012

      KS also recommends that you wait until just before you are ready to ship just in case someone moves. Another reason for us to write our own interface--so you can manager your account info until we ship to you.

      Yes, you can send out the surveys almost immediately if you choose too (even before KS finalizes the payment process), but what's the point if the data you get back is useless?

      We are making sure that whatever we set up is bullet proof to the best of our ability and handles most situations without someone having a problem.

      It takes time, so please be patient, it's coming. We will start shipping Sophie models and Paints as soon as we start getting data back from our pledge manager, in what ever order we get it back. The paint is being pumped and the Sophie Molds have started spinning to get ready.

      It's not too far away now.

    8. Experiencing Life to the Fullest-Da Wolf
      on September 7, 2012

      Bob - one thing we do know is if all 17K login to KS and try to fill out a backer survey during a short period of time that KS will crash once again.

    9. Experiencing Life to the Fullest-Da Wolf
      on September 7, 2012

      Bob - Amazon gives backers 7 days to make good on payment. Pave the road you walk is very apt for this case. I am just glad the projects I have backed don't partake in this type of strategy.

    10. Dark James on September 6, 2012

      @Reaper: Thanks for keeping us updated! I take it he was at the Paint n Take then? Also great to meet one of you at PAX!

    11. Missing avatar

      Jim Lanter on September 6, 2012

      "...The cloud giant was finished right after the graphic went up..."

      That is why I love you guys!

    12. John L. DeSalvo on September 6, 2012

      Hmmmm... sorry bout my first post. The comment post by Reaper wasnt showing till I actually made my post.

    13. John L. DeSalvo on September 6, 2012

      Have the surveys even gone out yet? I haven't seen anything so far.

    14. Andrew Whitlock on September 6, 2012

      Yep! Waiting for when i can up my pledge i want alot of options and may even up to undertaker with that !! Come on Pledge manager link!

    15. Reaper Miniatures 6-time creator on September 6, 2012

      I am sure we will at least post pictures of the finished models once they are sculpted. The cloud giant was finished right after the graphic went up so I'll see about getting an update picture for you soon.

    16. Reaper Miniatures 6-time creator on September 6, 2012

      We probably won't send out a "KS backer survey" as it is messy and impractical for as large and complicated as our campaign is. We will be sending out a link to everyone for our pledge manager which will put all of your info directly into our database. But, first we must get what data we can from KS and then populate the database with that info before we can send out the link.

    17. Antonio Garcia
      on September 6, 2012

      @Bob: Or we could all get personalized links to access our "own" version of the RPM (I got one for the Ukiyo-e heroes rewards manager, with a unique code and the manager knew how much I had pledged and what my reward choice had been). That way, Reaper could send emails in batches of 1,000, hoping that we all manage our pledge during said day, thus spreading the stress on their server.

    18. Teskal Flink, Wereskunk on September 6, 2012

      Of the 200 Masters, are there modells which existed only as concept art (the 2 heroes or dwarf wizard)?

      Will we get progress pictures of the sculpting job of the bigger mini's (Storm Giants, Clockwork Dragon, Nethyrmaul)?

    19. Missing avatar

      Bob (deleted) on September 6, 2012


      Amazon plus 2 days would be my guess. Although Kit is probably done (or at the very least mostly done) with the RPM, until the data is loaded up en masse, you can't really know for certain where things might break. If all 17k plus of us went over to the Reaper site at the same time to adjust our pledges...well, that could well end badly. They may well attempt to release the RPM email at an off period of the day in order to spread out the server load a little more - Sunday at 2 AM Reaper time would be a pretty good option for that.

    20. MossMonster on September 6, 2012

      Oooo Wezzzzley....

    21. Min'rocheem Lungelow on September 6, 2012

      Frodo, holding the one ring, clearly.

    22. Missing avatar

      Grot 6 (deleted) on September 6, 2012

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    23. Teskal Flink, Wereskunk on September 6, 2012

      @Chris Fuller
      GW uses realistic weapons for the lord of the rings mini's and it doesn't look better than oversized weapons. It has even the disadvantage that long weapons (spears, staffs,...) are always crooked and very easy breakable. (mantic mini's have the same problem.)

      I love the armor and the weapons of the giants. The giants could be taller, but not everything could be perferct.

    24. Kurtis M. Trimbo on September 6, 2012

      I was so excited to see you guys at PAX this year, was even more excited that I got to paint a mini! I have not painted a miniature in almost ten years, but it is something I have been wanting to get back in to. I loved working with the Bones mini and I am super excited for these to ship!

    25. Jonesy, Hermit & PT Hero of Valoria on September 6, 2012

      @Bob So we should assume the Manager sometime after Sept 8th?

    26. Missing avatar

      Bob (deleted) on September 6, 2012

      Regarding Frog God and their survey, they have two things going for them...first, it was a smaller pledge amount. If everything goes off without a hitch, Amazon may well have processed the payments all on the same day. The second is mentioned in the Amazon guidelines specifically though, if a creator has had previous projects or a 6 month history with them, the 14 day period can be waived. Frog God has done a large campaign prior to the Swords & Wizardry one, so they are in a much better position to have all the information ready sooner (plus a large portion of the backers from their first campaign likely were backers on their second campaign so you should see fewer problems with the payments being processed).

      The information is in Kickstarter's FAQ for creators.

      Looking at the Backer Survey interface - it may be possible to send the message prior to actually receiving the Amazon confirmation (speculation on my part). However, should you do that - you would not know whether or not their payment goes through and may end up creating a lot of head aches as you readjust things to reflect what actually happens versus what was pledged.

    27. Kevin Vogel on September 6, 2012

      Does anyone know if a mini has been made of the devil in the movie "legend"?
      The movie had tom cruise and MIA sara

    28. Kevin Vogel on September 6, 2012

      Are any other kickstarters planned for the future for more minis? I know this one just finished and yes I am a backer vampire lvl. Reaper has been my favorite brand of mini for a long time. Glad to hear your moving production to the USA.

    29. Experiencing Life to the Fullest-Da Wolf
      on September 5, 2012

      jpred67 - interesting development with the other project you mentioned. Without the final list of backers or pledge amounts they having people fill out a one time survey. I can almost predict some PR challenges brewing on the horizon for that project.

    30. Missing avatar

      turkish "nickname" delight on September 5, 2012

      Hey, you know what would be awesome? Posters of the two big images from the pledge drive (The "Vampire Sets" and "Help us dig up all of the Bones"). Great for the Gameroom!

      On the "fanservice giantess's" issue though...well I'm not a huge fan, but it doesn't bother me all that much either. I don't really think dragonsfoot, though a decent forum, is a good barometer of all gamers, and it sounds like reaper's stats back it up. For my part the fire giantess is "fitting in" with the male as is the ice giantess already, and not particularly fanservicy. The "Storm GIANT" disagreement in appearance is helped a bit by the fact we were told the giants were a male storm and a female CLOUD giant, so I can forgive the difference between the two, as they're different "species".

      Mind you, eventually I'd like to see a muscly burly female storm giant and a fanservicy male cloud giant to even things out and complete sets...

    31. Missing avatar

      turkish "nickname" delight on September 5, 2012

      Weaton. Awesome. And I understand that moving production to the USA will take time. Nice of you guys to do it though.

    32. Rusty Q. Shackleford on September 5, 2012

      Stop asking for them to move their production to the US! There's starving Chinese children that need the money more than we do and besides, if they did it Prior bringing you your miniatures then you would be stuck waiting 3 years + at Least before you got yours instead of a rather short 6 months. I commend Reaper for providing support to starving children in China though.

    33. Missing avatar

      IrishPope on September 5, 2012

      I don't know about any policy Amazon may have as Sword and Wizardry closed yesterday, the survey was sent to me that same evening.
      The issue with the Bone kickstarter is the massive volume of pledges, options, who paid, has yet to pay, upgrades, increases etc... Needless to say that is a mountain of data to wade through.

    34. Missing avatar

      Bob (deleted) on September 5, 2012

      The Survey can not be sent until Amazon and KS provide the information to Reaper. A change in the policy of Amazon moved the timeline from 7 days to 14 days, so Reaper probably hasn't even seen a list of the backers and their pledge levels yet. As soon as they get your information from them, they will likely have it loaded and sent out to the backers for their actual pledge allocations.

    35. Travis Leichssenring on September 5, 2012

      I agree with Stuart, please bring production back to the U.S. SaraJane has a good question too.

    36. SaraJane on September 5, 2012

      When will we be getting that survey where we can specify what extras we want?

    37. Missing avatar

      calvinbean on September 5, 2012

      I would love it if the RPM would have some anonymized, aggregated data available publicly.

    38. Texas Stu on September 5, 2012

      Please keep us up to date on your plans to bring back production to the U.S.!

    39. Reaper Miniatures 6-time creator on September 5, 2012

      If we feel they something like that is a viable product with enough sales to justify the costs. We will see how our two large dragons do first.

    40. Missing avatar

      Jim Lanter on September 5, 2012

      Like many other backers, I appreciate Reaper's efforts to move their production Stateside. I have a question regarding the new Bones material: will this enable Reaper to produce huge models like the gargantuan dragons WOTC produced back in the day or (more recently) WizKids' Rune Giant or Galactus?

    41. Missing avatar

      Linda L. Martelle on September 5, 2012

      Will Wheaton and Bones

    42. Reaper Miniatures 6-time creator on September 5, 2012

      Kim Fenwick: Good idea, we can probably figure it out when we are done.

      Brandon Massengill: I believe he is making it part of the Reper pledge manager.

    43. J. Brandon Massengill
      on September 5, 2012

      @Reaper - Any details on when the pdfs will be released for download? Will they be made available with the release of the pledge manager, in a couple months, or in March?

    44. eric neumann on September 5, 2012

      Looking forward to the pledge manager. Amazon says my pledge went in.

    45. Kimmy L.F. on September 5, 2012

      @ Reaper Will the pledge manager be able to show tallies of what people (as a whole) brought? If it differentiates between all the current pledges & any additions, you could use it to go for a world record for most miniatures sold in a day. That would put another media buzz on KS, Reaper & Bones as well - which can only do good things for both your company & everyone else on Kickstarter. Help promote some of the good ideas in the world, get good press & go for a world record! I mean conservative estimates have to place the total at 4.5 to 5 million miniatures purchased...

    46. Antonio Garcia
      on September 5, 2012

      Well, it is still on time to have 1,000 backers sign-up for the Reaper Pledge Manager at $150 for Vampire hehehe.

    47. Reaper Miniatures 6-time creator on September 5, 2012

      @Chris Fuller: By the way, what's funny about this poll is that it does not follow any actual sales data at all. The more nekked and over the top, the more they sell. Sorry to disappoint you but people tend to vote more with their money than with their words.

    48. Reaper Miniatures 6-time creator on September 5, 2012

      @Chris Fuller: The Frost Giant is wearing an Inuit-style mask, because, well, she's a Frost Giant. It's not an anime face. That sculpture was done many years ago and won't be changed.

      @Daniel Amos: There's all kinds of stuff like that in our forums. Go look! :-)

      We explicitly said that at least this batch would be made in China and that we would be investing in the equipment to move production to Texas as soon as we possibly can. Unless of course, everyone wants to wait two years for us to get it all set up and then run the 4 million+ minis.

    49. Sjeng on September 5, 2012

      I think Will should stop trying to look like Will Riker already, and shave that beard :P
      But then again, without it, he might look like Wesley too much xD
      You guys should have given him that flyer sooner so he could tweet about it, and we'd have twice as many backers. haha!