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Reaper's Bones KickStarter was a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now! .
Reaper's Bones KickStarter was a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now! .
17,744 backers pledged $3,429,235 to help bring this project to life.

Newbies Only!

Posted by Reaper Miniatures (Creator)

OK, this link is for newbies only!!!

If you missed the Kickstarter and want to get involved, go enter in the e-mail you would like us to contact when the post KS Reaper pledge manager goes live.

If you've already pledge, this is not for you!

This is NOT a link to the Reaper Pledge Manager!


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    1. David Turner on

      Pledge Manager Update anyone?

    2. Jackson Starky on

      Any word on when the pledge manager is going live?

    3. Reaper Miniatures 6-time creator on

      wannabemexican : ASAP, but unknown as yet.

    4. Missing avatar

      wannabemexican on

      WHen do we get our surveys to tell them what we want?

    5. Witt Sullivan

      I'm happy that they're giving everyone who missed it a second chance. All of my friends are envious of me pledging at the Vampire level, but when I told them they had a second chance at $150, they turned it down.
      I really like that we can adjust our Vampire pledges and double up or add and remove figures as we see fit, if I understand it properly.

    6. Steve on

      Yeah I completely understand why it happened and overall I'm not in the slightest bit disappointed, we got an amazing deal at Vampire level and I'm in for loads of extras, but there were quite a lot of people that found the last 12-24 hours a bit underwhelming with not a lot extra added, especially after Reaper hyped it up. Thats all I'm referring to. I did think Vampire level was probably getting to the point where they would only just break even.
      Interesting that it was originally said there were stretch goals out to $4mil planned, I wonder if there were errors in calculating just how many backers that would involve and the overall costs if it got that high or if it was just a case of only being 1-2 more goals that we missed out on before $4mil.

    7. Daniel

      The shortening of the stretch goals was them slipping in the pdfs for free. (So the stretch goal didn't seem so far away.) They really were hitting the point where they had no margin left on the Vampire deal. They went for Cthulhu to have something cool at the end. (Vs mounted figures which I'm sure someone wanted but not me).

    8. MossMonster on

      Yes, I also agree he last goal was a gift. It seems each goal was paying backwards, instead of forward.

    9. C on

      @Steve: If you read between the lines from the NerdHerders podcast, that's not how stretch goals *really* work. The seller sets the stretch goals as they receive pledge information from KS. Had folks thrown in more money before the end of the KS, the last KS stretch goals would have been set at *higher* goals than they were. OR RATHER if you listen to the podcast, Reaper literally "threw us a bone" by giving us the last stretch goals (the familiars and Cthulhu) at a lower goal than the numbers told them to, and jumping to the best stuff as the last stretch goals.

      As for post-KS stretch goals, ain't gonna happen. Maybe. I've suggested to the Song of Blades and Heroes folks to contact Reaper for some sort of promotion. I'm sure that PDFs are easier to give away than additional figures. Song is a skirmish miniature game that was made to be played with ANY set of miniatures, so would be a good fit with these KS miniatures.

    10. Jessica Patnode on

      Maybe Reaper will be cool and keep adding towards those (but at a decreased rate or something?). That's be pretty awesome...

    11. Steve on

      The only thing here that I find a shame is that extra people buying in aren't going to be adding to stretch goals, would have been great to get everyone in before the end and possibly unlock another one or two stretch goals given the last day seemed to not gain a lot of extra models.

      Given the server problems towards the end, I have no problem letting late comers in, especially if they're paying extra. How is it any different to current people who are only in for say $100 then when the pledge manager is released, adding in a bunch of extras or even upgrading a lower pledge to Vampire level? They even moreso had the chance to add the stuff before the time ran out since they were already in and already knew about the project.

    12. Legion on

      Double post my bad.

      Still true though.

    13. Legion on

      Haters gonna hate.

      Ignore 'em.

      Live large.

    14. Cat on

      If you are upset about the kick start Sophies going out to those who pledge after, and got a liche level, please, give it back. That whole set is reaper con exclusives. I got my first cowboy Sophie (05) for almost 50$ off ebay and my husband got me a second for about 40 from a friend. This was before they started offering all the con Sophies together as set. So I paid for two of those almost what you paid for your whole set. I'm not upset about this offer at all, I backed for a fair amount and I am getting an awesome deal. If some one couldn't back before due to financials or any reason and is just now learning about it or maybe worked some overtime or got birthday money and they want to give it to reaper I am pleased. The fact that reaper is opening this to those who didn't or couldn't back before just shows how awesome of a company they are.... Now if some one has a druid stone set.....

    15. Darsc Zacal on

      @Greg. No worries. I'd rather wait out the comments too, until the talk gets back to the positves.

    16. Greg on

      @Darsc fair enough, I didn't understand that. We good... :)

      Re: the entire set of Sophies, I did wonder about it, and it's funny no one complained. I also found it *really* odd that you could buy a resin Sophie *trophy* that was presumably only given out to the winners of a painting contest. I guess the pride for current owners is in knowing they won it rightfully? Still feels a bit like buying a diploma online without taking any classes for it. Ah well, I leave you debaters to it. I just wanted to focus the conversation on the only thing that was remotely suggested as being exclusive.

    17. Rand Chua TL on

      Copy from their post
      Creator Reaper Miniatures 3 days ago
      "Yes, if you did not pledge Vampire and don't upgrade to Vampire, you can still get the options and
      extras but they will cost you about 20% more rounded up to the nearest dollar over what is listed here."
      "if you did not pledge at all and want to still get involved, you will have to enter at the Vampire Level and it will be $150 and not $100 as a base price. It's going to retail at $500 so it will still be a great deal. You will also have to pay the extra 20% for the options and extras.'
      These two statements implicitly imply that if you HAVE pledged Vampire Level or Upgrade to Vampire Level and you are an existing backer, there is no increase in the amount needed to add the options and extras you want. Therefore, yes you can add more to your pledge and get options and extras.

    18. Darsc Zacal on

      @Greg. My comments that you quoted were not directed at the kickstarter Sophie. I wasn't even thinking about it. My comments were referencing the overall exclusivety mindset of denying folks participation in the kickstarter.

    19. Darsc Zacal on

      @Greg. Since Reape has a history of offering once limited or exclusive Sophies in various promotions long after the original event, I don't think folks should get too hung up on the exclusivity of the kickstarter Sophie.
      It's interesting to note that there is an entire set of Sophies on offer in this very kickstarter that were limited to Reapercon attendees, yet I haven't seen one complaint about those being available here.

    20. Missing avatar

      turkish "nickname" delight on

      @Greg On the other hand, they could theoretically offer a "kickstarter exclusive" on another campaign if it's not a "THIS kickstarter campaign exclusive".


    21. Missing avatar

      Travis Blanton on

      "Actually they raised the price 100% on Vampire. Since there is no Sophie there is no $25 discount which made Vampire functionally $75!...."
      Not quite accurate, Sophie didn't make vampire functionally $75, because you couldn't tell them to leave Sophie off and "just" pay them $75.
      Sophie's inclusion made Vampire functionally $125. because you "can" tell them to leave Sophie off and get a $25 credit to use towards other rewards/options.

      If you got in while KS was going good for you, your helping the company, your getting a great deal.
      if you didn't get in on the KS, you can still help the company get the project rolling, but you don't get as good a deal( though still a good one). Nothing wrong with that.
      And who says the "ONLY" funding you get for a project has to be from KS? Many projects are already partially funded before they Get to KS, they just need more support to get it over the top, to the next stage.
      The fact that they are still "fund raising" after the KS has officially ended, is no big deal or surprise.
      You backed their KS? Good for you. You helped get their project off and running. AND you got a heck of a deal in the process. Anyone who helps them raise funds NOW, will not get the great deal you got, its that simple. They are still going to get a "good" deal, but that in no way lessens the deal you got, or diminishes the value of your help through the KS.
      Still have a problem? Contact reaper and tell them you want to cancel your pledge. you don't want them to ship you anything, and they can refund you your pledge money. chances are they will do it. They are a pretty good company as far as customer relations goes, at least as far as I've seen.
      Not angry enough to do that? then you really don't have anything to complain about as you still see the FANTASTIC value you are receiving.

    22. Greg on

      Playing devil's advocate here again, because I don't have a problem with Vampire @ $150 post kickstarter (it's going to be $500 post-RPM anyway, so it's not exclusive in any way, just cheaper) ... but this: "I find it interesting that there are people who would rather Reaper raised less money, just because they themselves feel deserving of some articial sense of exclusivity and/or entitlement." is off base. Sophie's exclusive nature is NOT artificial, it's stated -- "a metal Kickstarter-exclusive Sophie model" was the description in the backer rewards, and people *are* entitled to it if they pledged for it, every bit as much as you or I are entitled to receive the pledge rewards we select. If something befalls a project and they fail to deliver the promised reward, you may not have any legal action for damages, but you're not mistaken that you were entitled to the reward.

      I think the only open question here is if the RPM is just an extension of "this Kickstarter" and thus offering Sophie there is okay. I think it is. Until the campaign has successfully launched the target models into retail availability, it's not finished. Help them accomplish that, and you get an exclusive model. After launch, offering Sophie for sale would be misleading... just as much as reprinting any "limited edition" thing would be.

    23. MossMonster on

      Actually they raised the price 100% on Vampire. Since there is no Sophie there is no $25 discount which made Vampire functionally $75! Thus whiners need to realize that the newbies are paying DOUBLE for Vampire and 20% more for other things. Vampire was where the good deal was anyhow, now it is 100% more expensive (still a deal though).

    24. Darsc Zacal on

      Not sure why people feel mislead, Reaper stated many times through the project that there would be options post-kickstarter for a limited time allowing for people to adjust their pledges as well as new backers to be included.
      I think there's a few people who've forgotten or misunderstood what exactly is happening here. Despite some similarities, this is not a pre-order promotion but rather a pledge drive. You pledge money to companies which allows then to go forward with the project(s) stated in their kickstarter. In return the backers get rewards, much like what happens during PBS and other public television channels pledge drives. Allowing a few weeks for people to adjust their pledges and/or contribute only helps the company and the project it is trying to fund.
      I find it interesting that there are people who would rather Reaper raised less money, just because they themselves feel deserving of some articial sense of exclusivity and/or entitlement. To those folks I'll just say try taking a step back and look at the big picture people.

    25. Missing avatar

      HannibalCrossingTheAlps on

      I pledged at the Vampire level; it was a great deal for some great minis, and I was quite happy with it. After hearing about this, I have to say ... it's still a great deal for some great minis, and I'm quite happy with it. The fact that other people who missed the deadline will be able to get in on the deal by paying 50% more doesn't affect me in the least. I think it's a great idea, and I've sent out a link to this update to all my friends.

    26. Jessica Patnode on

      To all the people acting the victim and claiming they were "duped" somehow, when did Reaper say this deal was exclusive to Kickstarters? Sophie yes but the rest of it, I can't find where they said "Hurry up and fund us guys, 'cause this is going to be your only chance for this". I guess I'm just confused as to what was misleading.

    27. Mark on

      I have seen a lot of this kind of talk on Kick Starter, the mini based projects seem especially filled with selfish talk about how them helping others out is somehow damaging the great deal we received, true there were legitimate complaints to be made about zombieside but reaper have treated backers with way more respect.

      As for who should and shouldn't get the deals, I personally only found out about the KS 1 hour before end and so just about got my pledge in and I check KSs game section every other day. Having come so close myself to missing out I think a lot of you are being overly hash on the unlucky few who want to join in. Obviously there must be a cut-off date or if nothing else reaper would see hardly any profit but I am more than happy for reaper to offer vamp level to people up until the RPM hits, its more money for them and more minis for more people helping improve gaming tables all over and hey who knows maybe if all these extra pledges add up reaper might be awesome and give us a shot at what was hiding under c'thulhu in the RPM

      As far as the Sophies go, hen its take Sophie or Nethyrmaul, I can’t see old Sophie being too popular.

    28. Ash Meredith on

      @Scott Myers more the fool you, this is such a great deal, the more gold in Reapers coffers the more high quality figs they can offer to the gaming community, I look forward to my pledge with anticipation. If you read through the updates fully you as a Kickstarter pledger have not been mislead.

    29. Scott "KillaMini's" Myers

      Well, I cancelled my authorization to fund. I had pledged the $100 level and was fixing my credit card, after news of the post kickstart sale.. I backed out. It's still a great deal but I don't have room for another company that is going to mislead me. Too bad.

    30. Greg on

      I'll just chime in to say I'm ok with Reaper's decision here. My only complaint about the concept was during the campaign, when the RPM was first announced, and it was stated then that you could "add to your pledge" after the campaign. I thought and still think that was a mistake because it kept some people on the sidelines.

      @Rusty Q. Shackleford - I have to argue the "elitism" point though. This topic has come up on other campaigns, and your position has come up there as well. In my mind there is no question that backing a Kickstarter is, for a lot of people, about its limited nature. There's a clock, people do countdowns like a NYE party, there are limited edition rewards. The whole thing screams "get 'em before we run out!" and a lot of us go for that hook, line, and sinker because limited opportunities have real meaningful value to us. The announcement later that they're not limited at all is a real downer for folks. It's not about being better than other people, it's about finding out your precious autographed copy is really just a photocopy... you've been duped. It's like these mattress stores around here that are in a perpetual "going out of business" sale. Everything must go! etc. etc. They're playing people for fools. Reaper did NOT do that in this case, as it's been stated frequently that there's a price advantage to being in the KS; KS is over, prices are going up. The 75% then 50% sale is a perfect analogy.

      The "Kickstarter exclusive" Sophie may be a different matter. Although I think what was said is that it was being made exclusively for this Kickstarter, not that the unsold quantities would not be available for purchase later. They still have to place minimum orders for their miniatures, and frequently in round numbers... they can't order 14,263 casts to make sure that not one exists that could fall into the hands of an unwashed non-backer. It's fairly common for these campaigns with limited edition miniatures to place an order to cover all the backers rounded up to the nearest large round number, and then have those available for sale at conventions and the like until they're gone.

    31. Daniel

      I'd like to point out that they are paying for a product they wont see until March. They are paying in september rather than August and their deal isn't as good.
      I did something similar with Sedition Wars. Every project is someone's FIRST project. There is a lot of hype at the end of a project like this that not everyone is going to see it on time.
      I'm betting the number of people who opted out of a Sophie vastly outnumber the latecomers who take a Sophie.

    32. C on

      Quite a few backers didn't want the Sophie miniature, so that should give you an idea of the value of this limited edition figure. If you look on eBay, the Buy It Now prices for limited Sophies are $20 and under. They're around $26 from international sellers. And *those* limited edition Sophies are available at $12 each if you pledge at the Liche level. IMO, Limited editions in a miniature's market is a sucker's game. It's trivial to make a small "limited" print run of any metal miniature. It's demand which "limited editions" totally ignore. There's a *FORTY FIVE* dollar high bid for a Steve Jackson Games Ogre miniature, hardly printed as a "limited edition".

    33. Paul Jansse on

      I read somewhere that the pledge manager would be available for one month. So probably during that time you are able to pre-order AND PRE-PAY at a reduced cost while original kickstarters (at every pledge level and amount can upgrade to pre-order AND PRE-PAY at an even bigger reduction.

      People griping about others getting a good but less good deal because they showed up late in the game need to consider that the discount the other guy gets doesnt diminish the discount YOU are getting.

      The guy who complains about the collectability should consider that upfront the collectability was zero as an unknown , but potentially limitless number of people could have received the mini 'legally'' during the kickstarter. Even at this point 15k of the things will be floating around .
      What collectability ?

    34. Tim Williamson on

      @Casey - What does the Ghoul level have to do with the price of the figures? Since it was just for a ball cap and not for any of the mini's. Did you mean the Mummy level? The $60 level that had the 30 new bones figures in it.

    35. Octavio Arango on

      I expect it will be a limited time offer. How limited? I'm not sure :p

    36. Missing avatar

      turkish "nickname" delight on

      Personally, I don't see the problem. They've said it will be a different deal, higher cost etc. Given the huge glitch and bump in publicity after the fundraiser, I don't blame them for offering a similar, though not quite as good, deal.

    37. Casey Tompkins on

      The fact that the ghoul level existed, along with marketing materials implied that these would have a value above that of the kickstarter after the kickstarter. If they continue to sell vampires after the kickstarter they will alienate any stores which purchased from them (me included).

    38. soulchief on

      @Matt When they say a kickstarter exclusive, its a promise not to offer it outside kickstarter. I'm not talking about the vampire level, the ability to buy the vampire package after the kickstarter ended isn't that big of a deal for me. Just the kickstarter exlusive part (that's if they are including it)

    39. soulchief on

      @Addam, the part that would upset me most if the kickstarter exclusive sophie is given to people outside of kickstarter. It would be like bestbuy giving a bestbuy exclusive for preorders, but only to find that every store is doing it. It takes away the rare collectable aspect of it.

    40. Missing avatar

      khaosklng on

      @soulchief - They never made a promise. This was to help them reach enough funds to rush production of the moulds, with a return of discounted mini's. It's like Adam said: store put stuff on for 75% off one week, and the next 50%, then 0%. Would you be annoyed at the people who got 50% if you got 75%? Would you be annoyed at the store?

    41. soulchief on

      @Matt but if a company promises a limited time exclusive and then gives it out to everyone anyways, that hurts the trust people have in that company.

      Now, if all those minis in the vampire level (plus all the extras from the stretch goal) excluding sophie was going to have a retail value of $150 then fine, this would be like a preorder and Reaper is just advertising. But I doubt Reaper will be selling all 240 mini's for $150 retail, the only thing I can see them selling for $150 is the base vampire mini's without the extras.

    42. Addam on

      @Soulchief - fair point, but if the store feels like it they can still decide to have the product 75% off one week, 50% the next week, then back to full price the next week. Someone else getting a slightly good deal doesn't invalidate your and mine and everyone else's AWESOME deal! :) Really - this was just such a great KS and such a fun ride - we all made this happen - now they are products that people can pre-order for a good (but not as great) savings. I'm fine with it all.

      I would only start to get cranky if Reaper did something really lame like... oh I don't know... take "my" minis to a convention and start selling them off rather than getting them mailed out to me ASAP! *grumble* ;-) #stillholdingontothatgrudge

    43. Missing avatar

      khaosklng on

      Hey. People complaining. Are you aware that Reaper is a business? A business's goal is to make money, and as a side goal, make customers happy (because a happy customer is a returning customer). Doing post-KS buy-ins costs a small drop of happiness, but returns more money and more happy customers.

    44. Karlen on

      Kyle, yeah that makes sense to me. See, I'm not trying to be sour here at all I'm just kinda middle of the road with this. Mixed feelings if you will.

    45. soulchief on

      @Rusty If you don't have money for a great sale, or you miss it because you didn't check the flyer for that week, too bad. You can't go to the store and ask them to give it to you for 50% off instead of the 75% off it was a week earlier.

    46. Jessica Patnode on

      There is incentive though, this wasn't about "making this happen". Reaper was going to make these minis eventually anyway, this just accelerated the process. Now that they have the initial funding to make this, they're going to sell them. These people coming in late, aren't part of the kickstarter, they aren't getting the same benefits, they're simply patrons buying a product at this point. A product that, without this successful kickstarter wouldn't be available to anyone.

    47. Karlen on

      It's not about elitism. That has nothing to do with it. It's just the fact that we all kinda pulled together and made this project flourish to the height it got to, even in the final hours push, and now people who weren't involved get to reap some of the rewards we made happen. If this is Reaper's intent then I'm behind them 100% because you're right, this IS a great deal that everyone should jump on. But isn't the whole point of Kickstarter to help projects happen, maybe getting incentive if you help WHILE the project is active on Kickstarter? Take it as you will.

    48. Tim Williamson on

      @rusty +1 I couldn't have said it better!

    49. Missing avatar

      Matthew Loree on

      Admitedly, If it wasn't for the Paizo website support, I wouldn't have heard about it. I have seen a LOT of information AFTER it was completed.... But not so much before.

      Though... I DO wish if the drive is still going, to see the counter and pledge goals keep rising ;)