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Reaper's Bones KickStarter was a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now! .
Reaper's Bones KickStarter was a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now! .
17,744 backers pledged $3,429,235 to help bring this project to life.

Reaper will have a post KS pledge manager website!

Posted by Reaper Miniatures (Creator)

Thanks to all of you that backed our project!  It was absolutely amazing!

Using our post Kickstarter Pledge Manager website (if you pledged you will get a link in you backer survey e-mail later) you can make additions and adjustments (you can't lower your pledge).

We will also post the link as an update to our Kickstarter.  It may be two weeks from now so keep checking.  We have to get and then assimilate the Kickstarter data.

You can sign up there. You can also use pay-pal too.

If you are signing up new and you don't select the Vampire or Undertaker Level you will have to pay more for options then what they were originally listed at, but they will be available to you.  If you did pledge and you didn't pledge Vampire or Undertaker or don't upgrade to one, the same applies.

More details to come later!

If this does not answer you question, please send another message to us in a day or two as we are going to sleep now!


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    1. Mark R. Shipley on

      Now that I have done my pledge and made my order and all that......

      It has been weeks since I made my order on the pledge manager. How do I go back and review what I ordered?

    2. Andrew Graham on

      When is the pledge master bit starting up?

    3. C on

      @Waste: I haven't had that experience. I have some HeroQuest miniatures that I've basecoated and drybrushed with craft paints, and all the detail is still there. My main problems with craft paints has been the rare"gloppiness", namely that, despite shaking, the color would separate into a thick glob and the colorless paint medium. This has happened in my black, metallics and flesh. For metallics, it's not important, since I'm usually drybrushing or basecoating. With flesh, it's *very* important, since faces require precision in painting and have a small area. Oddly, with the black, it's either apply another basecoat, or let the paint separate when I apply it. This lets OUT the detail, as if I were highlighting, because the pigment doesn't settle evenly on the figure.

    4. WastelandWizard on

      You thin paint with Future, an acrylic floorwax. With these minis, a better idea might be to base coat it and thin your paint as normal. Keeping the details true beats out over economy. Although craft paint is cheap, the grain is courser, which means the paint will naturally fill in all the detail, and when it dries, will stay that way.

    5. Antonio Garcia

      @Cedric: Thanks!

    6. C on

      @Antonio: I don't think there's a good answer for this. Many advanced painters thin their paints with "magic wash", so that extends the paint. OTOH, if you don't prime Reaper Bones minis, you may not be able to thin your paints much because the miniature surface is plastic. And you can use craft paints if you're a new painter. Most importantly, it's what color you use the most of which will determine how much paint you're going to need -- a few demons, the fire giants, and the Pathfinder red dragon's gonna use up a lot of red. You can always buy one of each set then buy single paints later. Personally, I'm sticking to craft paints for large area and mooks, but will use hobby paints for faces and details.

      Magic Wash:
      Paint Thinning:

    7. Antonio Garcia

      For those of you that HAVE painted lots of minis before, would Paint Set I (x2), Paint Set 2 (x1) and Paint Set 3 (x2) be more than enough for 240 minis?

    8. Travis Lindquist on

      Woot, awesome job getting the word out! I guess you reaped what you sowed. *smacks self for terrible pun*

    9. Antonio Garcia

      @Lee: More or less. Maybe till early Saturday morning, depending on how strict Amazon Payments is.

    10. Missing avatar

      Lee Mowery on

      Ok. Thanks. That will be the first thing I do. So I have till Friday, right?

    11. Antonio Garcia

      @Lee: If your payment does not go though Amazon Payments here at the KS, then I don't think you'll get to use the Reaper Manager. You have a week to update your CC for the payment, so hopefully you get it soon.

    12. Missing avatar

      Lee Mowery on

      I left this is the main comments page, but now I can't find it or the answer. Too many people. haha. Anyway, My credit card was expired and I am getting a new one in the mail. So, do I need to pay with that through amazon, OR can I use paypal once the manager is out? Or will I not get the manager until I pay through amazon?

    13. Klingbeil on

      when all is said and done, i'd love to know how many total minis Reaper is having to cast because of this Kickstarter :D

    14. Steve on

      @KH for the ones with sketches only shown, its because they haven't even been sculpted yet! There are quite a few so I guess Reaper will already be busily sculpting and should have some greens to show us beforehand, but I doubt they will have all ready by the time the survey is around.

    15. KH on

      What I'd really like to ask from Reaper is that the actual models for the optional stuff are being shown instead of the concept art before the time window to select perks in the pledge tool ends. I guess that they wanted to keep it that way, anyway. It would be cool to know the sizes for all the large optional miniatures, how C'thulhu compares against Kaladrax and Nethyrmaul or the other giants, for example.

      It would be very cool to see the actual models side-by-side next to each other, in a montage or a short preview video, to better be able to pick choices. Thanks!

    16. Patrick Falcinella on

      @Cedric : Already did. As I said, it's not the shipping charges system as a whole that confuses me, but the picture with the cases specifically. On other add-on pictures, they just mention the price of the add-ons, period, so it falls in the general rule for int' shipping (included in the 25$ as long as you don't take more than 4). But the picture for the cases add-on specifically mentions the 5$ extra for int' shipping, so I was wondering if this difference in display meant there was an actual difference in how it's handled, or if it was just to be disregarded and felt in the same category as the other add-ons.

    17. KH on

      @David: Great podcast, that answered a few questions that I had and gave a good look behind the scenes.

    18. C on

      @Patrick: See the FAQ video about international shipping charges.

    19. C on

      @Lance: From what I've read, only if you pledge will you get the pledge manager. One way your friend can take advantage of the Bones KS is to give you the $$$ and you buy an additional Vampire for him. I'm pretty sure you can buy additional pledge levels.

    20. Aaron Zirkelbach on

      Looks like you can get a taste of Swords & Wizardry Complete (if you want to make a purchasing decision on the kickstarter):. They've posted the SRD online like Pathfinder:

    21. RobertM on

      @Shawn Your friend will be getting an email if he pledged through KS, and he can add to/adjust/trade the pledge value on the aforementioned Reaper manager site that will go live in the coming weeks. So your friend shouldn't have a problem pledging $100 and trading Sophie for a case.

    22. Shawn on

      Also a friend of mine bid 100 only for Vampire Level. Will he still get the e-mail asking how he wants to spend his money, since he selected Vampire Level and only pledged 100? He wants to trade his Sophie for a Carrying Case. Which is why I ask again. =)

    23. Shawn on

      I'm a little confused about this. If i'm understanding correctly, we'll be getting an e-mail in a few weeks that lets us say what we want to spend our money on? The reason I ask is. The Sophie's are getting shipped in a month, but i'm one of the people that wants to trade the Sophie in for 25 bucks elsewhere, so it's just cutting it a bit close is all. =)

    24. Missing avatar

      Lance Edwards on

      I have a friend that was not able to get in on this great deal. Based on what I read above it sounds like people can still pledge once you get the post kickstarter pledge manager. Please confirm this so I can let him know.

    25. KZ (KingZombie)

      Can't wait!

    26. Robert J Uccello Jr

      Anyone else get a confirmation email when the Kickstarted ended that didn't match up with the increased value of your pledge. Reaper, take my money!

    27. Chantry Gilbert on

      @ Ben: Sophie exchanges for $25 that you can use for other options like the dragons or extra sets. Note that the $25 can't be used for shipping costs, or to obtain another vampire level or what not, only for options and addons. You may also exchange the default Sophie for a naked version for an extra three dollars, if that's the exchange you're talking about. Info came from FAQs, I believe. Hope that helps!
      @ Chris: They stated previously that the website for pledge management would allow you to update your shipping address, so once the link for that goes out it should be clear. If you still have questions once the website is up, you can contact support. Hope that helps!

    28. Missing avatar

      Severed on

      @chris Find somewhere like family or real good friend you can have it shipped to.

    29. Ben Stahl on

      I'm curious about the bit of text that says that Sophie may be exchanged for other options after the kick starter is over. I've scanned through a few threads and can't seem to find anything specific on that exchange option, is there somewhere specific I can go to see the exchange rates / options?

    30. Chris Williams on

      I'm getting ready to move, but I don't know when. How will shipping addresses be handled? Will I be able to change it?

    31. Bobby Allen

      anyone update the spreadsheet with the final stuff?

    32. Reaper Miniatures 6-time creator on

      It should be live for about 30-40 days

    33. Patrick Falcinella on

      A few random questions :

      - From the day the pledge manager goes online, how much time do we have to complete our order (including choosing options and adding extra cash to the initial pledge) ? Just to know if it can wait an extra week or so (next paycheck can't come soon enough ^^ )

      - Not sure if I understand it well (I'm not a native English speaker) but will people who didn't pledge during the KS be able to join in on this offer? And if they do, will it be at the same cost as those who pledged ? (I pledged myself, but trying to have a few friends who missed the event join in)

      - The bones minis will be shipped around March next year, the Sophies and the paint sets will be shipped next month, but what about the figure cases?

      - The picture of the figure cases add-on still confuses me : When buying figure cases (4 or less) do we have to add the 5$ for international shipping, or is it covered by the initial 25$ of the Vampire set shipping? If I have to add 5$, is it for 1-4 cases or "per case"?

      - Will we ever know what was planned for the extra steps beyond Mighty Cthulhu ?

      - Does The Ride ever end? ^^

      Thanks in advance

    34. Missing avatar

      Scott on

      I think I am suffering phantom refresh syndrome.. :|

    35. Phil Ward

      Excellent, I was away for the weekend and missed the opportunity to up a few more dollars for some of those bonus mini's, excellent :D !

    36. Greg on

      Most of the minis are available in metal. Click on the mini at and it'll take you to the product page on Reaper's site.

    37. Antonio Garcia

      @calvinbean: Several of their minis are available in metal at the Reaper Miniatures site.

    38. Missing avatar

      calvinbean on

      I wish there was an option to get the same miniatures, but in metal. That would probably be big bucks to get them all that way, but it would be nice to be able to upgrade some of them.

    39. Antonio Garcia

      tzeneth: Reaper Miniatures will indeed be able to get more funds from the Manager once it goes live because of those that couldn't increase their pledge due to the server crash, or from those of us that will have more funds in 2-3 weeks thanks to the option of using Paypal.

    40. Missing avatar

      tzeneth on

      Why does it seem like they're going to get a lot more money as soon as that manager goes live. I know I'm giving more money and it seems like more than a few were going to add more as well. Although for me, it's the fact that some time has passed so I actually HAVE more money to give.

    41. Antonio Garcia

      @Caleb: Indeed. Once the Pledge Manager goes live, you'll have the option to add $85 to your Ghast to get Vampire, and then increase it even more if you want some of the extra sets, or the huge figures, or the paints, or the case.

      For everyone else: If you're at Vampire, you're set: All prices in the Manager will be the same as in here. If you're NOT Vampire, you can increase your pledge to VAmpire, and take advantage of the KS prices. If you decide to stay at a Non Vampire (or any other level that includes vampire), then the extras sets and the big figures will be a bit more expensive than the prices for Vampire backers. Basically, you're better of going to Vampire and then adding stuff on top, since 240 minis at $100 is AWESOME.

      If you pledged more than the $100 for vampire (+$25 for international shipping), then you'll be able to manage the extra funds in the Reaper Manager to let them know what you pledged for. In Andrew's case, he could add $1 by PayPal, and pick the $6 add-on he wants.

      Hope this helps!

    42. Missing avatar

      Andrew Hoskins on

      @Caleb That's what it sounds like. The extra $85 wouldn't have helped to unlock any more goals, but you'll be able to give more later. (at least that's what I got out of an earlier explanation)

      I'm hoping that I'm not wrong, as I have $5 extra that I pledged and would like to have that go to a $6 addon.

    43. Missing avatar

      Caleb Moshier on

      I feel stupid because I am not quite sure how the pledge manager is going to work even after re-reading the status and comments a bunch of times.

      It's seems like it's more for people who pledged a ton of money and want to move it around to get specific rewards.

      Will the Pledge manager would allow someone like me who only pledged $15 at the Ghast level to increase that to $100 for the vampire level and get all the rewards for that level?

    44. Bruce Scarcelle on

      yes ks is not ebay lol you have alot of time to get your stuff together and your not trying to beat anyone out so figure out what you want and pledge asap so you get all the goods :) enjoyed this ks pledge alot and am looking forward to more!

    45. Antonio Garcia

      Well, I've now learned after supporting many, many, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany KS, that the earlier we pledge, the easier it is to make it to stretch goals without so much drama in the end hehehe.

      Now I just need to see how much I can add on top of my Vampire and extra $$$ pledged here.

      Oh, and my CC was charged just fine, so I'm set!

    46. Peter S on

      While E-bay has trained the snipers in us to wait, all my previous KS experience has trained me to get in good with time to spare and avoid the last minute drama and heartache. This was a nice ride and I look forward to mini madness next spring.

    47. Reaper Miniatures 6-time creator on

      E-bay has trained everyone to wait and bid in the last few minutes.. even if it's not a bid!

    48. Zael on

      @Alan Kelly: For me, it was that my spouse noticed my excitement during the last rally for the last Stretch Goals yesterday - became interested and then so hyped she managed to convince me to add yet another $100 to the pledge - which during the last minutes server failure didn't pass through.

    49. Battlefield Press, Inc. on

      For me there were a couple of things I didnt see (either were not confirmed or I just missed on my earlier pass) that I tried to add at the last minute.