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Reaper's Bones KickStarter is a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now!
Reaper's Bones KickStarter was a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now! .
Reaper's Bones KickStarter was a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now! .
17,744 backers pledged $3,429,235 to help bring this project to life.

Thundercats, Ho!! $1,310,000 Achieved!

This one's another batch of monsters – and if you want multiple sets, you can add more for just $5 per set! We've got a cadre (is 4 a cadre? We'll fact-check that and get back to you!) of desiccated mummies designed to coordinate with your favorite wargame or RPG! There's everything from the simple basic Mummy, the loyal Tomb Guardians, the elite Mummy Lord, and the sorcerous Pharaoh-God of the Sands!

Some Anti-heroes (or maybe enemies for you to fight – who can be sure, really?)! This four pack of Dark Heroes, including 2 fighter/paladins, a demonic wizard, and a necromancer/death priest can be yours by simply adjusting—no? These are bonus rewards, too? Yes! Once we make this stretch goal, everybody will receive these four models as part of their Vampire or Undertaker level pledge! Of course, you can always get more sets for $5 per set.

Some more Pathfinder Officially Licensed Bones! These four additional Iconics will be added to your Vampire or Undertaker level pledge when we meet this goal. You’ll get Ezren the wizard, Kyra the cleric, Lem the bard, and Seltyiel the Magus!

There's more big monsters (that aren't dragons!) in the next reveal – but we have to have something in our pockets for the next few days! In the meantime, enjoy these bonus reward miniatures, and go tell your friends about this great deal we're making together!

NOTE: We're about to begin having only one active revealed tomb at a time. It has been really exciting offering up 2 tombs at once, but as we get closer to the final day, we want to be sure that we're focused and ready. To that end, on Wednesday, we'll start showing only one tomb/goal at a time.

Hold on to your hats, Boneheads, we're far from the end, and moving faster than ever!

Whether you’re into Wargames, Boardgames, or RPG's, we've got you covered! But now we need to make sure that everybody knows about us! While we're shipping these flyers everywhere we can, we know you'd like to help, too! So download this PDF, e-mail it to your friends, print it out and tack it up in your Game Store, and get your store to support us, so that we can get these fine products out there for everyone to enjoy!

But in order to help us get these amazing rewards made, and available for sale at every game store in the world – we need your help!

So download these, add them to signature files on Forums, or as header graphics for blogs to help spread the word! Change your avatar to the square one on kickstarter or other sites, and get people talking! (if you want help on how to change your avatar, send us a message, and we'll tell you how!)

The more people that help us create these figures, the more figures we can make for you!


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    1. Reaper Miniatures 6-time creator on August 22, 2012

      Martin, here's an example.
      Pledge vampire. Add $25 international shipping.

      Add in up to four of each of everything else.
      The fifth of item A will be an extra $5.
      The fifth of item B will be and extra $5.
      The sixth of item B will be another $5.

      Exception. Pledge four vampire levels, you pay $25 international shipping for all four. The fifth is an extra $25. The sixth is an extra $25. And so on.

    2. Missing avatar

      Martin Sharp on August 22, 2012

      You really need to properly clarify the international order payments then your still not being clear. Are you saying if I order only a single copy of each of the extra options. I have to pay MORE than $25 post and package costs ?

    3. Experiencing Life to the Fullest-Da Wolf
      on August 21, 2012

      Martin - Reaper confirmed that the $25 credit can NOT be used towards shipping cost.

    4. Experiencing Life to the Fullest-Da Wolf
      on August 21, 2012

      Martin - This might work now since you can turn Sophie in for $25 credit. Turn Sophie in and use the credit to cover $25 of your international shipping cost. I will post on the comments page to see what Reaper says.

    5. Missing avatar

      Martin Sharp on August 21, 2012

      Just to confirm if I get a single Vampire level with a single order of each and every add on (ie all the dragons giants etc) my post and package costs (im international) will only be $25 ?

    6. Darsc Zacal on August 21, 2012

      *backers. Not backorders.
      Stupid spellchecker.

    7. Darsc Zacal on August 21, 2012

      I think the current backorders are pretty much maxed out on what addons they can afford. I know that for myself, I've been having to adjust my want list by removing previously desired addons when new more desirable ones I want are introduced. Reapers not making any more money off me that way.
      For new backers, there's already an extensive addon list to choose from, and we do know at some point there would be more. Considering how much pledge $'s are being raised currently on a daily level, I believe that Reaper have already sussed out the winning formula for stretch goal rewards on offer.

    8. Cerity "Legendary Bottlejak" Silverhawk on August 21, 2012

      One thing to note if you're new. Right now the factory/production of @reaper's plastic line os from overseas. Tney make the order and it gets shipped back. Their investment of money from the campaign is for DOMESTIC creation of bones!! Made in USA in/near their denton,tx plant.
      I wish I didn't spend so much earlier in the summer to get minis, these are more variety and with a greater attraction. I'm happy (check my history) but i'd be happier if I could throw a couple hundred more at this thing to see how much larger it goes.

    9. Matthew Mosher on August 21, 2012

      @KevinR: The price point on the mini's right now are in the realm of 75% to 90% OFF. Most of these items from what I've heard is $1.99 to $2.99 for single mini's and $3.99 to $6.99ish for bundles of multiple mini's. The Value here is beyond Huge with Vampire pack costing around 50cents a figure with most of the options being expensive but a single figure (and would likely have cost 2-3x that if metal) or are a collection of 4-5 figures for about $1.
      @Jackson: I think Reaper see's most of the value right now is in the base bonus's as that will keep the momentum of 'New Backers' going as many of the existing backers are getting tapped out. I am certain they will have more buy Options, but they will be later at the $2Million mark. Things that will have those that are tapped out searching their neighbors couches for loose change.

    10. C. Scott Kippen
      on August 21, 2012

      Oh...I want the 1.5 goal. :D

    11. Brian Oz
      on August 21, 2012

      @reaper: thanks for answering about the mummies. They're all great miniatures, just have a need for some more of a few of them.

      When these minatures are sold retail, will they be sold like how they are grouped here or individually? (I haven't purchased miniatures in a real store before so this may be a silly question)

    12. Jackson Starky on August 21, 2012

      @ Jacob: Yeah, that concerns me too; my pledge has basically been frozen for three levels as a result, and I'm rather disappointed by the latest reveal; I would have happily pledged an additional $10 or even $15 for another set of 7 iconics (by my count, there are 21 of them, so three sets of 7 would have been perfect), but without any new add-ons, there's nothing for the existing backers to up their pledges for.

    13. LUKE SHIPERS on August 21, 2012

      @Chuck Stevens:
      Well, they are on the move. And loose...

    14. Chuck Stevens on August 21, 2012

      Are you saying Thundercats are hoes?

    15. Dominik Dalek on August 21, 2012

      Exciting! We're getting close to the end of this cavern. :]

    16. Missing avatar

      RL on August 21, 2012

      If you're looking to swap some of the figures, try the Reaper forums, there's a kickstarter thread there with people swapping figures between each other after we get it all delivered :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Neonchameleon on August 21, 2012

      Looking at the townspeople 2 - is there any way to get a handful of the flaming torch wielders without getting the rest of the villiagers in that set. I want to create an angry mob to storm the vampire's castle.

    18. Chris Kimball on August 21, 2012

      No pathfinder druid :(

    19. Jane Margaret MacIsaac on August 21, 2012

      Gorgeous Iconic sculpts guys! I love all the extras too. Especially the townspeople and the Dungeon Dressing. :D

    20. C on August 21, 2012

      Thanks for the halfling. He'll be very useful in the Return of the Heroes boardgame!

    21. Christopher on August 21, 2012

      I noticed that green pool getting bigger as well.....cant wait to see what lives down there!!!

    22. Reaper Miniatures 6-time creator on August 21, 2012

      @Brian : Yes you can buy them from your local game store when they become available after the Kickstarter rewards are shipped.

    23. B. L. Zeebub on August 21, 2012

      Anyone else notice that glowing greenish pool at the bottom of the cave got bigger? I reeeally hope we can unlock whatever's past that. Invite your friends! This is the best $100 (or $103) you can spend as a modeller/gamer.

    24. Commissar Mike on August 21, 2012

      I keep..pledging...more

    25. Scott Ferguson on August 21, 2012

      Whoa, I missed that Magus when looking through the catalog. That's a a seriously sweet caster figure.

    26. Brian Oz
      on August 21, 2012

      Is there any way to get multiples of just one of the mummy figures? I want to get more of the mummies, but really do not want extras of most of them. It's like the group is comprised of 2 uniques and 2 commons and I'm only interested in getting more of the "commons".

    27. KevinR
      on August 21, 2012

      I hope that Reaper starts giving options for big things or mobs again -- these small individual units do nothing for me. Why should I spend $300+ now, rather than just picking up the useful things at retail next year (for about $200, assuming prices are 2-3x the Kickstarter add-ons)?

    28. Jason Pagura on August 21, 2012

      At last! A hairy-footed burrower!

    29. Missing avatar

      Jacob CS on August 21, 2012

      Hmm.. Three levels in a row with no additional options added. This means that all the current pledges wont be increased that much since there is nothing new to buy. So the next couple of stretch goals are basically to be made on new pledges. I hope there is enough momentum to keep going; although I fear it will slow down the progress.

    30. Steve Jackman on August 21, 2012

      now all we need for Pathfinder are the UC Iconics... Here's hoping one of the rewards is a Ninja/Samurai/Gunslinger Pathfinder pack!

    31. Brad Dobberfuhl on August 21, 2012

      Nice! I love the Pathfinder minis :D

    32. Jordan Peacock on August 21, 2012

      I love these sculpts! And, hey, there's finally a male halfling (or setting equivalent) there. =)