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Reaper's Bones KickStarter is a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now!
Reaper's Bones KickStarter was a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now! .
Reaper's Bones KickStarter was a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now! .
17,744 backers pledged $3,429,235 to help bring this project to life.

FOUR IN ONE DAY!! $755,000 Stretch Goal Achieved!

A bit more Chronoscope Love! These 5 sci-fi soldiers are are now added your Vampire Level pledge!

And for the fans of the Fire Giant King and Queen, how about some minions? These two fire Giant Warriors (one is a brand new sculpt, concept art by Wayne Reynolds!) can be added to your growing army by simply increasing your pledge by $10 for each pair you want!

These incredible elementals – the massive spirit of the Forest, and the Giant Earth Elemental will be made available to Vampire and Undertaker Level backers for just $15

But where's the free stuff?? Well, what lives under rocks and logs? BUGS! This Vermin pack includes 2 of each of the 6 different Vermin figures you need for those low-level dungeon encounters! There's Scorpions, Spiders, Beetles, and then 3 swarms, more beetles, more spiders, and more rats! Vampires will receive 2 copies of each miniature (so two of what's shown in the picture), and Undertakers will receive 4 copies of each (which is four of the picture!) If you pledge for extra sets of these, be aware that each extra set includes all 2 of each, not one of each.

This four pack of great modern-era character models will be included in your Vampire Level pledge when we meet this stretch goal. And what group of zombie hunters is complete without the chainsaw, the girl with two Uzis, the Pimp, and the Sheriff!

And now you need a monster - a big monster for your Frost Giant King to command into battle! This massive Frost Wyrm is over 4 inches tall, and would be classified as Huge in Role-Playing Game terms. Vampire and Undertaker Level backers may add this to their reward by increasing their pledge by $10.

NOTE: We're about to begin having only one active revealed tomb at a time. It has been really exciting offering up 2 tombs at once, but as we get closer to the final day, we want to be sure that we're focused and ready. To that end, sometime on the last 3-4 days, we'll start showing only one goal at a time.

Hold on to your hats, Boneheads, we're far from the end, and moving faster than ever!

Whether you’re into Wargames, Boardgames, or RPG's, we've got you covered! But now we need to make sure that everybody knows about us! While we're shipping these flyers everywhere we can, we know you'd like to help, too! So download this PDF, e-mail it to your friends, print it out and tack it up in your Game Store, and get your store to support us, so that we can get these fine products out there for everyone to enjoy!

But in order to help us get these amazing rewards made, and available for sale at every game store in the world – we need your help!

So download these, add them to signature files on Forums, or as header graphics for blogs to help spread the word! Change your avatar to the square one on kickstarter or other sites, and get people talking! (if you want help on how to change your avatar, send us a message, and we'll tell you how!)

The more people that help us create these figures, the more figures we can make for you!


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    1. Missing avatar


      Can someone explain how much it would cost to get a figure painted, please? I'm thinking of having that Undead Dragon painted, if I can

    2. Steven Allen on

      I feel for you folks outside the States. I know shipping stuff to Australia is incredibly expensive. I too am a fantasy only DM. I will pass the mecha and other Sci Fi minis on to friends or maybe Ebay them unless Ebay is flooded with these minis. Paint is stupidly expensive for folks outside Canada and the States, so I understand folks buying all the paint they can get their hands on at these prices.

    3. Keith & Diana on

      While 'paint is just paint', I'll throw my hat in and point out that for we poor sods in the pacific, these paints are *a quarter* of the rest! Heck, almost half my extra-pledgings has been to pick up every set of paint I can; a dozen paints for the price of *three* is just too good to pass up. Especially when Reaper paints are one of the better brands, at that.
      What I'd really like to see is a couple more set of the three-shades-one-colour like the Undead set, actually - those are going to be fantastic to paint with, especially if a couple come out for fabrics or the like.

    4. Ropya on

      Im getting 3the of the Frost Wyrm myself.
      Though only one will be for fantasy.
      The other two will be for my wh40k Tyranid army.

    5. Terry Ash on

      Reaper, I gotta tell you that you people are evil. the players in my Pathfinder game are getting really mad at you - Giving me all this new stuff to throw at them. They're going to shake in their boots when the have to face a Fire Giant squad???? Haven't figured it into the story yet but at $40 for a Fire Giant Royal Guard, you can't go wrong. They're only level 3 right now, so I've got some time yet.

      BTW, when I say giving, I mean it. You are practically Giving it away. I've calculated that with all the minis that come with the Vampire and the extra ones that I'm buying, I'm paying about $1.50 per mini even including the expensive ones. I'm gonna be getting about 300 minis.

      Anyways I do love that Frost Wyrm. Gunna probably get 2 of those.

    6. Peter McAndrew on

      @Rowan: Both of the paint set rewards have been at half the increment of the rewards either side of them. The first one was a 10k increment with 20k increments either side, the second at 20k with 40k either side. If the increments are generally going to be 60k from now on (no guarantees, there's been fluctuation before), I wouldn't expect the next paint set reward to be above a 30k increment.

    7. Jeff Sepeta on

      I mostly play and DM in fantasy settings, so adding dudes and chicks with guns and chainsaws isn't really my bag. However, it demonstrates that perhaps Reaper is seeking to move all of their production to Bones, which is pretty exciting. The dragons and giants are what have made it so important for me to increase my pledge. Do you think they'll hit $1million in 7 days? I wonder how many Bones minis will flood Ebay next spring.

    8. B. L. Zeebub on

      I really can't complain about the goals. I haven't been totally thrilled at every single one, but there've been some totally awesome add-ons, in addition to the incredible things that just come with the Vampire level. Don't think of the paint sets as the underwear in the huge box under the Xmas tree, consider them the sweet stocking stuffer (plus, there're other models released beside them each time too). At least we aren't being buried in swag and key chains and stuff right?

    9. Foxfire on

      Well yeah Rowan, but compare prices. Over here in australia paint is 5-6$ a pot. Reapers through the kickstarter are $1,50 for us. That's pretty exciting in my opinion.

      Admittedly not as exciting as some awesome piece of insane awesomery. But then the paint levels are generally really quick to blow through as well.

    10. Rowan P. C. Tritton on

      Hey, I'm not complaining, the $100 lot is amazing and just keeps getting better! I'm just saying that the Paint Option incentive levels aren't that much of an incentive because paint isn't a unique thing. Hell make every remaining incentive level more (groups of) larger models at $10 - $20 a pop. I'll happy keep adding those even if the Vampire level doesn't gain a single additional model.

      The point I'm trying to make is, Reaper Mini's are awesome and this Kickstarter project continues to be an excellent opportunity for all involved, but at the end of the day more paints are just... paint.

    11. Foxfire on


      Really? 154 miniatures for $100 (+some international postage) isn't enough reason to get the word out? Even if it was only one extra miniature every 100k from here on out it would be worth doing. Sure it's not as fun if we don't hit a goal every five minutes. But just because I can't use a particular goal certainly won't stop me from recommending this deal to everyone I can.

      Not sure what value you're after for your $100.00 - but everyone should be happy with what they've currently got and consider everything else icing on the cake.

    12. Rowan P. C. Tritton on

      I completely understand the reasoning, especially for the additional costs for postage and plastic they're taking on with all the free incentive add-ons to the Vampire and better levels.

      The problem is that the Paint Option levels just seem to rub me the wrong way, I can't help but think "I'm getting the word out to people just so we can earn the opportunity to purchase more paint sets, especially when paint's not exactly an uncommon thing (although it is at these prices admittedly)."

      Granted we have no idea what the remaining incentive levels are, but I'm just pre-emptively saying that a Paint Level option which has a large pledge increase goal (higher than +$20K) would be kind of disheartening.

    13. Missing avatar

      Gillos on

      @Rowan : they cannot keep small steps forever, or we will end up with 300 miniatures in the vampire set. With seven days to go, we can reasonably expect this kickstarter to double the amount collected before the end.

    14. Rowan P. C. Tritton on

      @Jordan Peacock
      I just couldn't help but think of the Thresher Maws of Mass Effect the moment I saw it, granted they're not an exact match, but it would work for a one shot :D

    15. Jordan Peacock on

      Hmm. That Frost Wyrm is so bizarre-looking with those spidery legs and such that it might just work as some sort of "alien queen" big-boss enemy for my IMEF and NOVA Corps troopers to take on. (I'd just have to figure out what sort of model would work well for the "drones.")

    16. Rowan P. C. Tritton on

      I'm here wondering why the jump of $60,000 required for the next tier, that's the largest yet, but there doesn't seem to be as much incentive, beyond the awesome Frost Wyrm option, and the idea that this might be a sign of things to come with the upcoming single incentive tiers is a bit worrying... Please tell us we won't be seeing $30K to $40K tier increases just to unlock an additional single Option (especially if it's paints, not that I dislike the paints)?!?

    17. Brad Dobberfuhl on

      You can never reach your max! I find myself donating 10 more each day...

    18. Roger Bert on

      Some Frost Giant Warriors would be sweet since I am planning to run the classic Against the Giants in 2013.

    19. Scott Ferguson on

      Tho I've reached my max for the KS, I will be totally making a note to purchase all of the bones we have helped release. That Frost Wyrm is sick!

    20. John Pope on

      Of course the Frost Giant king really needs Frost Giants to command.
      The Rhemoraz is an awesome model but it isn't the missing Giants

    21. saiqlo on

      Nice frost worm!