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Reaper's Bones KickStarter is a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now!
Reaper's Bones KickStarter was a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now! .
Reaper's Bones KickStarter was a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now! .
17,744 backers pledged $3,429,235 to help bring this project to life.

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Bones 4 is now Live!


Hey Backers! We launched our Bones 4 Kickstarter Campaign earlier this week and we wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to get in on it again! 

More Models, More monsters than ever before - and more amazing value!

Thanks for your support!

Bones 3 launches tomorrow!


We're going to be launching our Bones 3 Kickstarter Project tomorrow morning, Tuesday, July 7, at 10 AM Central Time, (-5 GDT).

You can watch our Countdown Timer on our website at and when the timer reaches zero, follow that link to our project to back it early! Bones 3 is only running for 18 days, ending on July 25th at 5PM Central Time, So be sure you don't miss it! For all of you Bones veterans, you'll recognize a lot of the structure. There's a Core Set which will grow and expand as we reach new goals. There's Optional Rewards that you can increase you pledge for, there's pledge manager to help track and calculate your selections, and there's plenty of heroes, monsters, gigantic threats, terrain, and amazing surprises to fill 18 days of miniatures madness! If you want to start spreading the word, here's some avatars and banners for use on forums and message boards!

And this Avatar is sized for places like Facebook!

We'll see you there!


BONES 2: The return of Mr. Bones Kickstarter Launches Today!!!


We launched our new Bones 2 Kickstarter today! Please join us for another adventure~ The link is below:

Done With Consumer-Level Pledges!

It's been a long, crazy road, but we're finally here. We've finished fulfillment for all of our consumer-level backers!

We couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for your support.

Now we begin the process of dealing with replacements for missing or damaged items.

If you've already been in touch with us, you're already on the list, and we're going to get you taken care of.

If you haven't been in touch with us, here's an important email address for you to remember:

If you have a figure missing or damaged, please visit the following page and note the figure's product number:

Email with
1. the product number
2. your email address

We'll get you taken care of as soon as we can. If you've changed your shipping address recently, please include those changes as well. We'll be using your shipping address we have on file for you if you don't.

If you haven't received your pledge items at all (or an email confirmation -- the final international packages are still in transit), email with your email address. We'll look you up and try to see what happened to your shipment.

Thank you again. You guys are amazing!

P.S. This is our final update on This means the comments below won't be monitored. If you need to get in touch with us, you have a few options.

And we'll be getting in touch with the final undertaker pledgers separately.

Status Report

Quick status update for everyone.

We're still working on getting everything out the door. We had to shift some space around to get the retailer packages filled (undertaker boxes take up a lot of volume), but we're still chipping away at our international pledges. We have the last of the Canadian freight shipments heading out the door this week to the Canada Post.

You may wonder why your friend down the street received his package but you didn't receive yours yet.  We're not doing these in order of country, rather we're going roughly from largest orders to smallest.  So there's that.

As of today, we have 23045 line items left to ship (from 198303 total) across 1762 pledges, including the retail customers. Obviously splitting our focus across the retail and consumer orders has slowed us down a bit, but unfortunately those figures don't package themselves and we have a factory to run.

The short story is that we're doing Kickstarter every day until we're finished. If you're still waiting, we haven't forgotten you, and when we arrive at your order, we'll send you an email confirmation.

Thanks for your support.

P.S. I just walked down to shipping and here's a portion of what's going out today. That's Ron up on his tippy-toes to give you a sense of scale, by the way.