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Join in the world phenomenon of painting and collecting BONES!
Stake your claim now in this 4th installment and help us make more~
Join in the world phenomenon of painting and collecting BONES!
Stake your claim now in this 4th installment and help us make more~
Join in the world phenomenon of painting and collecting BONES! Stake your claim now in this 4th installment and help us make more~
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    1. Bojesphob just now

      Wise Old Owl: I did a clear Kyphrixis painted. If Kickstarter lets me post a URL:…

      I also have done some green translucents like the Spirit Wall and Wraith. I REALLY like the washes and glazes (watered down a bit, of course) from GW for them. I do a wash/glaze, then do a series of drybrushes on top of the raised areas. The Kyphrixis turned out phenomenally IMO :) My wife actually liked it so much she put it up on our fireplace mantel under our living room TV!

    2. Missing avatar

      Wise Old Owl about 14 hours ago

      @moose Shepard, thanks for the advice. I actually just received my purchase of the reaper clears hoping they'd work. I have the D&D board games which has some transparent flaming skeletons and wraiths

    3. DWM Kickstarter about 14 hours ago

      Am I right in assuming no more add-ons? With only 4 months of PM to go? Too bad, if so, I was hoping for a large transparent figure.

    4. Missing avatar

      Moose Shepard about 23 hours ago

      @Wise Old Owl

      For the tinted transparents, I like using the base miniature color for the midtone, to maximize transparency.

      1) Start by covering the mini with a clear medium like Reaper's brush on sealer.

      2) Use a controlled ink wash for the shadows. Unless you want to darken the whole miniature, only apply it to the shadow areas.

      3) Highlight with regular paint, in a lighter color than the miniature's plastic. This can be done with layering, dry brushing, or a combination of both. The highlights will lose their transparency, because of the regular paint, but most of the mini will still be transparent, so it will still read as transparent. You need to use regular paint here, because you need to cover the tinted plastic to make the color lighter.

      For the clear transparents, base coat with your desired color first, using the Reaper Clears, or other clear paints or inks, then do the second and third steps above.

    5. Mercurius 2 days ago

      I need a gargantuan Blue dragon, to complete my chromatic gargantuans. Narthrax is my red, Blightfang is my Green, Kyphrixis is my White, and Ebonwrath is my Black. I painted the dragon from Dragons Don't Share as a colossal Blue, so I'd ideally like a gargantuan Blue that's similar aesthetically. Unfortunately, Gauth doesn't make that cut, and I'm not super thrilled with him overall, but I may break down and use it. The Dance of Death dragons have a similar aesthetic, since they were sculpted by the same artist, so that'd be ideal, but I'm more concerned about how the limbs interconnect - I have a feeling that each dragon won't be a separate figure from the other, and that the places where they're grappling will be joined pieces, making it next to impossible to separate them without ruining at least one.

    6. Kalibaouche 3 days ago

      Does anybody happen to know which Reaper minis could be used to portray characters from the Sacred videogames? 1&2, 3rd never happened.

    7. Phoenix Rising 4 days ago

      @Wise Old Owl - Various (non-Reaper) paint companies make translucent paints. I've seen a lot of recommendations for Tamiya. I use Gallery Glass craft paint, thinned with floor polish.

    8. Missing avatar

      Marek 4 days ago

      @Wise Old Owl
      When painting transparent figures I utilise thin glazes of colour. Preferably glazes of transparent colours such as pthalo blue.

    9. Nick P. 4 days ago

      I think its an Internet Explorer issue. I'll try using another browser.

    10. Nick P. 4 days ago

      I have a kickstarter question unrelated to this specific project. I have been having trouble with the website and was wondering if anyone else was having the same problems. I load up the page and my icon is missing in the upper right hand corner as well as the "Sign In" tab or search tab. So basically I come to kickstarter and I can't navigate anywhere. This started like a week ago on multiple platforms as well as my phone. The only way to get to this page is to do a Google search for "Bones 4 Kickstarter". Why are none of the top menu graphics loading?

    11. Missing avatar

      Wise Old Owl 4 days ago

      Question to any bones fans that have painted transparent figures: what paint and technique do you use to keep the translucency?

    12. Chris Holodnak 4 days ago

      DoD, fan faves, and fantasy scenics bought and paid for. Woohoo, all my larger purchases done, now to knock out the smaller $ stuffs.

    13. DWM Kickstarter 5 days ago

      @Bojesphob I seriously doubt that would be worth the work, with other dragons REaper has available that are far more roleplaying friendly. I got Dragons Don't Share and the dragon there is not bad for playability as its base is not too big or too tall. But rebasing it would be pointless as its tail sticks so far down below its back feet you would still need a high base. DoD is even worse, the tails are far far below the feet in both cases. They would work with DoD take it or leave it. I cannot see them being used elsewise.
      Luckily Reaper has lots more that suits me better.
      I am also really looking forward to pics of painted DoD next year.

    14. Bojesphob 5 days ago

      DWM Kickstarter: I think that's why they did something like the Silver Dragon and Blacksting, so that those that use them in games can use them. Dance of Death was added for those like me that don't roleplay, but LOVE the models and love painting them for display. Nothing wrong with either way of being, and they've done a really good job of covering both, IMO.

      That being said, if the way that the dragons attach to the rocks is similar to how Neathyrmaul is connected to his (and from the looks of it, I would assume that's the case), you can probably modify the place where they attach to the rock and put rods in their feet. Then, you could make a small rock base to put onto so you can separate them. Of course, that's just a gut feeling on my part, most every dragon I've gotten that's Bones has some sort of ability to be put on something besides the base it came with with a little imagination and planning.

    15. MDSW 5 days ago

      @ Chris & @ Engrothi - interesting...

    16. Engrothi 5 days ago

      I am going to use DoD as a distant fight. Something that comes closer and closer ending with a crashed dragon weakened and broken. Then the players will be given a choice to walk away, spare it, or fight it.

    17. Chris Holodnak 6 days ago

      I was gonna use DoD as a deterrent (or a dare ya) to go into a dungeon. Like, there’s two dragons fighting over something... do you dare tread too close??

    18. Luke McManamon 6 days ago

      After B3, I have no more need for any more dragons. Lil

    19. Mercurius 6 days ago

      I have a similar thought. While I'm sure it'd look very pretty just on display, I'd like to be able to use it in game as well.

    20. DWM Kickstarter 7 days ago

      That is the reason I'll not be getting the dance of death. I think about models in terms of roleplaying playability versus diorama, and DoD is way too far on the diorama side for me. It is beautiful though.

    21. Mercurius 7 days ago

      I'm still so torn on the Dance of Death. So much of it depends on whether or not the dragons can be used separately from the base in one piece or not. I've love an update confirming plans one way or another...

    22. Engrothi on March 12

      However if that happens; unless specified by contract they have to be compensated. Orrrrr, Reaper has to have a "pledge date" for the manufacturer to have their items ready by... At least that's how it works at the fab I work in.

    23. Daefyd Wyr
      on March 11

      Often small operations like Reaper can get bumped by the factory when a bigger, more lucrative order comes in (Hasbro, Mattel, etc.)

    24. Nick P. on March 9

      People seem to not understand that they have to design the miniatures, make test molds, send the molds to the manufacturer overseas, get approval molds, make thousands of the pieces, then pack into containers to ship back overseas, then get all the way to Texas to be sorted and shipped out to us. Hell yeah that takes 2 years or more! :D

    25. Bojesphob on March 9

      @Alex Chumley: What I don't understand is why would you get in on a Kickstarter and NOT read when it was meant to be fulfilled? Seriously, Reaper has been up front about the shipping date FROM THE FIRST MOMENT THIS KICKSTARTER WENT LIVE. If you were expecting it to ship earlier than that, that is your fault for not reading, or not comprehending what was said from the get go. I understand if you misread it, but why in the world would you be upset about the timeline at this point when you should have known the details *when you clicked on the "Back this project"*. The indignation that seems to occur with people when they are at fault for their own issues never ceases to amaze me.

      Reaper, keep doing what you're doing! Can't wait to add these minis to my already huge Reaper Bones Kickstarter collection!

    26. Josh Sterrett - Winged Horizon on March 6

      That Nyarly looks gorgeous and terrifying. Glad to hear that it doesn't have to be attached to the base too. Gives me more freedom to use it in different scenarios.

    27. MDSW on March 5

      Defi picking a Nyarly up to paint for my son, who is a big fan of the HPL stuff - way cool!

    28. lichen Dan Dwarvenite lich of Valoria on March 5

      The nyarlathotep sculpt is everything I asked for and more during the ks

    29. Peter "Apple Head" Andersson
      on March 4

      That Nyarlathotep sculpt is amazing!
      I'm so happy we unlocked it! I might even have to get two.

    30. Engrothi on March 3

      PM ends july 31. At which point they begin production ( if they haven't already) for most of the orders. Deliveries are estimated for Feb, 2019. (Although I hope that is an estimate based off the fact that they were late with the last one and are making sure they don't do that again. And it ends up coming sooner.

    31. Missing avatar

      Travis on March 3

      When does this end? July?

    32. Engrothi on March 3

      Lol I knewww that sculpt would end up being bomb.

    33. TheMandolin on March 2

      That sculpt looks amazing. And damn. That was on my definite no list! I’ll have to update my whole plan!

    34. Nick P. on March 2

      Boo Reaper! No more updates until April! You make me sad... 😢

    35. Engrothi on March 2

      @alex lol. Chump. Can't read.

    36. John Welyki on March 2

      Was on the fence about nylorthahotep, sculpt looks awesome. So I guess I'm adding a couple paint sets and one more model on my cart. But that is absolutely the last of it. You've tapped me dry!

    37. Missing avatar

      Matthew Z. on March 2

      why the fuck did you think it would take them 6 months to print/ship all these items to all these people?

      I mean seriously. It has taken them about 18 months or so for the past 3 kickstarters, and even then they were normally held up for an extra month or so at the end because of some bullshit going on in china.

    38. Mercurius on March 2

      Because they need the money to produce the product, and their prior Kickstarters have largely required this amount of time to fulfill.

    39. Missing avatar

      Alex Chumley on March 2

      Why the fuck did you kick start this almost 2 years out?

    40. Lord llama (The one true Philip) on March 2

      Urgh, I can't wait to get these!

    41. TheMandolin on March 2

      It’s update Friday right!

    42. Nick P. on March 1

      If you go on Jason Wiebe's Facebook page he has an image of the three apes facing off against the blacktooth terror.

    43. Roguert on March 1

      It's a long time to wait, but it is sooooo gratifying when they finally do arrive at your doorstep! Hang in there!

    44. Sandra Stover on March 1

      @Dan Williams
      Thank you, I thought the year of shipping was 2018, sorry.

    45. Mercurius on February 28

      @Phoenix Rising - I am inclined to agree with you.

    46. Phoenix Rising on February 28

      I think having most Bones in transluscent plastic would be nice. Unless tinted plastic has better detail or resilience, I'd rather have the flexibility of starting from clearish.

    47. Mercurius on February 28

      Is anyone else looking at the Fan Favorites Djinni and kind of wishing she were cast in translucent plastic so that the cloudy portion could remain somewhat transparent?

    48. Missing avatar

      Matthew Z. on February 22

      just locked in everything that i wanted from the beginning. Now to see if there is anything else i want after another paycheck or 2

    49. Rik on February 22

      Especially with the PM closing 5 months after feb 2018.

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