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$1,485,481 pledged of $30,000 goal
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All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$1,485,481 pledged of $30,000 goal
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All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Anonymous Alex Kingston River Song DrWho 2 minutes ago

      @Michael well we do know more scenery is coming.. the airplane shipping container with movable side panels. I think the terrain pack was like part 3 of Chronoscope. It fills a need, and value vs retail it will definitely see the price shoot. Pretty sure but I haven't actually pulled mine out. The existing (30') container price.. you get that $20 retail on one or two of the new containers.. the extra models allow more urban terrain which is fun.

      @Dave i did notice some things like Weresheep says sometimes the weapons aren't the obvious sell for the models.
      Once someone pointed out the size of Gauth to me i did see how Nagendra have some awesome large representation... it wasn't apparent to me there's a lack of wespon types
      It is also possible that issue may be remedied coming up. We're looking at least 15 unlocks maybe 25-30 depending on any interim PR marketing or other gamer troups publicizing the big big Bones coming ;)
      @paul being this is the fourth targeted Bones PVC minis campaign i just thought Reaper wanted to go big ;)

    2. Missing avatar

      Chris wheeler 7 minutes ago

      @ Michael I really like the containers and will end up getting maybe 3 sets. I agree that there is lots more they could do but am happy with these so far :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael Barry 11 minutes ago

      Any sci-fi / modern fans a little underwhelmed by the $20 containers and barrels option? I suggest this: a ship bridge/ spaceship / villain headquarters set to go with it.

      This would be made up of various pieces like control panel, captain's chair, suspended animation tank and so on - all separate for reusability.

      This idea saw some support a few nights ago on this list.

    4. Federico Perugini 12 minutes ago

      More player characters!!! More heroes! �

    5. Elli aka Nimphona 15 minutes ago

      @Dave that is a very good point :( we need more ranged heroes of characters!!!! :( God damn I didn't notice till now.... Why point that out :(

    6. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan
      15 minutes ago

      one of the Nagendra and one of the Kobold leaders has a bow.

    7. Dave Brock 18 minutes ago

      Anyone notice the lack of ranged characters this time around? In the whole of the core set, there only seem to be 4 goblins!

    8. Missing avatar

      paul berry 18 minutes ago

      @anon & elli: God yes - loved it. Couldn't believe how immediately I thought of the bad use it could be put to. Just shows we all have an evil streak hidden. I can see me getting a couple of those. Roc was nice but I want that snake!

      Quality of ahem "minis" for Bones 4 is better than previous IMO. It is like Reaper has suddenly realized how big the can go and are stretching the bones material to its max capabilities.

      Color me extremely impressed!

    9. Coen Zuidervaart 19 minutes ago

      Ok, I caved and added the Hill Giants, Trolls, Hill Giant Huntsman and the Roc to my previous pledge of Core + Dreadmere...

      Good thing we already bought all the groceries this week :D

    10. Anonymous Alex Kingston River Song DrWho 23 minutes ago

      Heh paul you liked that?? Well given current offerings price. The Hut being tied for $20 the snake could stay 15-20 or it could become the next scale up.. intermediate if you will between what we have ... and the Dance of Death

    11. Elli aka Nimphona 25 minutes ago

      @Paul lmao not as big as my 6 foot boa she frightens my mother!!!! Bless her :) but yes those snakes mine ... Soon TM

    12. Missing avatar

      paul berry 26 minutes ago

      I have just seen the live stream from a few days ago. I rarely swear on a public forum but HS have you seen the size of that snake??? I see that appearing in people's bed to frighten them to death. Any ideas of the reward level?

    13. Anonymous Alex Kingston River Song DrWho 27 minutes ago

      I've never backed an international campaign. So it makes sense that kickstarter would want to provide that info. Oooh and so everything you see is converted. What's £100 like 130 right
      Yeah definitely a good idea to keep a plan and especially when ordering for others just break out the orders so on the shipping sheets you can remember at a glance :)

    14. Elli aka Nimphona 27 minutes ago

      It is...but Reaper's doesnt do that :D <3 as much as i love them.... :P lol Usually on the KS emails they go "If this is successful you will be charged roughly this amount"

    15. Elli aka Nimphona 35 minutes ago

      Whatever i have left in savings i will sort out... its why usually US kickstarters allows us to view the rough cost in pounds.... so we can work out what the cost will resemble.... if that makes sense? If i have.... £500 KS will convert itself to $$$$

    16. Elli aka Nimphona 38 minutes ago

      I've got my pledge sorted for now. Unfortunately will need to wait for the unlocks .... So my 550 is sorted but got more on each pay day to add :) and my birthday and Christmas before then!

    17. Anonymous Alex Kingston River Song DrWho 40 minutes ago

      Just start with a big enough pledge for what you need... so you can lick in your first shipping order.
      I couldn't believe the 5% figure Bryan said for people who never locked in even 1 order

    18. Elli aka Nimphona 44 minutes ago

      Yeah I was thinking I could use some spares of the odd ones here and there for conversions! Many wings from Sophie :) hoods from me bones etc... It will be great I do need a few rocs though for different colours phoenix and birds :)

    19. Anonymous Alex Kingston River Song DrWho about 1 hour ago

      Well ... I couldn't paint all that. But for instance DoD is a very nice showpiece if one wanted to paint it.
      Statues are great models plus scenery. For displays dioramas or maybe dungeon dressing. Rocs of course can be the new parapet animal totem for your place :) And as far as sophie or mr bones i have used them as examples for the kinder to test paint on or conversion bits. Genes answer gave me some confidence i can do my biggest convert. Give the kid a feathered dragon he's wanted since eragon came out (adult now)

    20. Missing avatar

      Chris wheeler about 1 hour ago

      @ Elli I may weaken and get one before the end - I am notoriously weak willed where toys are concerned :(

    21. Elli aka Nimphona about 1 hour ago

      @Chris i explained to the guys and girls yesterday, most of my dragons are display pieces only.... so i would paint one for me, one for my dad, one for each room of the house i guess? :D

      I don't intend on using it in a game necessarily unless i painted it as a statue :)

      I love display pieces...alot of the things i paint cant be used in a game...

    22. Anonymous Alex Kingston River Song DrWho about 1 hour ago

      @Anne you got really big boxes for Bones 2.... do you remember if it was an expansion SKU box or another pick and pack?? Because yeah at the time DDS was the biggest box due to number of pieces

    23. Elli aka Nimphona about 1 hour ago

      @Anony no i am well aware of that xD the question is....what would i do with 60 dragons, statues, rocs, sophies and mr bones? :D

    24. Missing avatar

      Chris wheeler about 1 hour ago

      @Elli while I love DoD I have no idea what I would ever use it for. I'm ok at painting but have enough models to paint that intend to use never mind ones that I cant. Can't even think of how to use it as a terrain piece. I think I will also be adding to my order over the next few months.

    25. Anonymous Alex Kingston River Song DrWho about 1 hour ago

      Elli remember each order you can order 10... statues or sophie or mr bones or ROCs

    26. Anonymous Alex Kingston River Song DrWho about 1 hour ago

      Chris both. I have the motivation and confidence to branch out painting. The image of someone being pulled by Gulper is hypnotic. Of course i started thinking painting him for a lure or fishing award. Then there was the koi and magicarp crowd. So just alot of options. Will have to find someone who doesn't want the boat or Gulper so i can have 2;)

    27. Elli aka Nimphona about 1 hour ago

      I think I will end up adding monthly orders to my PM until it closes xD see how many dragons dances I can get? And rocs? Lmao xD

    28. Anonymous Alex Kingston River Song DrWho about 1 hour ago

      @Chris ain't that the truth :D big box of toys ... for me all me... and I'm going to roll in the bones :P
      @Anne I'm sorry for that :/
      Good news is when the time comes long as you're still in Canada shouldn't have big differences in shipping.

      Yeah this has come up before but definitely look at "historical shipping prices"
      Usps changes every spring. Which affects everyone doing business online. Normally you only get a huge difference once the order splits to a 2nd box (based on weight normally)... but at least for all the repacks ive seen if you get more than 6 copies of expansions it automatically needs 2 boxes. That's their pack limit. Less if it was Graveyard, which was 50% larger box than the other 2...

    29. Missing avatar

      Chris wheeler about 1 hour ago

      @ Anne - not sure what my wife would say if the box was that big as I have a regular delivery of figures for other games I play! I do expect this one to be much bigger than my bones 1 one. why did you need 3 dragons don't share!?!?!?
      @anony is this just for fun, painting project or some devious plan for a game?

    30. Elli aka Nimphona about 1 hour ago

      @Anony no i do not xD lmao might call them at lunchtime anyway, see what they suggest xD

    31. Anonymous Alex Kingston River Song DrWho about 1 hour ago

      @Elli 7 for any amount over 100 sounds pretty good the 3% is interchange so really no way to avoid unless you already have USD in a bank account... do you?
      @Anne i have heard that on other campaigns... forget which maybe UPS international?? is called the broker from hell

    32. Anne Thornton about 1 hour ago

      @ChrisWheeler My Bones 2 shipping box was big enough to fit either of my sons in it - 5 and 9 at the time! :D
      I was much more restrained for Bones 3... of course it helped that I wasn't ordering 3 copies of Dragons Don't Share again!

    33. Anonymous Alex Kingston River Song DrWho about 1 hour ago

      @Chris im hoping a non chibi mr bones. Lol we didn't quite get it. But that was okay in Bones3. Prior to that he was the same model, with different hand sprue options basically. Lantern shovel bone sack

    34. Anne Thornton about 1 hour ago

      I've had stuff shipped to a package receiving company in Maine, but I don't drive, and my husband doesn't currently have a passport, so I've had to rely on friends who also have stuff shipped there. I had Bones 2 shipped home (for 60 USD, *ouch*). Unfortunately, my timing wasn't right with Bones 3, and my friend's wave got in a few days before mine.... which is still awaiting pickup :( Since no one's getting free shipping this time around, I'm debating where to have it shipped... and will make a final determination next July once I've finalized my purchase decisions.

    35. Missing avatar

      Chris wheeler about 1 hour ago

      even if all the extra charges reduce the value of the deal, there is no way I would buy this many bones all in one go and there is a certain feeling you can only get from receiving a massive box full on new toys!

    36. Elli aka Nimphona about 1 hour ago

      I found it, will be £7 for being over £100 and then 2.99% i think .... well anyway, whatever it is.. will still be a tiny bit cheaper than retail....

    37. Missing avatar

      Chris wheeler about 1 hour ago

      The NZ$ seems to be doing ok at the moment so I am buying as many toys as I can at the moment and having them shipped to my sisters in the UK for picking up when I return there in december. I will have much less spending power when I am back in the uk and paid in GBP again so am stocking up and future proofing! Buying lots on this kick
      starter is part of that process :)
      @anony a gulper chariot sounds fun! who will be riding in it?

    38. Anonymous Alex Kingston River Song DrWho about 1 hour ago

      Anne i do know of places... across the border which cater to Canadians :) (apparently some people call canuck pejorative)

    39. Anonymous Alex Kingston River Song DrWho about 1 hour ago

      Blackfang the sculptor Gene Van Horne says this version has a 4"(100 mm) base and 12" wingspan (300 mm)

    40. Anne Thornton about 1 hour ago

      Unfortunately, we Canadians almost always have to pay our own sales tax on imported purchases over $20 - but it's not always consistently applied. Frankly, the processing fees that some courier companies charge for brokering (and other less explicable fees) often come out more :/

    41. Anonymous Alex Kingston River Song DrWho about 1 hour ago

      Welp apparently in usa you pay based on HST class. Reaper sends out boxes with itemized class of HS9503

    42. lord_blackfang about 1 hour ago

      Please, Sirs, what is the size of the Roc's base?

    43. Anne Thornton about 1 hour ago

      @RiverSong CAD has been creeping back up again, it's currently worth about 0.79 USD, 1.00 AUD, 1.09 NZD. Standing against currencies across the Atlantic is a bit more volatile, but is running roughly 0.62 GBP, 0.69 EUR at the moment.

      But nothing like it was back for Bones 2, when CAD was actually worth slightly more than USD - for the first time in 30 years... Man, my hobby purchasing sure took a hit with my country's dollar...

    44. Elli aka Nimphona about 1 hour ago

      @Anony yeah its usually quite easy online you can usually pay with Paypal, but you cannot on Kickstarter.... I don't think i have ever paid in dollars outside of kickstarter....hmmmm..... unless maybe i did on blizzard store :S

    45. Anonymous Alex Kingston River Song DrWho about 1 hour ago

      @Andrew is gst your version of VAT as dar as private tax collection?? IRS tax returns ask about unpaid tax for out of state/country expenses. Pretty sure they aren't looking at Joe consumer :/ which is what it sounds like UK bureaucracy is all about.

    46. Anonymous Alex Kingston River Song DrWho about 1 hour ago

      @Elli hmm yeah that's sucky but definitely ask them for the full rates, for instance if you're near a threshold ... certain instances are essential for credit unfortunately. I've seen friends have issues with large debit transactions take... a while to clear and reverse. No matter the rules. No matter legality. No matter precedent

    47. Anonymous Alex Kingston River Song DrWho about 2 hours ago

      Lol @Chris certainly a good idea to begin painting. Im psyched to try and do "effects" with this matte medium... gonna have a Gulper chariot when it gets delivered

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