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Join in the world phenomenon of painting and collecting BONES!
Stake your claim now in this 4th installment and help us make more~
Join in the world phenomenon of painting and collecting BONES!
Stake your claim now in this 4th installment and help us make more~
Join in the world phenomenon of painting and collecting BONES! Stake your claim now in this 4th installment and help us make more~
16,200 backers pledged $3,051,004 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Mercurius just now

      I'm getting Dreadmere and Darkreach, definitely. Not going to be using everything in there, but I'll be using enough. Most of what I liked best in Fan Favorites was the zombie shark and Izzy's sketch minis, and I think that'll probably amount to $25 or so at retail. We'll see how much extra cash I've got on hand at the end of it. I've not had much luck reselling miniatures post KS.

    2. Bill Redford 15 minutes ago

      Engrothi. No. � I’m saying some things you can buy in multiples without buying other things as well. An example is the wall of fire from a previous Kickstarter. I was suggesting that a way to sell these without offering whole sets broken up would be to make bundle packs for them. Again using wall of fire as an example.

    3. Engrothi about 2 hours ago

      @bill I am not entirely sure what you are stating because I am tired, and wording.. But.. I think you mean you want to order individual items from other KS? Hmm.. Interesting idea, but they have a webstore and many many other places (other online stores and physical stores) to stock as well

    4. Engrothi about 2 hours ago

      @grovel they have stated a couple times that it is best to lock in earlier as they do not control shipping prices. They are regulated by various mailing services and may go up

    5. Grovel about 12 hours ago

      I'm a little confused by shipping - the lower my order gets, the higher the shipping cost gets. At ~$400 my shippinng cost was $20, but at $240 my shipping cost had gone up to $30.

      Seems a bit backward, I thought we were supposed to be paying the actual shipping costs.

    6. Bill Redford about 12 hours ago

      side note. I wish some of the things that make sense in multiples would have been allowed to buy on their own in multiples in previous kickstarters, or to be sold in bundles of themselves. The wall of fire... I wanted to get 180' of wall of fire recently... at each one representing a 5' square, that 36 individual pieces. They sell in set of 3 for $5. so the 180' is $60 worth of wall of fire... (not that any store has enough in stock) but it would have been very convenient to just stock up on them during the kickstarter. There are a couple figures like that in this kickstarter too...

    7. Bill Redford about 12 hours ago

      Hmmm. Dreadmere and Lost Valley are the 2 I have already added. Though Darkreach and Fan Favorite are on the list.... Fan Favorite is more miss than hit for me, but the stuff that hits I want... Like the Mammoth.

      Darkreach is the only on I am considering getting 2 of... I like the drow and really need 2x them for a good encounter. The only thing in the whole set I wouldn't need double of is the Queen... But I think I will have 1 be the "King" and the other her same sex partner.

      My only advice for those whop think they aren't interested in something now is this. You don't know what you may need in a years time. Or what you might be interested in. The minis are a lot cheaper now. And when unboxing comes regret usually follows. This is my 4th bones, and its the first one that I am trying to get one of everything in.

    8. Detective Talon Wilfy about 18 hours ago

      All depends on what you like/need. Fan Favorite and Darkreach are the only 2 I’m getting. Dreadmere and Lost Valley aren’t even remotely in consideration.

    9. Nick P. 2 days ago

      @Mercurius You could always sell on Ebay what you don't want. That's what I'm planning.

    10. Mercurius 2 days ago

      I like about a third of the Fan Favorites expansion. I'd rather not have to wait an extra year after fulfillment to get the miniatures that I want from it, but I don't think it's quite worth the $50 at the moment...

    11. Andrew Muller 2 days ago

      My method is a bit less refined... I just buy one of everything

    12. Rik 2 days ago

      My method is to look at an expansion, decide I want most of it, look at my bank account, be sad.

    13. Eric B. 3 days ago

      I have developed a method for determining whether or not an expansion is for me. First, do I want it/stuff in it? If I do, I assign a dollar value to the pieces I want based on what I expect the MSRP would be and add it up. If that value is higher than the price of the expansion it's a no-brainer. If it's close then I have to put more thought into it and weigh how much I value the wait for retail is worth. Which is why, if I can scrape up the funds, I'm going for Fan Favorites...

    14. theGunslinger 4 days ago

      Once again, this community in this KS has been very helpful and forthcoming with your ideas and opinions. Appreciate all the input :)

    15. theGunslinger 4 days ago

      @Rachel; its a nice thought, but relying on a stranger to buy a partial set that won't be delivered till 2019 is putting a lot of trust in the other party to follow thru.

      I committed $45 of my $100 pledge already and will sit back and consider what if anything else I want. Otherwise, I will purchase an expansion and sell what I don't want if the timing is right to do so.

    16. Missing avatar

      Rachel 4 days ago

      If you don't want to buy the prehistoric expansion, just want the stone giants, you could always ask around here to see if anyone doesn't want the stone giants from their expansion. I know I am buying that one FOR the dinosaurs and a friend of mine is buying the rest of the set off of me. Someone around here might be willing to do the same for you. *shrugs*

    17. Urloony 4 days ago

      I think the tough part about the resell of the Dinosaurs is the fact that they are so commonly available. Most people don't appreciate the quality difference between a sculpted Reaper mini and the typical fare.

    18. Urloony 4 days ago

      It's funny that reaper always seems to hit it just right with the minis needed for the new 5e release. They responded with offering Tiamat when "Rise of Tiamat" came out and now Dinos when "Tomb of Annihilation" is released. The only downside is waiting two years to play the new release.

    19. Missing avatar

      Sanjay Shanbhag 5 days ago

      Yes, selling them should be fine.

      Especially for people who are still playing, or haven't started but plan to something new like Tomb of Annihilation which is dinosaur heavy...

    20. Bojesphob 5 days ago

      As to the dinos, remember that not everyone RPGs. I have nearly 200 Bones miniatures, and I haven't played an RPG in probably 20 years. I buy them to collect, paint and display. I got the Lost World expansion specifically because I wanted the dino minis to paint, and even got the two large dino models as well on top of all the dragons I got LOL

    21. theGunslinger 5 days ago

      You think the Lost Valley expansion contents would be easy to re-sell? Can't imagine too many rpg campaigns taking place where dinos are used extensively, but will consider all opinions, thanks!

    22. Bojesphob 5 days ago

      I would agree with Wise Old Owl, the Dinos should sell relatively easily. That being said, any of the dragons would be easy sells as well, as I know I've personally picked some up on eBay when fulfillment started (I somehow missed Bones 3 and HAD to have Ma'al Drakar!). Although I got multiples of the dragons in 4, I know that there are definitely going to be people who would snap up whatever goes up on eBay when they start fulfilling (although, try not to be greedy with it and ask retail prices or higher, or they won't sell. Stick to just at or a little above what you paid and they will go quickly).

    23. Missing avatar

      Wise Old Owl 5 days ago

      @theGunslinger, if you're looking for the giants you could easily get the dino pack and simply sell the dinosaurs. Just sell them as a set or in groups. They should easily sell.

    24. theGunslinger 5 days ago

      I am mainly in this KS for the giants, although not going for the prehistoric expansion with the stone giants, because I don't want all those dinos!

      Looking for some suggestions on expansions or bigger monsters that would be appealing to the open market if I chose to not keep them;


      Dreadmere expansion, Nyarlathotep and/or Pathfinder Iconics Adventurers (I don't play this rpg)



    25. Missing avatar

      Sanjay Shanbhag 5 days ago

      @bojesphob - i got a thing for big monsters. I'm still upset (although it makes sense) that the NotBahamut in bones 4 isn't bigger (its scaled to Tianot, so it makes sense).

      The way the dragon makes all the 16mm stuff look tiny, i want a 32 mm monster do that (i have some here that do, but another dragon is always good)

    26. Daefyd Wyr
      5 days ago

      The Pledge manager will finalize what you have selected so far when you elect to pay. You can come back and select more items and finalize them as separate transactions as often as you like until the end (I believe) of July 2018.

    27. Missing avatar

      chris hirst 5 days ago

      When i go to the Pledge manager it says that it will finalise my pledge if i select to pay by paypal. Is this correct or can i make multiple selections over time paying by paypal?

    28. theGunslinger 6 days ago

      I want to thank the community in here. You have been encouraging and your collective insight is helpful.

      Staying in the game :)

    29. Missing avatar

      6 days ago

      Re: Kickstarter is habit forming.
      See tag by my name...this is since like August.

    30. Bojesphob 6 days ago

      @Sanjay Shanbhag, I thought about that a bit, and if you look at the pics of the dragon, it's massive, even for 16 mm scale. i would say you could easily use some green stuff or other bits of things to make it look like it's not sitting on a castle so that it would scale ok to 32mm. But, the one I got of it will be a display piece, so I'm not really going to care about it being scaled properly to anything LOL

    31. Bojesphob 6 days ago

      Oh, and as a side note, theGunslinger, my second purchase (post pledge) doubles the 50 you want back in refund, so I wouldn't worry too much about it hurting the amounts they've gotten in this campaign too much. Heck, I *know* I'm not the only one to do that as well LOL

    32. Bojesphob 6 days ago

      theGunslinger: Another thing that you can do is get another expansion, then sell what you don't want after you get the minis. I've sold some of the stuff I got from Bones 1 and 2, and there are a few that I'm not going to really need when I get my pledge for 4. That's the nice thing about these is that they are so far below what you'd get at retail that you can resell for what you put into it, someone else will get a good deal, and it would cover whatever extra you had pledged.

      That being said, there isn't a larger mini (like a dragon, wink wink) or two that would cover the difference that would make it worth keeping your pledge as is? I can say from personal experience that the larger ones look really cool in the campaign, but when you get them, they're WAY better! When I found that they were doing Bones 4, I knew I had to get into it in case they had some new dragons, and I have multiple copies of each ordered!

    33. Missing avatar

      Sanjay Shanbhag 6 days ago

      i'm also getting just the Joan dragon. nothing else was big enough (the other big monsters). I wish that dragon was scaled in that ratio to 32 mm figures though :P

      will sell the rest of the Joan figures.


    34. Lonnie Bowman 7 days ago

      I started out planning to spend about a thousand dollars, after a wedding and a baby on the way I've gotten it down to about four hundred. I won't actually pledge until the end though just in case something else crops up.

    35. Engrothi 7 days ago

      ... Same

    36. Baphomet 7 days ago

      I’m the Lord of Bad Habits...

    37. Mercurius on November 12

      Kickstarter is habit forming.

    38. Engrothi on November 11

      @gunslinger me too on the pleding bit.. I spent more than I should have too and almost burnt myself out.. But every damn time I see soething cool.... I get pulled back in

    39. theGunslinger on November 10

      @Chris, Peter and Engrothi; you all make good points. I emailed the Creators, but will likely need to make the most of my initial pledge amount.

      It's okay, just second guessing my interest in this KS. Pledged many this past year and feeling the burn out a bit. Its all good.

      Engrothi...I live in the states, Minnesota.

    40. Missing avatar

      Chris wheeler on November 10

      why not just buy a couple of the bigger things and then sell them on on ebay? might end up making the few figs that you want free?

    41. Peter S on November 10

      If you use Reaper Paints, those sets are a pretty good deal at that price point. That can use up some of the credit pretty easily.

    42. Engrothi on November 10

      @thegunslinger I would suggest not refunding unless you know what your shipping costs will be. I am not sure where you live but it can be a bit more pricy in some places. So you may want to get your $45 of minis and use the rest on shipping.
      And possibly get a refund on the rest? But just keep in mind the rest will be whatever is left over -10% of the total starting amount because of KS fees. (I think) don't quote me but I believe this is close to accurate based off comments and what not

    43. theGunslinger on November 10

      @Bill and Engrothi; figured as much....damn. I thought I wanted the core set with some extras, but in the end just really wanted the add-ons that I would actually want to paint. I really don't need or want a mountain of plastic, especially the stuff in the core that is quantities of the same mini like for example, 9 goblins or 12 kobolds.

      @Marek; I thought about it....I might just make a request. There is really only about $45 worth of stuff I want.

    44. Missing avatar

      Marek on November 10

      The thing I dislike about the Joan Dragon is that the wing-shoulder joint looks weak. Especially with the chest it has.

      You could ask Reaper for a refund. They may not be able to make a refund or a full one, but it doesn't hurt to ask. They generally have good customer service and are understanding of mistakes.

    45. Engrothi on November 9

      @gunslinger like bill said just because the pledge was "for the core set" if you only pledged $100 then you have $100 of credit towards ANYTHING on the pledge manager. In this way you can use the $100 towards anything you want

    46. Bill Redford on November 9

      The Gunslinger you can add more to your pledge but you can’t take back. So if you pledged $100 you are stuck at a minimum of $100. You could increase to $200 but can’t reduce at all.

      Though $50 is a barge and an Argent. Is there really nothing you are interested in beyond the $50 you have spotted? An expansion is $50, dinosaurs, drow?

    47. theGunslinger on November 9

      So....question to the other backers. I pledged a $100 for the core set. But now, I am just going to pledge for a few items about $50 worth. Can I do that? Will I get a refund for the balance remaining or do I have to spend a $100 on minis that I don't want?

    48. Mercurius on November 9

      The Dragon also is more like Blacksting the wyvern, insofar as it doesn't have arms, only legs and wings. It's very pretty and impressive, but I think it's a pass for me.

    49. Engrothi on November 9

      I am getting the dragon cause I get the feeling it is fair.. 60 or 65 for it would be good for just the dragon but you also get a few other minis with it.

    50. Bojesphob on November 9

      pinkymadigan, the way I read it was that it was the largest for board games, which I would say looks to be true cause most board games minis are fairly small. I actually ended up getting in on that KS just to get that dragon! Will be a great addition to my collection of Reaper Bones Dragons (both already in hand and coming from Bones IV :) )

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