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Join in the world phenomenon of painting and collecting BONES!
Stake your claim now in this 4th installment and help us make more~
Join in the world phenomenon of painting and collecting BONES!
Stake your claim now in this 4th installment and help us make more~
Join in the world phenomenon of painting and collecting BONES! Stake your claim now in this 4th installment and help us make more~
16,200 backers pledged $3,051,004 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Fnordlover about 3 hours ago

      @Josh - Yes, there will almost assuredly be another Bones Kickstarter. These things bring in huge quantities of money that allows them to expand their range of miniatures exponentially faster than they would normally be able to. Unless they blow all the profits from this one on a Bonesium yacht that causes them to go out of business, or they can't face a Kickstarter without ReaperBryan to helm it, then you can bet they'll be a Bones 5 in the second half of 2019.

    2. Missing avatar

      Michael Adams about 4 hours ago

      @Peter S - True. They did do the Base Boss one in between Bones Kickstarters.

    3. Peter S about 4 hours ago

      Unless it is a KS that is not Bones. Say perhaps they want to spin up a new line of paints or other gaming stuff.

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Adams about 5 hours ago

      @Josh Sterrett - Winged Horizon - IF they do another one, it won't be after this one has fulfilled. Earliest would probably be mid-2019, more realistic would be last quarter of 2019.

    5. Josh Sterrett - Winged Horizon about 6 hours ago

      *cough* so when is the next Reaper KS going to be? I'm sure they're already planning it...probably for the end of the year?

    6. Missing avatar

      Sanjay Shanbhag about 6 hours ago

      Georgia Ballard - regarding airbrushing minis. i haven't done it yet but spoken to many who do. seen many pieces and held some at sword & brush (a yearly painting contest here in toronto).

      if you got good control, you can do super thin primer layers. Then the common practice is to preshade/highlight. Choose the lighting angle you want and spray lighter colour there. then choose the opposite directionfor the deepest shadows and darken it.

      after that, some go full brush (this is what my goal is. airburhs just to ensure basecoats are super thin/ all brush), while others also lighting shade and do brush just for super fine detail/freehand, etc.

      airbrushes can do super thin lines, but also, with good control, allow you to easily blend from a harsher tone to a very thin layer.

      this model was at that contest and done with airbrsh for the basecoats, shading, prehighlights, etc:

      essentially its control from what they tell me. practice and a good airbrush

      in the end, they touch up and do super fine detailing, corections with a regular brush but all the areas they want supersmooth it appears they use the airbrush initially. the key is it allows for super thin, super smooth layers much faster than a regular brush

    7. Phoenix Rising about 7 hours ago

      Have to say, I'm disappointed in the quality of some of the metal versions of some of the KS figures. E.g. the Townsfolk - Sage (03858) looks significantly less well-defined than the render. I'm hoping that for once the Bones molds hold a bit more precision than their metal counterparts.

    8. Phoenix Rising about 8 hours ago

      So far, none of the tariffs seem to affect molded plastic heading in this direction. If the Trump Administration continues to expand the trade war, who knows? I haven't seen any senior admin officials in the kickstarter, so I'm guessing no-one here will have any special insights until (if) it happens.

    9. Doug Shepherd about 12 hours ago

      Hello all, has anyone heard if the tariffs against China will effect the KS at all? I know it's a touchy subject but, i am only asking if it has any impact on this? Thanks guys. D

    10. Missing avatar

      Julie dragonborn bard 1 day ago

      I added the Mossbeard after seeing the current CMON Cthulhu kickstarter. I think if I put it on a large pink foam base, it would be treated as a terrain piece. (And if I place it & paint it just right, with the face at the back of the piece, maybe my players won't realize it is alive until they've climbed all over it).

    11. Missing avatar

      Julie dragonborn bard 1 day ago

      OK - so I have the core, a bunch of monsters, and every expansion but the chronoscope. The only thing I ordered two of so far is the tree of despair. I am considering even more, since at that price the tree could be used in all sorts of scenery. But, I am now leaning towards only one barge. Although it is awesome, it is also pretty specific. Also can't decide if I should get two Baba Yaga's huts? It is relatively cheap terrain, but also it is pretty specific looking even if I leave the chicken feet off.

    12. Missing avatar

      Julie dragonborn bard 1 day ago

      @Joshua I would love an elementals box and an under the sea box.

      I would love to see more bones scenery in general.

    13. Missing avatar

      Crysta 1 day ago

      I like your idea Joshua. I really want an undersea box, and some updated merfolk. Not a huge fan of the current sculptor, but also not sure of what I'm looking for in merfolk either.

    14. Missing avatar

      Joshua Vieira 1 day ago

      An under the sea box could be fun... merfolk, fish folk, various sea creatures... giant jellyfish, sea elves

      A kracken, a whale...

      Some coral city scenics.

    15. Missing avatar

      Joshua Vieira 1 day ago

      A Mexican mythology based box would rock... chupacobra , mayan and aztec style nasties and gods...

      Flying serpants, natives in full tribal garb, totems and some temple scenics... maybe with a heart tugging high priest and alter.

    16. Missing avatar

      Joshua Vieira 1 day ago

      Btw... chronoscope needs some tweaking.

      Mechs and rogue-types could spice it up... maybe some 28mm spaceship scenics for the win

    17. Missing avatar

      Joshua Vieira 1 day ago

      Another fun box... would be a set for each Lovecraftian great old one, including associated characters , creatures and locations.

      The possibilities, and lack of licensing requirements , would make this a no-brainer.

      Here is an example that is pretty simple. A pack with Cthuhlu, DagoN, hydra, deep ones, star spawn, and scenics of R'lyeh.

      " take my money" memes here

    18. Missing avatar

      Joshua Vieira 1 day ago

      Next kickstarter could have an elemental planes box with various transluscent elementals of each size.
      Then cap it off with genies from each plane.

      Maybe even royalty types.

      "Elemental fury " boxes could also include animal elementals.

    19. Missing avatar

      Joshua Vieira 1 day ago

      Arena of the planeswalker minis are easily removed from their bases.

      Hell of a deal on those. The scaling on them is fine. Also, the maps can be used for dnd as well.

    20. Frankie
      1 day ago

      Been trying to add some more to my pledge recently, but the PayPal button keeps failing.
      Anyone else been seeing that, or is it just me?

    21. Andrew Rivett 2 days ago

      What colours would I paint the Silver Dragon with?

      A pot of silver paint and what else?

    22. Missing avatar

      Georgia Ballard 3 days ago

      @Jim Hansen-- I'm pretty sure it goes up by kilogram, not figure, though it's hard to say how many kilos some of those larger figures weigh. I doubt the smaller figures would be that much, but the shipping is pretty high regardless. It is a European KS, after all.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jean-Guy Turcotte 3 days ago

      Is International shipping to Canada is done via USPS?
      I don't want anything to do with oter shipping services such as UPS...

    24. Nick P. 4 days ago

      @Jim Hansen $25 shipping per figure? How can you make such an outrageous claim without knowing how much anything weighs? There is no way it's that much. Don't be silly.

    25. Missing avatar

      richard bussard 4 days ago

      @Peter S. Those figures are easy to use. Suprglue a 1" flat fender washer to the bottom (under the feet), then use a dremel tool as a router to remove the extra plastic around the washer. When painted they match regular D&D miniatures.

    26. Jim Hansen 4 days ago

      Lost Kingdom has some amazing figs but factoring in shipping the price per fig is around $25.00. Can buy me a lot of Reaper bones for that.

    27. Bojesphob 4 days ago

      @Michael Patrick O'Connor: My counting may be off, but if you got one of everything, that appears to be well over 300 minis.

    28. Michael Patrick O'Connor 4 days ago

      Just wondering, over the last several months I been adding each of the extra models. by the end of August I will have added them all, so assuming I get one of each model set, how many can I expect I will get in the end?

    29. Bojesphob 4 days ago

      I thought about getting in on the Lost Kingdom KS, but I still have Nyarlathotep, the Dragon Turtle, and a painting DVD in my cart for Bones 4 that I need to pay for still... The wife already rolls her eyes at how many minis I have to paint up LOL

    30. Peter S 4 days ago

      When I get around to it I do plan to debase the painted hero minis in those sets and rebase them on some suitable sizes.

    31. Peter S 4 days ago

      The challenge with game pieces I have found is often the scaling is off (more of an issue with human figures) but also the bases can be oversize or just not normal geometry for gaming boards. For example I picked up some Magic the Gathering - Arena of the Planeswalker games for short money a few months back. Just for the monstrous minis in the sets. A number of the humanoids are ok, but weird sizes and with bases somewhere between medium and large size. (Like 35 mm) Given the price I paid, just being able to use a portion of the minis is still a decent price. (It was over 50 minis for under 20 bucks.)

    32. Missing avatar

      Crysta 5 days ago

      Very nice lizardmen!

    33. Nick P. 5 days ago

      Just a friendly reminder that another kickstarter needs your support! Follow this link for the most awesome LIZARDMEN pieces I have ever seen! Any help is appreciated as we have less than 20 days left and a lot to still unlock.

    34. Missing avatar

      Crysta 6 days ago

      @Kelly yup, you know the one. It was great since it was the first bridge I saw that could handle large 32mm scale miniatures.

      That price made me say nope. x.x Better just to make it.

    35. Missing avatar

      Evilbookworm 6 days ago

      Thank you kindly Mr Redford!

    36. Bill Redford 6 days ago

      Evil book Wyrm. See update 96

      Question of the Week: How long do I have before the Pledge Manager closes?

      So, we’d originally planned on having the Reaper Pledge Manager close on July 31. However, we’ve gotten scores of messages from backers who have asked us to extend the date. So, we’re extending the deadline until September 3, 2018. Just in time for you to come to ReaperCon and see some of the models first-hand!

    37. Missing avatar

      Evilbookworm 6 days ago

      Hey, just want to verify something. All the official statements say the Pledge Manager will close July 31, but now I'm hearing early September? I want to be sure as I was planning on using a bonus to fund my add-ons but it didn't come thru and wont' until mid- August.

    38. Kelly 6 days ago

      @ Crysta yes I was looking at those, but couldn't justify the cost even though they looked great.

    39. Missing avatar

      Crysta 6 days ago

      3d print*

    40. Missing avatar

      Crysta 6 days ago

      I need more bridges x.x I currently 3d mine but I'd love to see a major mini line do them. A few company's do the resin casts and there is (or was) a nice KS casting them, but it's so pricey.

    41. Dan Teh Chad
      6 days ago

      I second the hope for more terrain options, boats, or even carts and such. Having just received my shipment from the "TerrainCrate" Kickstarter by Mantic, I'm quite happy with all the ways I can use it... But I really find myself wanting even more variety, and it's already popped up a couple times that I'd love to see a competing product from Reaper Bones.

      Also, we NEED an optional add-on for a small vessel named "Boaty McBonesFace" hahaha.

    42. Kelly 7 days ago

      I agree with more hobgoblins and cat folk. Terrain wise more boats, carts or bridges would be great.

    43. Missing avatar

      Crysta 7 days ago

      Yeah for the catfish. Got interrupted with my post 3 times -.- Should have been more clear.

    44. Missing avatar

      Georgia Ballard 7 days ago

      @ Crysta; For the catfish? I'm lazy, so if it had it's own base, I'd be fine with that. Though all the talk around the Barge and it's translucent base makes me think a translucent splashing water base would be pretty sick.
      I like what they did with the dragon turtle-- all that treasure is gonna be a chore to paint, but it's gonna look amazing in the end-- but my only complaint with the flight-stand base is that they are more fragile, so you pretty much have to leave one end un-glued for transportation (assuming it's gonna get some play- might be fine for display only).

    45. Detective Talon Wilfy 7 days ago

      Definitely hoping for more non-traditional player races representing a variety of classes **coughcoughMaleCatfolkCastercoughcough** in Bones 5. I have more than enough monsters, undead, goblins, humans, elves, halflings, gnomes, etc... There is no shortage of those in the miniature world. Be daring! Seek out new life and new civilizations!

    46. Missing avatar

      Crysta on

      Would you guys prefer a flight stand base or a plain base to build your own.

      I think I would sculpt a rock bed/shallow river bed. Hard to say until I have it in my hand. May do one for display completely submerged in resin.

    47. Missing avatar

      Georgia Ballard on

      I also really like the non-human commoners. That was one of my favorite sets in the last KS, so more of those would be cool. Halfling town guards and dwarf and elf merchants and half-orc circus performers come to mind. Dunno why those ones come to mind, they are weirdly specific. *shrug*

    48. Missing avatar

      Georgia Ballard on

      More hobgoblins would be great for a later KS. I still think Chronoscope needs more drones and robots as well as adventurer sorts (since Starfinder is affiliated with Pathfinder, maybe we will get some of those eventually). But the selection of minis under that label could definitely use more diversification in general.
      I know that Reaper's previous comment was that it's hard to please people with the Sci-fi minis because unlike fantasy where there's one distinct system (D&D) and others that simply add on or expand upon that system (Pathfinder et all), the need for certain minis is less broad (everyone needs dragons, owlbears, elves, undead, catfolk, etc); but with Sci-fi, there's so many different systems (Starfinder, Star Wars, Star Trek, Shadowrun/Cyberpunk, etc) with very different aesthetics, so the selection of minis required is vastly different.
      Still, they're getting work done. I'm excited about this Chronoscope expansion, but I also have so many opinions about what I'd like to see in that set for the future. Maybe less retro-futurism and more cyberpunk. Also, as previously mentioned, more robots. But I'm biased towards Shadowrun so there you go.

    49. Missing avatar

      Corenthio on

      @Joshua Ya I agree with both of those too. Another thing I would like is more Hobgoblins similar to the ones from last KS except more line infantry like. But ya the small folk could use some fleshing out (not alot of options across whole market) especially now that they have that new plastic. I am excited to see the darkreaches gnomes.

    50. Phoenix Rising on

      @Georgia - haven't seen it with a base so far...

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