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Reimagine learning with a cutting edge video game that teaches physical science to middle school students.

Think back to middle school. Imagine if your introduction to physical science was a video game. One that you could have played in the classroom. With real, measurable results. We plan on making this a reality for students for the Fall 2013 school year!

Update on efficacy and play testing, check out our video below!

Why did we play test? We play tested to make sure kids could play the game and had fun doing so, an important step for both entertainment and educational games.

What do we mean by efficacy testing? We had a diverse group of kids answer questions about their knowledge of science and their favorite subjects. Next, we gathered lots of data while they played the game, and again afterward.

All groups showed:

  • High degree of engagement 
  • High frequency of replay, on average 5 times (far above the norm for education games) 
  • 76% of time: active, on topic communication 
  • Less than 6% of time: off topic communication. Students stayed on task. 
  • Improved science & math self-efficacy scores in all groups 
  • Urban students saw score increases of over 20%, almost closing the gap with their suburban and rural peers 

Martha Madison's Marvelous Machines shows HUGE potential for the future of education!

A bit of background:

In 2011, The National Science Foundation funded an SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) Phase I grant for preliminary development of Martha Madison’s Marvelous Machines, which got us off to a great start. Those funds allowed us to build a proof of concept and begin developing a compelling storyline behind everything Martha. Our game is research based, marrying learning and design. We collaborated with some of the best minds in education and industry experts from the School of Interactive Games and Media at the Rochester Institute of Technology, one of the top gaming schools in the country. We have enthusiastic responses and great data that shows we are making a difference in education. We are ready to begin working on the next chapter of Martha’s story!

And now, here is where YOU come in.

We’re going to begin by building a new Mission for Martha and her colony of animal friends, and we’re looking to you to get involved and participate in the experience with us.

Why the meerkat?

Meerkats exhibit altruistic behavior, which was a perfect fit for the theme of our game. They are naturally inclined to engage in collaboration, and work as a part of a team to problem-solve—precisely what we have in mind for the students who play Martha Madison. Choose your character to unlock special abilities that affect how well each is able to build various machines and structures.

Who is this game for? 

The opportunity is especially well suited for students, parents, educators, and anyone interested in offering students an engaging, memorable, and educational gaming experience. Help change the declining trend in U.S. education. Improve educational outcomes, alongside our creative and development teams. We encourage you to invest in Martha, and add to her story. This Mission will serve as the first of hopefully many to follow, with an ultimate goal of a platform suitable for a full calendar year of classroom content.

 What’s in it for you?

The opportunity to increase interest in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) disciplines at what research recognizes as the most critical age (middle school), through a fun and engaging game that is backed by sound data proving its relevance and potential impact on the marketplace. Instrumentation built into the game enables continuous improvement. Enthusiastic responses from teachers, students and families have us excited, and we plan on distributing Martha Madison to both schools and consumers. Let's reimagine learning, together. 

 We have some enticing rewards in store for you, too!

 We made a special video to share the details. 

Any questions? Reach out to us! Tweet us @2ndAveLearning, find us on facebook, shoot us an email. Don't forget to share with your friends. We're counting on you! 

Check out our links in the sidebar, including a Google Tech Talk from our CEO

THANK YOU, from all of us!

-The Second Avenue Learning team


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    Access to a beta copy of the next mission of Martha Madison’s Marvelous Machines, and the opportunity to offer valuable tester feedback to the Second Avenue Learning development team. We want YOUR input! Your name in the credits, as a Member of the Burrow. Plus, all rewards in tiers below!

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    A new playable animal character will be created, based off an image of your pet, or animal of your choice. He or she will join Martha and her friends on their adventures, and use special innate abilities to solve problems with simple machines. What will YOUR pet’s special abilities be? Your name in the credits, as Mission Marauder. Plus, all rewards in tiers below!

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    GAMING WITH THE TEAM! Round trip airfare to Rochester, NY and hotel accommodations for two nights. You will get to meet and have lunch with the development and creative team, spend the day at our office discussing the inspiration behind the game, playing games with us, and asking us questions, if you like! We’ll take you by the Strong National Museum of Play, home of the International Center for the History of Electronic Games (one of the coolest places ever, trust us). Your name in the credits, as The Mad Scientist. Plus, all rewards in tiers below!

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