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MusicAlight is bringing you the first LED sleeve for guitars that will teach you virtually any song or chord with lights.

MusicAlight is bringing you the first LED sleeve for guitars that will teach you virtually any song or chord with lights. Read More
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on April 12, 2012.

About this project


Learning to play the guitar has never been so easy with our LED guitar sleeve. We have designed a sleeve with LED lights that wraps around the guitar neck underneath the strings. It has special cut holes to allow the standard frets to be used. LED lights are attached near each fret of the guitar. As you begin learning, the LEDs light up below the string you should hold to play the correct chord in a song. The tempo can be turned up or down to allow you to learn at the speed you want. Each song or chord can be added seamlessly through our website or directly from your computer. We have programmed a guitar tab parser that allows you to convert standard text tabs into our custom format so you can start learning your favorite songs instantly.

The Prototype:

Here is a video of our first prototype:

The Sleeve Design

Here is a video showing our basic design intentions for the sleeve:

Our Software:

We have developed software that parses standard text tabs and loads the chords and picking patterns into the sleeve. No need to create special files on your own. Just click and load! Our sleeve will have a 100% open API. If you enjoy hardware hacking, the information will be available to you to allow you full control of the sleeve and its LEDs (light show anyone?).

Planned Features:

  • Ultra-thin LED sleeve that wraps around standard size acoustic guitar necks
  • Quick and easy control over tempo
  • Easy interface to download new songs
  • Battery power for complete mobility
  • Open API allows generation of your own light shows or whatever you imagine
  • Community forums dedicated to supporting hardware and hacking
  • Dedicated team members
  • Promise to deliver or your money will be refunded

Possible Future Functionality:

We have big plans for the future! Depending on the amount raised we will also be adding additional functionality that includes the following.

  • Integrated microphone that provides real time feedback on how well you are playing a song, and provides built in guitar tuning
  • A web app that allows you to connect with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and for interactive learning with videos

What We Will Use The Money For:

We want to make our sleeve as cheap for the customer as possible, but need it to be high quality and durable. To do that, we need to order parts and manufacturing in bulk. All money will be used for product development and production. No personal expenses, no computers, no nonsense. All money will be used for the LED sleeve.

Why You Can Trust Us:

We have seen many projects on Kickstarter fail or not deliver what was promised. We recognize that delays sometimes happen, but that doesn’t mean that you should be left in the dark wondering if you have wasted your hard earned money. We are 100% dedicated to this project and want it to succeed just as much as you want your product. We promise to be 100% transparent in how your money is spent, our progress on the project, and how well we are keeping to the timeline. In addition, If we are unable to deliver your rewards within 6 months, we will offer full refunds of your pledges.

Other LED Systems:

Unlike other LED systems on the market today our system does not require alteration your guitar or require purchasing a custom guitar or neck. You can use our system with almost any standard acoustic guitar. (If enough people request it, we will make one fit for electric as well.)

Our Team

Matt Smith - The idea man and online marketing expert
Jason Newman - Currently getting his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University and is a hardware genius
Clint Berry - Software developer creating the web link software

See more about our team at


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