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28mm Female Minis for Post Apoc Wargaming. Dressed to kill. Also Rocket Propelled Bunnies. What?
28mm Female Minis for Post Apoc Wargaming. Dressed to kill. Also Rocket Propelled Bunnies. What?
338 backers pledged £17,186 to help bring this project to life.

Lots of snazzy pictures!


Finally now have the golden mix of a new laptop (after the other unexpectedly broke mid campaign!) and Photoshop! Woo! So I was up super late getting the graphics together for you.

Remember to check out the new pledge level where you get £140 worth of stuff for £100 :O

Firstly.... I painted the Gunny Bunnies! Squeeee! Hoppidity Hop!

 Andrew Taylor has painted some more!






 Which is your favourite?

Also I put together some snazzier pictures for some of the unlocks. My poor sculptor Shane has been unwell the last week so I've been kicking his ass for updates while he's been trying to recover, so after three.... "Get well soon Shane!". He has been working like a trooper despite that and should have some photos of the Wrenchmouth Handlers and Stiches & Rags later today.

Rags I have a photo of but teased you with a silhouette til we get a clearer shot in the daylight. She started off as a mechanic but turned into more of a mech assistant to the medic (Stitches), she is armed with a twin machine gun with chainsaw blade for amputations, and on her back hangs lots of robo-limbs. She is the fixer upper! No room for wimping out for these ladies! It's ok she also carries some cloth for them to bite down on.


 These are another adorable unlock sculpted by Alan Marsh. I kept these figures less "wacky" as I figured they would fit so perfectly in with modern zombie fighting games as well, so there's no lasers or gas masks. Makes them more versatile, but also great post apoc models too! And where did they come from? How long ago WAS the war? Were they born afterwards? That sounds like more questions for Ghosts of Gaia III :O

 Patti! Sculpted by Phil Hynes. She is huuuge! around 50mm to the eyes. I can't wait to see her painted. She will be cast in resin for ultimate detail. I like the idea of later stretch goals being alternative weapons, what do you think?

 The Bunny Bomber - Bommie, will be finished later today so pictures probably tomorrow of that, such excite.


We unlocked Dani Abram! YAY!

 This means she will be creating an original piece of artwork which you will get for FREE and will be available on extra merch too. She will also be creating some animation... watch this space.

Have a look at her stuff while you wait to see what you comes up with, I'm linking to her comic Worry Wart, which is about her experience fighting anxiety. I first met Dani at a Comic Convention and was super stoked that she not only knew who I was, but signed my copy of the comic with a little drawing of Baggy the Bag!

All of these artist unlocks are bonus presents from me to you, and also to the amazing artists as well, so cherish them!

So what do you think to all this new goodness?

Enough to make you leap up to the super pledge of "ALL THE THINGS"? :D


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    1. Jonathan Yuengling on June 6, 2017

      I will be increasing my pledge to get two of these. Oh so cute, and armed

    2. Erik Kain Petersen on June 6, 2017

      its all good :-) Patti is looking particularly fierce

    3. Jean-Sebastien Grosse on June 6, 2017

      That's a lot of very nice things, for sure!
      Thank you, Annie! ^^

    4. Bethan Nye
      on June 6, 2017

      Very excited for Stitches and Rags! and the baby Wrenchmouth!

    5. Amber B. Panda on June 6, 2017

      Christmas came early :)