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An entire army's worth of badass women for your dark age & fantasy wargaming.
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Size Compares, Scabby Rabbits & More Paintjobs!

Posted by Bad Squiddo Games (Creator)

Good Evening!

I am extremely sleepy so bear with me! I've spent the evening plodding around the KS updating images, rewording bits, and generally tinkering.

One thing to clear up from yesterday's update (which was also very sleepy!) is that you CAN choose the Defending Villagers and Zombie Shieldmaidens as options in the "Pick 6,10,20 Units" pledges as well as all the new packs.

Right, so first up....

Size comparison!


Not the best photo (I've been off work most of the day ill and only went in for a flying visit), but mostly so you can see the difference in size between the animals. And how big Hel is!


Phil has scupted the mjölkhare! Eeee!


What a nasty beast hey! The mjölkhare is made by a witch out of hair, bones, butter, mud, earwax, blood, yarn, cloth and all other sorts of gross! She sends it out to steal or spoil the milk (a valuable resource!). I can't wait to see this painted, it's very "zombie like". The hare isn't unlocked yet, but it is ready for you!

Lovely painting

 Paul Sanderson has done a top job on these. The poor chap can finally sleep now, he's been non stop painting shieldmaidens since before Christmas. He'll be working on the stand at Vapnartak on Sunday, make sure to shake his hand or let him have a sup of your beer!

Fantasy Shieldmaidens

Even though we're display painting everything in dark ages colours, we got Em from Electric Eve to paint one up in fantasy style to give you an idea of how cool they can look like in a Frostgrave, Kings or War, Mordheim, Dragon Rampant... army or warband or whatnot. I love it!

 That's all for now - bed time for me!


Thank you excellent folk,


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    1. Adam Dodge

      Awesome painting by them both

    2. Paul M. M. D. Jacobus on

      OK, have never heard of the mjölkhare before, but yes, need them for sure now.

    3. Jean-Sebastien Grosse on

      Thank you for the size comparison photo, Annie! It helps, for sure!
      As for the "zombie hare" (or whatever it's called), it's freaking ghastly and already gives me some shivers as is! So, I can't imagine it when painted! Brrr...
      Speaking of painting, great job on the Shieldmaidens by Paul again!
      And the Em version is interesting too but more fantasy-like indeed!
      Take care and have some rest!