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The funniest, craziest musical you've ever seen. With an all - Great Performances cast! Read more

New York, NY Theater
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This project was successfully funded on February 4, 2013.

The funniest, craziest musical you've ever seen. With an all - Great Performances cast!

New York, NY Theater
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About this project

NightWind Productions presents Little Shop of Horrors by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman

Directed by Kevin Horne

Happy New Year! As 2013 unfolds, we hope you can lend a hand and help get this wonderful project off the ground!

The Show

Follow the adventures of Seymour, our florist hero, as he cultivates a carnivorous, blood-sucking plant, and gains fortune and fame.  But the plant has plans of its own, and it soon it starts demanding Seymour feed it human beings!  

And haven't we all been in the exact same position?

The show is brilliant, the songs are classic. When you wake up the day after seeing the show and your stomach muscles hurt, blame us. You will laugh that hard.

The Dish

We are planning on producing this hysterical musical in late February 2013, showcasing the huge array of talent working at Great Performances Caterers, New York City's premier catering company. 

All the cast are professional working actors - Broadway and National Tour veterans, commercial and television regulars - working "day jobs" as caterers for Great Performances (GP for short). GP was originally founded as a waiter staffing agency for women in the arts. It has since expanded into one of NYC's largest catering companies.

We all know each other from our survival job, and now we are pooling our resources to produce this show. And we can't do it alone.

We have leveraged GP's business relationships with vendors to acquire theatre space, lights, sound, costumes, etc. But now we need to raise funds to take advantage of these opportunities before the offers expire!

The Vision

Last January we produced Into the Woods. That production also featured an all-GP cast. It was written up in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. We aim to repeat that success with Little Shop of Horrors.

The (still working!) link to the NY Times article is here:

The Funding

There has been a huge outpouring of support for this production already. We have commitments for a great number of the items needed to produce this show, and everyone involved is donating their time, or giving us their professional services at hugely discounted rates.

But producing shows in New York is extremely expensive, and we are doing this all on our own. So your generous donations will help us rent or purchase:

Performance Space

Rehearsal Space


Lights and Sound

Lighting Designer


Performance Royalties

Theatre Insurance

General Liability Insurance


And for those of you new to Kickstarter - your gifts are entirely safe. No one is charged until the project has been fully funded - so if we don't make our funding goals, no money changes hands at all. And all the payments are handled by Amazon Payments, so your information is entirely secure.

The Cast

We have a fantastic cast lined up, with Broadway and regional credits including Camelot, and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, just to name a few. The cast is as follows:

The Plant -  Steve Asciolla*

Seymour - Aaron Vega

Orin, the Dentist - Ken Bolander

Chiffon - Jonelle Margallo*

Ronette - Kim David

Crystal - Heaven Stephens*

Audrey - Ashley Lewis

Mushnik - Jack Halpin

Bernstein, Luce, Skip - Kevin Horne*

Various - Josh Bishop

Various - Maura Kelley

And our illustrious Stage Manager, Claire Kennedy!

Music direction by Andrew Smithson

*Member of Actor's Equity Association

The Rest

Great Performances has a deep commitment to the artistic community, especially when those artists are part of the company.

GP maintains a section of its website dedicated to the artistic accomplishments of the GP staff, and there are literally hundreds more besides the cast members of Into the Woods. Feel free to check them out at

So please help us this Holiday season and give the gift of theatre to New York City. And please help us spread the word - tell your family and friends, "Like' us on Facebook, Tweet, email... we can use all the friends we can get!

Risks and challenges

After our project is fully funded, there are a number of challenges to overcome. But we have the necessary knowledge to meet those challenges, and a proven track record of doing so.

We will be rehearsing this show during January and February. There is a lot to do - music, blocking, staging, lines, just to name a few. The cast collectively has decades of theatrical experience. They are all pros, some having worked on Broadway, and half of the cast is returning from "Into the Woods."

Set/Lighting Installation
Loading in a show to a space is always a challenge. Luckily, the set design is "runway-style" with audience on two sides, so the set itself is minimal. We have a large number of volunteers to help with this process. Last year we had a great number of people with lighting and set experience donate their time. Building on the success of "Into the Woods" we will have even more this time.

Equipment Failure
This is always a possibility. Last year, as a matter of fact, a dimmer at our theatre failed. Our production team has relataionships with some of the New York area's best suppliers and technicians. We rented a portable dimmer pack to compensate for the house dimmer we lost. And we have budgeted to accommodate these types of possibilities.

The great advantage of our production is that everyone involved has worked together in the event industry for years. We have a very long history of real-time problem solving. If fact, that's a significant amount of what we do on a daily basis: we plan events in advance, execute them based on those plans, and stay far enough ahead of problems to solve them as they occur. This experience is not something that is found in a run-of-the-mill theatre group. And our partnership with Great Performances puts at our disposal a vast number of resources to help us overcome any challenges that might arise.

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    Also, you get billing on the title page of the program as Associate Producer, and an invitation to the closing night cast party. It will be rockin.'

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