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CA$ 14,098 pledged of CA$ 60,000 goal

Supreme Ruler 1936 - Early Access Update Posted

New Update for Supreme Ruler Early Access Beta includes first draft of 1936 Germany Campaign!

Version 8.0.14

Here are some highlights from the most recent Early Access Update:

- Land Dept facility controls update. There are still some quirks in the new system (Cities can be scrapped, not the intended design)
- Equipment errata fixes
- Map errata fixes
- "Strategic Reserve" system Petrol and Industrial Goods [*]larger starting stocks, plus less dumping to market by ministers
- "known tech" indication added to list of techs unlockable in the popup research
- "ignore offers from region" button hopefully fixed now in popup diplomacy
- Garbage GUI elements in State dept should be gone now
- New lobby option may help video performance
- Various minor GUI tweaks
- Other languages accessible but still unsupported (many missing techs, alerts, messages in other languages)
- Italian Campaign updated
- First draft of German Campaign added
- BattleGroup selection crash fixed.
- Quicksave reassigned to F10
- Events added
- Events system fixes
- Economy bug of negative values fixed
- Fixes to some state department funding calcs
- Fixes for "dead regions" (still some quirks)

Thank you to everyone for the continued feedback and support!

Link to Steam Early Access:


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