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By BattleGoat Studios
CA$ 14,098 pledged of CA$ 60,000 goal

Developer Update #1


Thank you very much to everyone that's supported us so far!

As part of our Kickstarter campaign, we'll also be sharing with you some insights from our development team about their work and their favorite features.

First up is Lead Programmer, and BattleGoat Co-Founder, George Geczy:

I enjoy all sorts of computer games, but there is a special place in my heart for the tactical-level wargame.  Panzer General, released by SSI in the mid-1990s, remains one of the classic computer games of all time, and I still find myself going back to it for inspiration on many of the tactical battle elements that are part of Supreme Ruler 1936.

Different people play the Supreme Ruler games in many different ways.  For me, the economics, research, resources, trading, and diplomacy all lead up to one goal: the battles.  And for the battle elements, the game engine in Supreme Ruler is unlike anything else out there.

Like many other strategy games we start with a heavily researched base of unit designs ("Table of Equipment") and army deployments ("Orders of Battle", or ORBATs).  Every element of military equipment in the game has an extensive series of specifications - attack strengths against different types of targets, defensive ratings, close combat capabilities, spotting, and so on.  For Supreme Ruler 1936 we've also added an "overall strength rating" indicator to make it easier to choose what to build, though in many cases you may want to build units that specialize in a particular role - paratroopers, or ground-attack planes, or sub-hunting destroyers. 

Where the Supreme Ruler 1936 engine takes this beyond other games is in the scope - the whole world is always going, all the time.  Even in areas where the "fog of war" prevents players from seeing what is happening, all actions and battles and results are simulated in full, down to the detailed calculations of each unit's capabilities.  

And all of this is done at the Battalion level, giving players the ability to command battles at a "tactical" level, using strategies such as cutting of supply routes, encircling units, or attacking a weak point in the enemy's lines.  Bring aircraft in to play to exploit a breakthrough, or use infantry entrenched in forests to blunt an attack.

The ability of the Supreme Ruler 1936 engine to support a "no limits" design means that players are only restricted by their money and their resources as to the size and type of army they can field.  And significant design improvements in the SR1936 engine have allowed the game to play much faster at the highest game speed settings than was possible in our previous titles.

While it's possible for a player to automate the military elements of the game using Ministers and Theater/BattleZone priorities, combined with the Unit Initiative settings, for me the best way to play the game is to roll up your sleeves and ride with your spearhead tanks as they roll over the border to catch the enemy off guard...

-- George / Lead Programmer, BattleGoat Studios 

Have a question or comment?  Leave them here, or visit us on our forums at - we look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for your continued support!  Your support of Kickstarter Campaign is very important to us!

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