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Update #11

Supreme Ruler 1936 - Early Access Update Posted


New Update for Supreme Ruler Early Access Beta includes first draft of 1936 Germany Campaign!

Version 8.0.14

Here are some highlights from the most recent Early Access Update:

- Land Dept facility controls update. There are still some quirks in the new system (Cities can be scrapped, not the intended design)
- Equipment errata fixes
- Map errata fixes
- "Strategic Reserve" system Petrol and Industrial Goods [*]larger starting stocks, plus less dumping to market by ministers
- "known tech" indication added to list of techs unlockable in the popup research
- "ignore offers from region" button hopefully fixed now in popup diplomacy
- Garbage GUI elements in State dept should be gone now
- New lobby option may help video performance
- Various minor GUI tweaks
- Other languages accessible but still unsupported (many missing techs, alerts, messages in other languages)
- Italian Campaign updated
- First draft of German Campaign added
- BattleGroup selection crash fixed.
- Quicksave reassigned to F10
- Events added
- Events system fixes
- Economy bug of negative values fixed
- Fixes to some state department funding calcs
- Fixes for "dead regions" (still some quirks)

Thank you to everyone for the continued feedback and support!

Link to Steam Early Access:

Update #10

Steam Early Access Launched


For those still anxious to get their hands on Supreme Ruler 1936 as soon as possible and participate in our Beta program, we are pleased to announce that it has now been launched on Steam Early Access!

Link to Steam Early Access:

As an added incentive, for a limited time, this Early Access program will be available at 25% off the Release Price of $39.95 --- making it only $29.95!

Once again, we appreciate all the support we received through Kickstarter!

Update #9

Supreme Ruler 1936 Kickstarter Suspended


BattleGoat Studios is today suspending our Kickstarter campaign. We sincerely appreciate the support of everyone that has backed us, that has discussed Supreme Ruler 1936 on forums and gaming communities, watched our videos, and otherwise helped to get the word out about our project.

It is clear at this point that we will not reach our campaign goal. We have found it difficult to reach out to players and fans of our past games and make them aware of our Kickstarter campaign, and strategy games of this level of detail are not the sort of casual game purchase that is typical for most Kickstarter game projects.

Instead we are now refocusing our efforts towards an Early Access Steam Beta launch in December, as we continue to work towards a late March 2014 release date for Supreme Ruler 1936. We hope that you will all watch for this launch on Steam, and continue to help get the word out about SR1936.

While we won't be able to make a retail "boxed" version without the Kickstarter support, we will be working hard on continuing to bring as much as possible in the way of features and content to the final release. Early Access on Steam gives players the ability to "pre order" a game and then also participate in a full beta program as part of their purchase, allowing us to work directly with our players and fans to make Supreme Ruler 1936 the best game possible.

Thank you again for your continued interest and support of our project, and we look forward to seeing many of you on our game forums and discussion groups.

-- The BattleGoat Studios Team

Make sure you check out our other web resources:
- BattleGoat Forums 
- BattleGoat Website  
- BattleGoat titles on Steam  (Watch for Supreme Ruler 1936 Early Access in December!)

Update #8 - For backers only

To all our Kickstarter backers and supporters:

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Update #7


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So, for this Kickstarter update, I'm going to talk about one specific new feature, "Objectives". This will be most interesting for those who have already played a Supreme Ruler game but I'll explain why it's so important. First, a bit of background on Supreme Ruler history.

With each version of the game, there have been key additions to the engine that were important for the setting we wanted to create. With Supreme Ruler 2010, we had created a solid game system for combat between regions but maps where limited in size. For Supreme Ruler 2020 we moved to the "one world map" design so players could interact with any other region in the world. What happened in the world was very free form, since it was a future setting and we had only written a fictional timeline for the game up to the game start, not past that point. When we undertook Supreme Ruler Cold War, we knew that would be our biggest challenge, dealing with the engine in a setting where there is an existing timeline that players expect us to follow. The solution was to create a system of "events" that occurred at the appropriate times in history.

That system worked well but we discovered it had severe limitations. We could make something occur around a specific date and could set some basic conditions such as "is the region alive" to check that history was where it should be, but these conditions were too broad and imprecise. This quickly became a priority for improving the engine as we began development for Supreme Ruler 1936. With the recent engine changes, we can, for example, make sure that Germany only attacks Poland in 1939 if war has not broken out in Western Europe, Italy and Japan are its allies and they have secured a non-aggression treaty from the Soviets. If the events have deviated from the historical path, or the player has chosen not to enforce historical events, then the other regional AI's take over and make decisions based on the circumstances.

What will help gameplay even more, particularly for new players, is that the events system now supports sending objectives. This means that if Germany is in the hands of a player, we can tell them that they must move troops to the Austrian border if they want the Anschluss to occur. We can then encourage them to move on to Czechoslovakia and Poland. This allows us to help a new player learn how to play the game historically while not forcing their hand. It also allows us to manage some of the "What If"s such as, if Germany conquers Poland in 1937, we can increase relations between the Allied regions earlier and cause them to act faster. Or if Germany does not attack Poland, the UK could be more open to working together against Bolshevism in the world. Really the only limit to the system is the development time it takes to set up each event.

(An early development version of Objectives Interface)
(An early development version of Objectives Interface)

By combining the tools of scripted events with condition checks and prerequisite events, we allow ourselves as designers and also our modders to create within a campaign or scenario a domino effect of actions to create more of a story. We can give a player in a specific region a victory condition appropriate to their country. Currently playing one of the Japanese campaigns, you are taken through objectives to conquer the Philippines, Guam, Solomon islands, Dutch East Indies and a bunch of other Pacific islands a few at a time. Once you conquer Australia, so long has you still own those Pacific assets, you would be victorious in the campaign. If at any point you lose either Formosa or Korea, you lose. Taking Beijing is required to unlock the final objectives but actually defeating China is a secondary objective, not required for the win but encouraged.

Of course Supreme Ruler 1936 will also continue to offer players the Scenarios and open-ended Sandbox modes that have been popular in all our previous titles, however the new objective-based Campaigns add a lot of new and interesting ways to play the game.

Our hope is that the community will gain as much out of this new feature as we anticipate.

-- Chris Latour, Game Designer, BattleGoat Studios

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