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CA$ 14,098 pledged of CA$ 60,000 goal
By BattleGoat Studios
CA$ 14,098 pledged of CA$ 60,000 goal

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    1. PegasusOrgans-AGL 589 on November 9, 2013

      Damn it! There are about 5-6 great Strategy games on Kickstarter that are having funding issues! There was a point, around when Banner Saga and Wasteland 2 were around when this games and all these others would have hit their amounts easily. There is definite "Kickstarter fatigue", and it means some super projects don't get what they deserve. I hope you guys keep on going despite the lackluster response. Analyze other projects that were successful. You need to approach the new KS crowd funding reality more head on. Have a fan base before the project even begins.

    2. Missing avatar

      Dylan Wilby on November 9, 2013

      Hands down this series has been one of my all time favorite. I have had the pleasure of putting more hours into these games than many many others combined. I encourage the devs to do thier own kckster like project as I would love to continue to support them. Thank you to the Devs for making such an amazing series of games. Please don't let this little setback slow you down, your fans will support you anyway they can!!

    3. Missing avatar

      Fabian Gimdal on November 6, 2013

      SR2020 units and teqhniques should be added into the game so you could play it to atleast 2040-2050 :) Would be fun to develope as a country from the 1930's to the 2050's :)

    4. Leo Dellavia on November 6, 2013

      @Sebastian Fidura - Yeah it's a pitty but I believe target amount is not an issue but marketing and media coverage is. I'm not saying the devs didn't do their best but obviously news of this kickstarter project hasn't reached enough number of players...

    5. Sebastian Fidura on November 6, 2013

      Great pity that the project has no chance of getting 100% support at kickstarter. Unfortunately, target (60k) was placed way too far.

    6. Missing avatar

      ChrisD on November 5, 2013

      I'm a long time fan of the series, it is sad this new game dont get more attention here. Cold War was great (i'm partial^^ i wasnt very enthusiast about the AI behaviour, and pathing, like in SR2020), i hope 1936 will deliver too!
      I'll update my pledge later :)

    7. Benjamin Stanley on November 2, 2013

      @BattleGoat Studios - I love the Supreme Ruler series! I am going to post this around the web. Consider getting in touch with Rock Paper Shotgun and PC Gamer they are fairly friendly.

    8. BattleGoat Studios Creator on October 28, 2013

      Thank you everybody for the support and comments.

      To answer some of the questions that have been posted via this Comment section:

      - The tactical AI has undergone significant revision and improvements, and more work is being done there. Some of the changes have already been pushed back into "Supreme Ruler Cold War" as part of Update 3.7, but even more is being done to make the AI use the types of unit mixes that were more common in the WWII period. Game speed has also been significantly increased as the support for large armies has been improved.

      Regarding player support for big armies, this is an area we are still actively working on, since we want players to be able to more easily wage battles across large fronts (Germany/USSR, Japan/China) yet still maintain the battalion-level detail. We understand that this is an important element for SR1936, though it's hard to share specifics right at this stage when we're still testing out different ideas and improvements.

      As pointed out, it's possible to both move units individually at a battalion level, or organize them into battlegroups and move in formation, including matching speed etc. Historical WWII unit organization does provide us with other potential choices as well, and those are what we are working on.

      One of our challenges with Supreme Ruler 1936 is to create a system that allows easier "strategic level" control but doesn't remove the ability for players to play at a more detailed level - we're not looking to remove features, but instead want to give players more options.

    9. Missing avatar

      deleted on October 28, 2013

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    10. Jacob Vollmer on October 28, 2013

      Bill, units in SR are controlled separately, a lot like Civilization. Infantry, tanks, etc. are all separate units (there are no "armies"), but you can highlight them and move them as a group. They can also be chosen to move at the same speed if necessary. Units can stack on a single grid square 7 high. I think the current army style has its ups and downs, but overall I personally like the system. It just involves a lot more micromanaging because I don't like having the computer managing much of my game.

    11. Missing avatar

      deleted on October 28, 2013

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    12. Peter Baltzer Hansen on October 28, 2013

      im with max on this one, i would really love to see some corps and armies instead of the mess of units in the previous games

    13. Max Sprin on October 27, 2013

      I'm sure you guys would attract more attention to this KS project if you release some kind of alpha version of SR1936 for backers. Giving for free SR2020 is ok but we want to support SR1936, not SR2020. Another personal wish if you fix your AI. The worst part of all your games is a mess of silly moving units. It slows down computer memory and it overload brain with not reasonable micromanagement. There are no armies or groups and units moves one by one to die or retreat back to garrisons for repair. There is zero war game tactics. The video of SR1936 shows that the AI is no different from SR Cold War. If I'm wrong, please, release video showing how it is different from SR Cold War. So far it looks that SR1936 is the same as other SR games just with a different interface design. Please, release the video that shows the difference and it will definitely motivate many people to increase their support ( I’m the first one in the line ). Any way, I wish you all the best and good luck! It was a brave move to split from Paradox publisher to go alone with the title.

    14. Dale Simpson on October 23, 2013

      I hope this will get through. Will pledge more soon

    15. Fistalis on October 23, 2013

      less Talky more worky there George.

    16. Bofferbrauer on October 22, 2013

      Will there be a possibilty to export a game from SR:1936 to SR: Cold War? Because that would surely be a nice feature to prolonge a campaign and/or creating an alternate cold war

    17. Jacob Vollmer on October 22, 2013

      Can't wait to play this. I loved 2020

    18. Missing avatar

      deleted on October 22, 2013

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    19. Shawn MacDonell on October 21, 2013

      I've enjoyed 2020 a lot, 'still trying to get Cold War operable, 'have high hopes for this WWII-incarnation of a great strategy game!

    20. Bradley LeDonne on October 21, 2013

      Can't wait. Looking forward to this game! I love the whole history and WWII setting.

    21. Missing avatar

      deleted on October 19, 2013

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    22. Víctor Ventura on October 19, 2013

      I enjoyed a lot the previous games. I hope that this project will be successful to enjoy again another great game.

    23. Stormwaltz on October 19, 2013

      I'm happy to see you guys are still plugging away! (Still have my boxed copy of SR2010 on the shelf.)

    24. Missing avatar

      Kevin Soares on October 18, 2013

      Really excited for supreme ruler! Come on people lets fund this!!