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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on August 20, 2012.

Jerry Careccio
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Jerry Careccio

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In case you've heard of me, I was the kid who ran 75 yards for a touchdown against Saddle River back in 1996.  You don’t remember it?  Well I do.  There I am.

When you truly boil it down for 30 seconds like a 2 buck mouthpiece from the ole sports shack, my favorite memories of all time come from Pee Wee FOOTBALL.   Does that sound healthy?  It’s not, but it’s as honest as the concussions which have limited what I can remember. (Note:  This was before someone scientist decided those massive head-buzzing hits would damage my brain.)  

The crazy coaches, the cheerleaders and their Pom-Poms, the orange slices at halftime damnit, and how could you forget the lingering smell of week old geese poo because your workaholic mom forgot to wash your uniform.

But still to this day, the old crew and I dig out the Jurassic camcorder footage we have of those spectacular touchdowns and head first tackles that would make a 1999 Bill Goldberg jealous.   

Exhibit A:

It’s truly a wonder that none of us went pro.  We all thought we would, but then life smacked us upside the head and told us to go sit down on the bench.

Pee Wees is a show that must be made.  Whether you loved it or hated it, your parents probably made you try out for a youth sport.  Whatever it was -- soccer, baseball, football, heck even the clarinet if you played that -- you’ve all had a coach whom you've looked up to...someone you thought was the man, doing his service for the greater good of the children.  The truth is, he or she probably wasn’t.   Maybe he was bored.  Maybe his life just stunk.  But on that field, during that season he was king.   So lace 'em up.  Tighten up that belt, and buckle up your chinstrap.  We are going back.  Way back to Pee Wees boys and girls; when life was good and your only care in the world was football. 

Pee Wees is a brash comedy web series that blends scripted narrative with a mock-umentary style (Office, Modern Family) extravaganza.   The story?  We are going to follow the life of one bum who never went pro. Schmitty is 31, his friends are all working or married now.  Sound familiar?   He's a crazy guy that freelances the most random of jobs and has recently moved back into his mom's house after an ugly breakup.  Now you know who I'm talking about!   He’s been holding on to his favorite memories for years, still rocking out to songs of the 90's and reminding himself everyday that he is supposed to be a man.  

After the Colonial's head football coach loses his position, Schmitty inherits his dream job - his calling.  He's been given an opportunity to take over the head coaching job that nobody else wanted/actually had time for.

Now there's finally something in his life that he can take charge of, and once he tastes that addictive excitement again he will do whatever it takes to keep it that way -- If that means recruiting kids from the inner city, organizing boosters,  or dressing up little people to "help out" come Gameday.  If you know Schmitty, you know he'll at least consider it.   He's not a dick, he just doesn't get it, and if you were a parent, he's the last person you'd ever want to coach your kid.   If your sensitive to crude comedy, please donate to something great like Ronald Mcdonald.

The first episode will be a half hour PILOT episode "1st and 30", which we intend to launch into six, 5 minute episodes of a Web Series.  Our idea here is to garner enough exposure through these multiple episodes to create a following that can help us gain online distribution.  (Hulu, Netflix, FoD, etc.)

  • Introduction as Head Football Coach  
  • Selection Day aka "The Draft"
  • Assembling of the Staff
  • Meet and Greet with the Opposition
  • Introduction to the Colonial Team, Players, and Parents
  • Football Camp 

We want you to watch this on your commute to work, on your way to that boring lecture, or right before that grand presentation that’s been making you spend the last three nights at happy hour.   It will remind you that you were once the man, and that you must do better at your job or you’ll be unemployed and forced to coach a bunch of little shits. 

If you love football, if you love fantasy football, if you love the NFL, the XFL, the CFL (okay, maybe not the CFL) but if you can remember those Pee Wee years, or if you simply want to laugh so hard you forget about responsibility, then we need your support.  

The money to kickstart the project will go directly towards our production budget which includes camera equipment, insurance, food for cast and crew, and permits/locations etc.   Unfortunately, this does not include payment for actors, but if we can surpass the amount, hopefully we can and also incorporate some sweet special guest cameos (former athletes and former child actors from the 90s that we know, love and have now forgotten).

We will be searching through the LA circuit for a great up and coming comedian to cast as the lead role.   If you have someone you think would be great, feel free to contact us (Facebook/Email) and forward the info!

We appreciate you taking a look and sharing this to people you know that also may be interested in being apart of PEE WEES!

Pee Wees Rewards Shirt
Pee Wees Rewards Shirt

Ready, set...HIKE!

- Jason and Jerry


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