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An innovative wrinkle-free fitted sheet that goes on in seconds and stays put, come what may!
An innovative wrinkle-free fitted sheet that goes on in seconds and stays put, come what may!
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    1. Conor Schutzman

      I received the box some time ago, but due to some medical issues, just opened it. Not only were all 3 sets of sheets the same navy blue (NOT the color selections I made), but the zipper pull came off the first tie I tried to use it, rendering the entire set useless. Given the previous time slips, clear fulfillment issues, and quality concerns, I am NOT impressed with this product. And given previous communication, I have very little hope that the developer will be able to be contacted for resolution.

    2. Dawn Henke

      I never received mine. Who should I contact?

    3. Jeremy Kraner

      Hi there,

      I ordered a set of pillowcases during the campaign, and have yet to receive them. Who do I reach out to about that? Thanks so much.

    4. Missing avatar

      Stephanie Rollins on

      I love how easy it is to change my sheets! I just wish it came with a matching top sheet. The fabric is soft & these sheets really don't move much. Disappointed that there is a pocket on only one side....seems pointless to just have one on queen sheets.

    5. Kate Foster

      Received our Stretto Sheets about a month ago, put them on our king size bed that evening, and fell in love with our bed all over again! Buttery soft fabric that keeps me cool all night long, where have these been all my life! When we woke up the next morning, our sheet was still aligned perfectly—no shifting, slipping, or baggy wrinkles.

      The photo instruction guide provided was extremely helpful when first putting the sheet onto the mattress, nice detailed step-by-step guide. I am a bit bummed about our king set having only the one pocket, but the ease of use and quality made up for that.

      We have washed both sheets and they come out of the laundry beautifully, no pilling or shrinkage. Having the second sheet to use while the other is in the laundry is a nice perk.

      Overall we adore these sheets—they were absolutely worth the wait! We are looking forward to the delivery of the bonus sheet, and are hopeful that we can buy more pillowcases for us and some sheet sets to give as gifts in the near future!

    6. Missing avatar

      george cronin on

      Still no sheets. A couple of empty promises in an email.

    7. Missing avatar


      Washed the sheets as soon as I got them. Did them on hand wash/delicate. The pull for the zipper has already broken off. Not impressed by that at all. Hopefully it isn't needed too much.

    8. Leslie Moss on

      Have been using for a week and only complaint is pocket on only one side.

    9. Missing avatar

      Cynthia MP

      My STRETTO sheet order was delivered on 6/14/2018 while I was in the midst of a bedroom project, so I didn't get the bottom sheet with its zipped on topper sheet put onto my Queen bed until yesterday. Thanks for including the instructions with photos. Helped me position the sheet properly on the bed and from there on putting it on the corners was fairly easy. The sheet/topper combo fit my bed perfectly - no wrinkles anywhere. And also no wrinkles when I got up this morning. Really, REALLY, like that the sheet/topper stays in place. Bummer about only one side pocket rather than the promised two, but it happens to be on my side, so.... Am eager to see how easy it will be to change the "topper" sheet but won't be doing that for awhile. Am also looking forward to the "bonus" zip-on topper sheet (Update 17).
      PS - I wouldn't have "tucked in" the pull loop if you hadn't mentioned that in the instructions - a nice detail.

    10. Missing avatar

      Mike Barnes

      We did finally receive our set. We ordered a second top sheet in Gray, King Size. Tonight, when changing to the new top sheet, we realized that it is the wrong size. It is actually bigger than the other King top sheet. I’m guessing it is either mis-made, or a California King.

      Please advise on how to receive the correct King size top sheet.

      Thank you!

    11. C Mason

      Have any US backers received sheets? Not here. Update please?

    12. Missing avatar

      Sharon Snowbird on

      Okay, I see it is my fault that I was "expecting" a top sheet also, there is none pictured in the photos. But I have never heard of buying a bottom sheet without a top sheet. I sure wish it was a full set, top and bottom. I don't like having mismatched sheets. Will let you know tomorrow how I like the bottom sheet. Thanks.

    13. Missing avatar

      Sharon Snowbird on

      In the FAQ's, it says:
      Are there Pockets on Both Sides? Yes, there are pockets on both sides for every size.


    14. Missing avatar

      Sharon Snowbird on

      Hi I received my Stretto sheet. I am totally surprised, I was expecting a bottom sheet AND a top sheet, but there was no top sheet. Just a second bottom sheet. REALLY? There is no top sheet? I would never have bought this set if I had realized there was no top sheet with the order. I have no other grey sheets. So now I will have mismatched sheets, one gray bottom sheet and one white top sheet, and both are different materials. I am SO disappointed!

    15. Kara Clawson on

      Really disappointed that there's not a pocket on my side of the bed. However, I did finally get my sheets and I'm super stoked to try them tonight.

    16. Missing avatar

      Josh Gates on

      TEXTRADE Team, please read the email and see included pictures that I just sent over with a few concerns, thanks!

    17. Missing avatar

      Josh Gates on

      I ordered the California King sheet set and it fit our Purple Matress which is also a Calfornia King perfectly. I believe someone had asked if you should order the same sheet size for your Purple Mattress size. The answer is "Yes."

    18. Missing avatar

      Josh Gates on

      A++++, worth the wait!!! Everything goes on easy. I no longer dread changing the sheets for fear of not having the right corner when putting on the fitted sheet! Very comfortable and like the vendor stated no wrinkles!

    19. Missing avatar

      Ella Carlson on

      We've used ours for about a week so far and we love it! It fits our new mattress great (We got a wolk mattress too from Textrade and we love it.) The fitted sheet is very soft and feels cool to us, which is great as during the summer the bedroom gets warm being its upstairs in an old farmhouse with poor ventilation/insulation (another project down the road).

    20. Heather Burton on

      I have not received any product yet either. Do you have an update?

    21. Conor Schutzman

      I have yet to receive any items.

    22. Timothy Cockrell on

      I absolutely love these sheets. They feel great and fit like a glove. I wish I had bought more for my other beds in the house. Is there a way to buy more?

    23. Missing avatar

      Rachel Schmeidler on

      So far, LOVE IT. I used to have to pull my sheets back on every night before getting in bed. These. don't. move. I'm also surprised at how delicious the top sheet feels, super soft and cozy. I haven't yet changed out the top sheet to see how that goes, but will update my review.
      Like others - very disappointed to find that the pocket is not on both sides as described in the FAQs. I'm on the side without the pocket .... of course.

    24. Missing avatar

      Mike Barnes

      I’d like to try out your new sateen sheets in Gray in Kingsize.

      I still haven’t received the stretto sheet set...

    25. Barry Wulfe

      Just received mine, yesterday. Haven’t had a chance to open and examine closely. I want to wash them; before putting onto the bed. Will offer comments / reviews as soon as I get them on my bed.

    26. Missing avatar

      Debbie Pifer Hudak on

      I agree with Steve Nadeau, I like a top sheet to cover with also. My complaint is that I received cream color sheets, and I ordered dark colors. My husband sweats a lot so I would never order cream color! Can we exchange them???

    27. Missing avatar

      Sharon Snowbird on

      Can't review as i have not received mine yet.

    28. Missing avatar

      Steve Nadeau

      I thought the sheet was a mattress type of bag that the top part unzips like this one but when you replace the sheet the whole mattress is encased... And I had a thought about having a top sheet connected to the bottom section so when you unzip it then you have both sheets

    29. Angie Leedy on

      I haven't received my sheets yet. I figured that is because I ordered king and one update said they were the last to be sent out but Steve D. said he has received his. I would like to know the status of the rest of the orders.

      Second, I e mailed and asked about there being pockets on both sides and was told there were however Carrie R. said there was only one pocket. Can you please comment on this.

      Hope to hear something soon.

    30. Missing avatar

      Brenda Chauza on

      No more full body workout while changing the sheets in the RV!!! These sheets are fantastic! Very well made and oh so soft. If you have an RV, you know how hard it can be to change the sheets. Thanks to these, problem solved and I am one happy camper!

    31. Missing avatar

      george cronin on

      Any chance you are going to ship them? I keep getting emails about all the shipments going out, but nothing

    32. Steve Delepine on

      Well worth the wait. Top quality, comfort and fit. I have a king Bed with an adjustable base, these are the ONLY sheets that will stay perfect no mater what position I adjust the bed. They stay tucked in and perfectly flat. The side pocket is perfect for your phone, the tv remote, adjustable base remote etc it holds them all nicely and in easy reach. 5 stars great job!!! I plan to buy more.

    33. Missing avatar

      Carrie Rosado on

      Ok, so I LOVE these sheets! I the only one who's bottom piece doesn't have pockets on both sides like they are supposed to?

    34. Missing avatar

      Josh Gates on

      Adrienne I can't wait to receive my sheets after your review!

    35. Missing avatar

      Josh Gates on

      Jordan did you message the team behind this project? I am sure they will take care of the issue!

    36. Jordan Leventhal

      I got my package the other day and can't wait to use it but am missing the extra sheet that was supposed to be included when they missed the shipping projection :/

    37. Missing avatar

      Adrienne Bowlus on

      I received my shipment on May 29th and I’m really impressed! I have an adjustable frame for my bed and my mattress tends to move around on it and this pulls out the bottom sheet a bit so I end up re-tucking it every night This has NOT happened with these sheets. Fits very tight and smooth. The sides fold under well and stay put! The material is very soft also. I’ve slept on them now for 3 nights. The wait was worth it. Congratulations on your concept, attention to detail and a job well done,
      Hopefully you will let us know when we can buy additional tops (different colors).

    38. Textrade Inc. Creator on

      Hey, i've posted an update. Please have a look. Really sorry for delayed replies. If you guys Direct message me on Kickstarter i reply immediately. not sure why i dont get notification for the comment section.

    39. Missing avatar

      Josh Gates on

      Also I am curious to see if the 1st 25 orders ever shipped and what those individuals feel about the product they received?

    40. Missing avatar

      Josh Gates on

      I am hopeful that we hear something soon. One of the worst things to do is to keep your customers in the dark. Not the best business practice.

    41. Missing avatar

      MIchael Earnheart on

      I run and operate a company that does over $1.5M in sales. Not answering very simple questions is a great way to ensure that number trends down, not up.

      Tell on yourself first. If there is a delay, let us know. It's doubtful anyone is going to be mad, because the product is awesome.

    42. Missing avatar

      Rory Silghigian on

      I too would like to know what is happening with these shipments?

    43. Missing avatar

      MIchael Earnheart on

      You said that on 4/23 you were making your first shipment of 25 units on 4/25. Then the following Wednesday (5/2) you were shipping 150 units. Has that happened?

      We are also waiting for the update promised by Friday 4/28 on the timeline for the production and dispatch of the remaining orders.

      Would you kindly update us according to your own timeline or update the timeline?

    44. Missing avatar

      Debbie Pifer Hudak on

      It is now May....where is my order??? None of my comments have been answered....beyond frustrated!

    45. Missing avatar

      Mel Catalano on

      I need to change the address for delivery.

    46. Textrade Inc. Creator on

      @Michael, Check updates please

    47. Missing avatar

      MIchael Earnheart on

      Hi, what is the expected dispatch time for the sheets?


    48. Missing avatar

      Sharon Snowbird on

      Hello, I thought they were going to be delivered later, I will not return home to Canada until April 25th. If they are delivered before then, I need to change my address. Thanks!

    49. Missing avatar

      Sharon Snowbird on

      Hello, because of the new delivery date, I need to change my address. How do I do that? Thank you.

    50. Kara Clawson on

      Any idea when the sheets will be shipped? A status update would be appreciated.

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