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Big Rig drawings and specifications

Posted by Andy Wekin (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

We have had such amazing support for what we're doing and overwhelmingly positive response to publishing our plans open source. It makes sense to us to share what we've learned and our hope is to contribute to the pedal powered community. 

We have been working towards completing the engineering drawings and build instructions. While we put the finishing touches on instructions, here are some dimensioned drawings of the Big Rig to get you started. A couple technical notes: We have been refining the design, so these drawings reflect one generation of the machine. Also, all of the dimensions are what we have found to work, but they do not need to be followed exactly- feel free to experiment and let us know what you discover! Probably the only dimension that is important is for the bottom bracket (cranks) to be at least 11" off the ground- much lower and you'll scrape your heels. The seat is adjustable for people from about 5' tall to over 6'4". 

Without further ado:

Big Rig Complete
Big Rig Complete
Big Rig frame with dimensions
Big Rig frame with dimensions

 We hope you have fun building it, send photos of your project and any feedback is greatly appreciated!

One other note (the fine print): we are releasing this design as open source. We encourage you to use it, modify it and share it. We ask that you give correct attribution and while we do not ask for payment for personal and non-profit use, we do ask for a licensing fee if you will be using this for a commercial purpose. Also, this design or a derivation of it cannot be made proprietary. Contact us for more details.


Andy and Steve

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    1. 6R3ND3L on

      Thanks so much for this. Is there a higher resolution version that you could send or post?

      cheers :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Mike Bopf on

      These look great! However, is there a higher resolution version? It's hard to see the details on this one.