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With an efficiency of 97%, bicycle technology is nearly perfect. So why do we use it only for transportation?
With an efficiency of 97%, bicycle technology is nearly perfect. So why do we use it only for transportation?
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    1. Andy Wekin Creator on

      Hi Sudhanshu,
      Thanks for checking in, we've been busy placing orders and materials are arriving daily- I'm hoping to post some photos in the next couple days.
      We've also been working on cleaning up our plans, and as we build the new machines I will be creating the build instructions- we hope to be able to post those soon!



    2. Missing avatar

      Sudhanshu Prasad Vyas on

      Hi Andy,
      Any update on your progress?

    3. Andy Wekin Creator on

      Hi Nietaki,

      Thanks for the question. The pedal genny in the video is using a permanent magnet DC generator (Ametek or similar) from ebay- you can get them for $50-100. The big rig in the video is using a WindBlue PMA
      We have also used treadmill motors (also from ebay) $30-80.
      The important thing to know about generators is how many Volts/RPM- then you know how fast you need to spin it to make useful power.

      Good Luck!

    4. nietaki on

      Hey, could you share what exact DC generator you were using in the Pedal Genny for generating power? I'm looking forward to the open source build plans, but I'd love to do some research on the power generation now.

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      Sudhanshu Prasad Vyas on

      We hit the minimum. Woohoo!!!

    6. Andy Wekin Creator on

      Hi Robert,

      Thanks! We have run an air compressor with the Big Rig (it's shown in one of our videos). It's quite easy to pedal, I'm just not sure of gpm- it would be great to run a test for throughput.

    7. Andy Wekin Creator on

      Toby, Thanks for the encouragement and thanks for the support! It takes a whole community to make it happen, so thank you!


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      Robert Burk on

      Love the idea. Would like to use pedal power to run a simple piston pump to fill a compressed air tank delivering 100 psi for shop tools. Any experience with this type of application?

    9. Missing avatar

      Toby Wollin on

      Alright!!! Upstate NY inventors strike again!!! I'm from Binghamton, so I appreciate what you guys are doing. Very happy to support you.

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      Laura on

      That's great. Thanks, Andy.

    11. Andy Wekin Creator on

      Hi Laura,

      The Pedal Genny can recharge a deep cycle battery, yes. It's just a question of time- some of those batteries can be large and it might take you multiple hrs of pedaling to recharge from empty.

    12. Missing avatar

      Laura on

      The Pedal Genny really interests me. Could it be used to recharge a deep cycle battery?

    13. Andy Wekin Creator on

      Hey Matt,
      Absolutely right, I really want to see what is possible. There is one gym I know of that has tried this- the Green Microgym- they say they can offset about 85% of their electricity use! Imagine if all fitness centers did that...

    14. Missing avatar

      Matt Teegarden on

      As many people as I see on bikes, ellipticals and treadmills at the gym, it makes me wonder the electrical power output would be if a gym were full of these instead.

      Also reposted this on Facebook, so hopefully some friends will check it out!

    15. Andy Wekin Creator on

      Hey Ben,

      That's a great idea- super simple and small footprint. We haven't done coffee grinding yet (though lots of grinding grain, etc). We are developing a smaller lever driven unit that would be well suited to kitchen tasks (grinding, blending, food processor, etc)- you are correct that doing things with leg power is much easier than hand power (4-8x) and for small tasks you don't need to produce the large power that our machines are designed to generate.


    16. Ben O'Brien on

      I have a small exercise board that rocks back and forth on a half circle when you step on it. I want to get the porlex coffee grinder and hook it up so that it grinds coffee with the energy from this board so it is much faster, efficient and balanced.

      My idea to you then is to make this into a smaller compact unit that is affordable. Instead of a whole bike just a small stepping machine to do small tasks such as grind coffee with Japanese coffee grinders.

      The Porlex coffee grinder is better and cheaper then much more expensive coffee grinders yet not considered because of the effort needed to grind the coffee.

    17. Andy Wekin Creator on

      Hey Ezra,

      Thanks for the kudos! It's great to hear the grain mill is still in the daily grind- it is great for us to be some small part of the amazing things you and Evan are doing- keep up the good work!

      Thanks again,

    18. Ezra Bloom on

      Andy and Steve - I love what you guys are doing. I hope you guys change the world. Let's start with New England, huh?

      The grain mill you built for us is still the hotspot on the brewery tour. We've got a link up on our facebook and website to the kickstarter, hopefully it'll send some traffic your way.

      Ezra, Glass Bottom Brewery