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£505 pledged of £14,000 goal
By Kieran James Franklin
£505 pledged of £14,000 goal

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    1. Mark Hack on February 4, 2017

      The armchair adventurer here in Honolulu is a great place. hope your project takes off - especially with the classic Dungeon! game on it's shelf? :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Mike Pountney on February 3, 2017

      Where is the property you're hoping for at?

      Sorry to see that it's not picking up as quickly as you'd probably like. Care to share a few words about how you're reaching out locally and wider? Maybe we can help find some other avenues.

      I don't have a huge amount of time to play games these days (yey London commute), but still really want to see this get off the ground. There's a really successful board game cafe in Victoria, BC (my wife's home town) that is a good model: http://www.ibgcafe.com/ -- they cater to new boardgamers as well as more seasoned types, so I think you're on the right track.

      Oh, and if you do get off the ground - my 8-bit console choice would be the Vectrex :)

    3. Kieran James Franklin Creator on February 2, 2017

      Hi, we are aware of them and they have done a great job! We are not trying to create competition, we are trying to create a gaming cafe with a difference focusing on less hardcore games that involve massive tables and offering a friendly atmosphere with games for all. We also offer the retro console side which is one of the main differences between us!

    4. James Tann on February 2, 2017

      Hi, do you know about Dice Saloon? It is a successful board game cafe in Brighton that is already established. www.diceasloon.com You should go and meet some of the community that you want to introduce yourself to, its a very friendly place.

    5. paul virgo on February 1, 2017


      I am concerned that you are not getting your message out there.. i am also concerned that Brightons biggest board game group with 1600+ members has not heard of this project.. if you don't know the group then.. hmmmmm do you really know your target audience.. i would love for this to succeed as i only live round the corner... so how can i help..

    6. Dave Wetherall – GGG Games
      on February 1, 2017

      Good luck with the cafe. Hope you get funded. Will give me an excuse to visit Brighton :)