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Carry only the right tools needed for a musician's gig bag or for a vehicle. Made In the USA by an over 80% blind work force. Read more

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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on May 16, 2013.

Carry only the right tools needed for a musician's gig bag or for a vehicle. Made In the USA by an over 80% blind work force.

About this project

After being dissatisfied with a lack of quality tool rolls readily available, we decided to create our own. There are a plethora of tool rolls on the market, but most are bulky with large pockets that require you to search for the items you need. Our motivation to create these tool rolls came from a desire to carry the right tools and for a tool roll of superb quality. At the onset of the design, several concepts were the most important:

• Must last for many years through wear and tear
• Tools are easily visible with printed pattern
• Unique folding pattern to minimize space
• Carry only the right tools, avoid bulk
• Tools cannot fall out
• Items cannot rattle

After a year of research and development, we have partnered up with a fantastic manufacturer here in Raleigh, NC to launch our new tool rolls aptly titled String N' Roll and Wrench N' Roll

Our manufacturing partner is RLCB (Raleigh Lions Clinic for the Blind). The textiles branch of RLCB manufactures contract military tactical gear, kit bags, and specialty pouches. With over 81% of their workforce being visually impaired, RLCB seeks to “empower people who are blind and visually impaired through employment opportunities and services to achieve social and economical equality.” 

Because we are an indie music label, manufacturing and tight budgets are already part of our core business. We chose to focus on the two areas we know best for our tool roll designs: musicians and motorized vehicles.

The String N' Roll - Musician's Gig Bag
The String N' Roll - Musician's Gig Bag

Our Manufacturing Partner - Raleigh Lions Clinic For The Blind

RLCB, Inc. is a North Carolina based diverse textile manufacturer, distributor and business service provider. RLCB mission statement: "to empower people who are blind and visually impaired through employment opportunities and services to achieve social and economic equality." 

What Makes These Tool Rolls Great

1. These tool rolls are built using Sunbrella Marine Grade material. The fabric is purpose built and ready to endure all you can dish out. Sunbrella offers a 10-year warranty against normal wear and tear on their fabrics.

2. Made in The USA!

3. If your bag has a defect from normal wear and tear, send it back to us and we will repair. We back up our products because we believe in making items that will last for the long haul.

4. These tool rolls are light and compact. They can fit in small spaces and will keep the right tools readily at hand.

5. Less clutter = Positive Mental Attitude!

Tool Roll Color Choices In Sunbrella Marine Grade Material
Tool Roll Color Choices In Sunbrella Marine Grade Material

Why use the Wrench N' Roll?

Organization while traveling is paramount, especially when you only need to carry the right tools to be able to work on any motorized vehicle. I have devised a quick and easy system to enable you to pull out your tool roll and have a functioning work area. The tools selected for inclusion are the primary ones needed for a quick roadside fix and can be bought from a variety of tool manufacturers. Chances are that you already have these tools and can just insert them directly into the elastic binders.

Our goal with the Wrench N' Roll is to create a roll in which all tools are visible so you don't forget them when doing a quick roadside fix. Another goal was to avoid the loud clanging sounds tools make when they are loose in a bag. These extraneous noises are quite annoying. The binding in our rolls helps to avoid that and will keep your mind focused on the road ahead, not worrying about a part flying off your bike. Weight is another area that we focused on in the development of these tool rolls. You don’t want to weigh yourself down with unneeded items or rip your travel bags. Fully loaded with tools, the bag weighs approximately ten pounds.

The Wrench N' Roll Is For More Than Just Motorcycles 

After a solid amount of research from friends and fellow riders we chose to add certain tools in the roll based upon past road fixes. A few friends that are heavily into hotrods and off-roading also mentioned that bags could work for their needs. 

The elastic is sewn to create a tight fit for the tools. If you feel the need for any specialty items such as small screwdrivers, needles or jets in the carburetor, fuses, nuts, bolts, etc. the small accessory bag can fit quite a few items. The roll is made to accommodate both metric and standard wrenches, making it applicable to all motorized vehicles. In addition, if you want to add a small socket set, there is plenty of the room in the lower zipper pouch. 

Main Tools To Fit Within The Wrench N' Roll (Tools not included)

  • 3/8 (18mm) Spark Plug Socket,
 Pencil Tire Pressure Gauge
, Metric or Standard Open End Wrenches, Needle Nose Pliers, Vise Grips
, Maglite Solitaire or Mini Maglite, Safety Wire Pliers, Zip Ties
, Magnetic Bit Driver with Bit Set
, Loctite Threadlocker for metal fasteners, Shop Rag (included in tool kit)

The String N' Roll Is Made For Players of Stringed Instrument


If you play a stringed musical instrument, there are quite a few accessories you need readily at hand. These include spare strings, a tuner, picks, a rag to clean your instrument, and a probably a few other well-used items. We have put together some of the main components that all stringed instrument musicians need and built places for each of them to fit within the tool roll. This replaces the tackle box you have been dragging around to every gig and it easily drops into a backpack. It could also potentially be strapped to a guitar case.

Main Tools To Fit Within The String N' Roll (Tools not included)

  • Guitar Strings, Guitar Picks (pick case included), Capo
, Small Tuner
,  Finger Nail Clipper
, Needle Nose Pliers
, Bit Driver
, Terry Cloth Towel (included in tool kit)
, Sharpie, Finger Grease

Who We Are 

After numerous years of creating corporate designs for a large swath of clientele, it was time to breathe life into a company that would be born out of a love of underground music and motorized vehicles. Rusty Knuckles was the chosen name, based upon a nickname and from having busted up knuckles from wrenching on mechanical endeavors.

5 years later, we are growing quickly with products shipping worldwide daily and one of the bands we work with just toured for the last two months with Kid Rock and Buckcherry. On top of that, we have had other bands on the label featured in great places such as ITunes, ESPN, Discovery Channel, and most recently in a commercial with Triumph Motorcycles. We are damn proud of where things are heading.

The tool bags were designed in house as part of the growing Rusty Knuckles custom product division. We have two main areas of focus: creative new products to represent the music label and products for the bands we work with. Several band members helped to solidify the ideas around the String N' Roll. This is an item they could use on a daily basis. Luckily we work with an amazing group of bands. Included with the purchase of each tool roll will be a digital download card so you can check out new music from these great artists:

Antiseen, Billy Don Burns, Carolina Still, Crank County Daredevils, Flat Tires, Jay Berndt, She Rides, Green Lady Killers, Hellbound Glory, Reno Divorce, Rory Kelly, Kara Clark, J.B. Beverley and Husky Burnette

Photos of the Prototype Tool Bags Coming Together

The Tshirts

The Patch

Our Classic Leather Keychain Beltloop

Risks and challenges

Based on the initial response we have gotten, there is a solid demand for
quality tool rolls that properly fit the main equipment you need for travel.
All of the initial designs and prototypes were done by hand and sewn over
the last year of our product and development stages. We have spent the
last six months and thousands of dollars testing fabrics and a variety of
patterns to find optimal solutions.

With your help, we can ramp up large-scale production. We have already
chosen to work with an industrial manufacturer to produce the Wrench N'
Rolls and String N' Rolls locally in North Carolina.

There will be a lot of upfront costs for materials and pattern development.
With the help of Kickstarter to get the word out, we are set to produce the
most functional tool rolls on the market and to continue expanding upon
these great new products. 

Factory Floor To Your Door Timeline Upon Successful Funding:

1. Funding 100% whoohoo!
2. Wait 2 plus weeks for funds to be in our business account
3. Week 3: Buy our fabric and materials in bulk from local Sunbrella
4. Week 4: Perfecting die line templates for production
5. Weeks 5 to 8: Manufacturing and production of tool bags
6. Ship out as many packages daily as humanly possible

These are all planned goals and we will be working diligently with our
project supporters to insure all goals are met.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Why of course they are. Check out the rewards for the added shipping costs for outside of the US.

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  • Easy to do, just click on the rewards button that offers a price for two bags. Want to own even more than that, email us and we can get multiple bag options set up as rewards.

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  • There are a multitude of reasons our bags are great. First and foremost, they are built using a heavy weight material that stands up to the elements. We use top quality, marine grade Sunbrella fabric which is primarily used in awnings and on boats. The material is water repellent, breathable, tear proof and maintains a 10 year warranty against most wear and tear. Second, the tool bags are purpose built. They are made to withstand abuse and for easy organization of your tools for travel. By having a screen print image of the actual tool location, putting your tools away is a simple and easy. Last but not least, these tool bags are MADE IN USA and by a skilled labor force that produces products for the military. Quality is top notch and we are investing within our local community.

    Last updated:
  • Yes they will be in the near future offered in more colors. As of now, we decided to launch with six colors. Sunbrella comes in dozens upon dozens of colors along with a multitude of binding color choices. Once we can gauge the popularity of color choices we will gladly another fabric choice to the mix.

    Last updated:
  • How will we know what color choice and in which tool bag you chose to support? Easy to do, we will be emailing all backers at the end of the project to insure accurate address and correct bags and color choice are shipping

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    EVERY DOLLAR HELPS. A two dollar donation to help with the manufacturing of a great new product. We believe that great products should be made and created in America.

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    Want to order one of our great Rusty Knuckles patches? We are offering our distinct "Motors & Music" patch with pre-paid shipping in the US and a shipping fee outside of the US.

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    What could be better than a new tshirt and especially when it has the cool logos for the Wrench N' Roll and the String N' Roll. Let us know if which logo you want and whether it be in men's or women's. Pre-paid shipping in the US

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Classic Leather Belt Loops, will never go out of style. Our belt loops are created in house by hand dying 8 oz. leather to make one of a kind custom belt loops to hold your keys for a lifetime.

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Choose between the Wrench N' Roll and the String N' Roll and select the a color choice. Shipping pre-paid in the US

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    Choose between the Wrench N' Roll and the String N' Roll and select a color choice. Shipping pre-paid in the US

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    YOUR CHOICE OF 5 TOOL ROLLS Choose between the Wrench N' Roll and the String N' Roll and select a color choice. Shipping pre-paid in the US

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