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Bridey Elliott directs her real life family (Chris, Abby, and Paula Elliott) in her first feature film. There will be vodka and ghosts.
Bridey Elliott directs her real life family (Chris, Abby, and Paula Elliott) in her first feature film. There will be vodka and ghosts.
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A Hump Day Howdy

Posted by Bridey (Collaborator)

Happy Humpy day folks, and what a glorious hump day it is. I don’t think I’ve ever humped or been humped and thought, “that was glorious”. Interesting. It has been just a wee bit over 3 weeks since our kickstarter campaign for Clara’s Ghost ended and Sarah and I are still floored by your generosity and support. I think you all know by now that this whole thing was just a sham to raise money for my tit implants, which turned out just splendid. Every time I look down at my new chest, I smile thinking of all of you. I kid of course, I don’t think I’ll ever get breast implants, perhaps when I’m over eighty I’ll reconsider.

So what have we been doing?! Well, we’re hurtling into pre-production. It's just the beginning for Clara’s Ghost  as we navigate and lock in a shooting schedule that works for the whole Elliott family, while factoring in the chilly Connecticut climate (integral to the spooky tone of this family drama-comedy). I really hate saying dramedy, makes me hate myself. Anyone else hate me? It would be super impressive to have donated to our movie while hating my guts, but I suppose stranger things have happened. Stranger Things is on Netflix, but that has zero to do with this. 

I have never been more overwhelmed with gratitude than I am to you sweet, wonderful group of supporters. So much so that during these past three weeks, besides cementing our game plan, I have made a vow to slow down and enjoy this process. I’m continuing to watch films that inspired the tone and feel of this movie, most recently Bergman’s Autumn Sonata and  Bunuel’s The Discreet Charm of The Bourgeoisie. Know that you all gave us more than money, you gave Sarah and I real faith in this film, and in our films to come, and in the general future of American Independent Cinema. We aren’t living in the most uplifting times, and we hope to make work that inspires just as your generous encouragement (and sweet moola!) inspired us. This film is no Black Fish, (although, getting an orca involved somehow would be fun), but considering the current political climate, a film centered around a middle-aged woman struggling to hold her own despite being surrounded by louder, more relevant voices is certainly worth something! We will keep you posted as new developments happen. And don't fret! We haven't forgotten that you all asked for a batch of brownies...your rewards are all in the works and will be delivered to your doorstep as soon as humanly possible! Again, thank you. 


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    1. Russell Martocci on

      I guess what every filmmaker really wants is suggestions from the peanut gallery, right? You'd like us all to just throw in our unasked for two cents? Well, here's mine; if I were doing this project, I would be thinking of it as an evergreen "young adult" story that's not too complicated so it can have a long life on a variety of platforms for kids. If that wasn't too rude, that's my suggestion. Make it sort of for teens, like.

    2. Greg Schwartz


      And that's all I have to contribute for the moment.