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I'm creating the world's most advanced artificial creatures, for people to look after, interact with and study.
I'm creating the world's most advanced artificial creatures, for people to look after, interact with and study.
579 backers pledged $56,818 to help bring this project to life.


Wow! Phew! I've just been sitting here giggling like an idiot to myself as some of you counted down the time! :-)

Okay, first and foremost, THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART for your support. Whether it was a dollar of good wishes, twenty-five bucks of hard-earned money or a thousand (or even five thousand - thank you Daniel!!!). I'm completely overwhelmed by your generosity. Completely. Utterly.

And whilst man cannot live on good wishes alone, the kind comments and encouragement and excitement are worth as much to me as the money. I'll do everything I can to deserve them, I promise.

So, you can see the total for yourselves - well over twice what I actually asked for. I think it makes us about 30th in Kickstarter's Hall of Fame! After fees and sending out rewards all round the world it'll still be amazing. The extra will be put to good use - I asked for the barest minimum I thought I could survive on because if it didn't meet its target I'd have got nothing and frankly that would most probably have meant the end of my A-life work. But now I can afford to live properly, carry on a little longer if necessary, and buy decent grown-up tools to help me with the work.

Yikes! There are getting on for 600 of you! I have to tell you, it may take me a while to mail out all those postcards and suchlike! That's practically a cottage industry all by itself!

But the first thing to be done is get everyone's email and snail-mail addresses. To do that, I send out a set of survey forms, which I'll do today. When they start to come back I can begin setting up people's accounts on the project website. I warn you, it's pretty echoey in there right now, but more content will be coming over time and I'll pretty it up when I have a chance. I'm sure you'll have things to chat about while you're waiting. The site will send out registration emails for you to log in, set your password, fill out your profile and stuff. I'll post here on Kickstarter now and again, but most of the info will be on my site.

If you'll forgive me, I think I need go for a little walk for a few minutes (in the snow!) to come to terms with it all! Thank you so much, everybody. I'll be in touch shortly!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Darchen on

      Let's hope this was not a scheme Steve concocted for him to escape to Mexico and start a new life.

    2. FreakVenDor on

      Congrats Steve! This is all so exciting and it just goes to show how much people want to see the great things you will accomplish!

    3. Missing avatar

      Brooke McGuire on

      Congratulations and good luck! I'm glad I could contribute, even in a small way. I agree, the opportunity to follow your progress is payment enough.

    4. Ashwat on

      Congratulations Steve! I'm so excited for the potential this year has. Now get to work! ;)

    5. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    6. Missing avatar

      Xyem on

      Simply. Awesome.

      Congratulations to you Steve and congratulations to everyone else for giving this nothing short of amazing support!

    7. K.G. on

      Congratulations! :) I'm so happy I could contribute to this and that I have the chance to be involved with this project as it develops. I wish you the best of luck with its progress (and second SpaceShipRat's note about not letting us push you too hard).
      And now I'm just going to camp out in my inbox for a while... :P

    8. Missing avatar

      mk-grendel on

      And as scientist you should know that even if you can't create the b rain in this year, you will have enough time to test your theories!
      (and as far as i understood is the brain the only big problem...)
      Oh and CONGRATULATION!!!! Enjoy the snow, cool down, and start inviting into the forum! (i guess as one of the 5 choosen ones from Rimeian, i'm one of the last of the invition list - therefroe INVITE! FAST!)

    9. Missing avatar

      Kristin O on

      Congratulations! I'm very excited at the opportunity to follow this project. :) Like Jamie commented in the post below, that alone is well worth the money.

    10. Laura Valentine on

      Congratulations, Steve! :D Couldn't happen to a nicer bloke.

    11. Donna Crawford on

      The Grandroids adventure begins.. :)

    12. Missing avatar

      SpaceShipRat on

      Group hug! Er... XD
      Congrats Steve, and good luck. Keep sane, and don't let us push you too had, lol.

    13. Missing avatar

      Piotr on

      cout << "YAY" << endl;

    14. Sean Wall on

      I'm very happy and excited for you, this project, and everyone involved. Way to go everyone!

    15. Frank Lemmers on

      Yay! I'm so happy that it is funded, I just can't describe it! I wish you & others good luck with this awesome project. :-)