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Gilbert's film for "Brilliant Pebbles" remains unfinished, but we shot it in 2003.  Help me finance the finishing.
Gilbert's film for "Brilliant Pebbles" remains unfinished, but we shot it in 2003. Help me finance the finishing.
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In 2003, I went out with Gilbert shooting a film to be the companion piece for Brilliant Pebbles from the Apes of God's Solitaire You Own The World disc.  We shot two and a half rolls of Super 16 film over two days.  That film ended up in my freezer, waiting to be processed...and waiting...and waiting...  As was so often the way with Gilbert, his ideas about what the project should be continued to evolve, and he became sidetracked with other pursuits.  My impression was that he always intended to shoot more, but we never did.

Brilliant Pebbles is about, as Gilbert explained, Reagan's Star Wars missile defense system.  The references are somewhat oblique.  What I do recall shooting, other than some homeless people and a blighted area in SF's Dogpatch neighborhood, was the big satellite dishes at Stanford.  But it's all a little fuzzy, now.

So anyway, I've got these two and a half rolls of film with a latent image, waiting to be processed, possibly the last undiscovered work of the mad artist that was Gilbert.  To honor him, I'd like to have the film processed and transferred to HD files for editorial.  I'll do the editing free of charge (of course), and if anyone would like to join me, or even take the editing on themselves, I'd love the collaboration.  But the processing and transfer is a bit expensive (why I mostly don't shoot film anymore), so I'm going to need some help with that.

I had SpyPost, who I worked at with Gilbert, give me a quote.  Their quote is the bottom of the rates they generally offer for these services (student rates), but we're still looking at $1200 plus the $60 that Kickstarter will eat.  I'm putting the Kickstarter total at $1150, and I'm going to start by pledging the difference between the total and the Kickstarter campaign, myself.

So please make a donation to the memory of Gilbert.  I'll put your name in the credits. If you see that we've met the goal, stop donating, as the money needed is finite.

Thanks!  Frazer

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