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A great new organizer to help you store your clothes instead of using a dresser. Accents a room perfectly. Read more

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A great new organizer to help you store your clothes instead of using a dresser. Accents a room perfectly.

About this project

*** Update, 7/5/12 ***

Because of some messages I have received over the last few days, we've added information below concerning the logistics, materials and product roadmap of the project.

The most important is that You will have an option as to which fabric you get on the front of the unit - you are NOT tied to the polka dots that we used for the demo in the video!

Please feel free to comment or send messages and I will get back to you quickly with responses


Our Story

A few months ago, my wonderful girlfriend moved into my place with her son. After deciding whose stuff was staying (hers) and going (mine), it became clear that my once too-large-for-a-single-guy-and-a-Boston-Terrier apartment was now entirely too small - especially in our now shared bedroom.

While we were moving stuff into the bedroom, I mentioned to my girlfriend offhand that our bedroom wouldn’t be too small if it wasn’t for the dresser. At that moment, the Clozip was born. I immediately started scribbling notes about it. The next day, I went to see a family member who could sew and we began working up a rough version to see the idea. Then, after a ton of revisions and getting real sewers involved, we got a real prototype made.

That original is still hanging on the wall in our bedroom. 

The Closzip
The Closzip
The inside
The inside


The unique, patent-pending Closzip has a ton of advantages in practicality - most impressively, using only about 40% of the floor space of as a traditional dresser that holds the same amount. 

Another great feature is it's modularity. The door of the Closzip is a special piece of fabric which will allow us to have multiple versions that can be customized to our customer's needs. 

At the time of release, we plan to have two selections for fabrics
1) White (or offwhite) fabric; or
2) A blue/green/white striped pattern like this: 

* Note: These two materials may change. I will send backers a survey after the close of the project with selections and let them decide which pattern they want on the front.


We have spent months perfecting our 3D prints, material selections and product roadmap. 

We have sourced the materials and vendors thoroughly - having worked over 20 different manufacturers.  We have widdled that list down based on various supplier reports, quality standards, and cost to only about three vendors left - some of which are located right here in the midwest.

We have a solid supply chain in place all the way from ordering to delivery.


The materials are similar to that of a backpack or camping equipment - rugged and durable.  The pockets, even though it's not clear in the video, are mesh.  We are going to use a stronger mesh in the actual product than we used in the demo, but we are going to keep it as translucent as possible to preserve the ability to "see into" the unit without having to go through each drawer.

Again, the material available for the front of the unit will be 100% up to each each backer.  And none of the options will be the polka dots that are in the demo, although if people want, we will offer a similar fabric.

Product Roadmap

We intend to offer a variety of options on different types of Closzips.  This Closzip will be the first of many in the Closzip family.  We have drawn models of smaller models that will be easier for children to access (The Kidszip), models with two zippers (The Twozip), models with holders for neckties and belts (The Executivezip), and models with pockets on the outside for shoes and other accessories (The Allzip).

All backers of this project will receive consideration and early access to promotions on any and all future models.


We have put in a lot of time and resources into the engineering, patent and marketing of this project and we are incredibly excited about it and hope you are too. 

It is at this point that I come to you, kickstarter backers. We need funding to be able to buy the minimum vendor quantities to bring this project to life.  Basically, it needs a kickstart!  

This is going to be a great project and, I hope, help a lot of people in urban areas with small bedrooms have more space and get uncluttered. We’re genuinely excited about the thought of our Clozip hanging in rooms all across the world and maybe even making people’s spaces a little more spacious.

We sincerely appreciate you looking at our project and hope you decide to fund the project.   

PS - My girlfriend's son Ethan and my goddaughter Izabella are very excited about the project as well and have offered their help writing thank you cards to some backers: 

Shipping charges

$20 Continental US
$30 Canada
$200 UK/Europe
* All other shipping rates can be determined on a case-by-case basis by providing your address to us and we will get an actual figure.
Measurements: 60”H X 6”D X 43”W



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