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Welcome to our KICKSTARTER campaign!

We are very excited to introduce the HALO-TRAC™ floating platform. It’s taken two years to develop the HALO-TRAC™ floating platform and the final product is easy to assemble, sturdy, versatile and will add a festive touch to any tree.

The ultimate Christmas tree decoration? We think so!

There are many Christmas trains on the market but none of them can run in your tree, amongst the branches, until now! With the HALO-TRAC™ floating platform, your train will not only circle your tree but orbit within your tree! Thanks to the tunnel accessory the train is free to orbit within your tree and any obstructing branches can be lifted and supported.

Compatible trains & train sets

The HALO-TRAC™ floating platform is compatible with either a ‘OO’ gauge model train set (1st radius curves), or with battery operated trains and vehicles that are used with wooden track systems.

Train sets and/or trains are not included but are available separately from many leading retailers.

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 Whats included?


This year, between the 21st and 25th of November we will be at Olympia in London, at the ideal home show at Christmas. If you would like to come and see the product and have a chat please stop by. It would be great to meet you. We will be on stand d721.

On our stand we will showing:

  • Two HALO-TRAC™ floating platforms installed on a Christmas tree.
  • The HALO-TRAC™ floating platform fully packaged.
  • Demonstration on how to install on your tree.

Promotional flyer for the show:

The HALO-TRAC™ development journey

I wanted to give you all an overview of where the idea for our product came from.

The idea of the HALO-TRAC™ system came to me 14 years ago. In December 2004 I was on vacation in North Carolina in the USA. I remember going into a model train store at the local mall. It was nearly Christmas and the little model trains looked so festive. I purchased a train and a few carriages, they were a real impulse buy but I thought one day I’ll use them. I remember arriving home, looking at them, and imagined the train running in a Christmas tree. I thought it would be so great to see it orbiting in the tree and running under the branches. I guess 2004 was not that long ago, but in 2004 there was no easy way for a private inventor to realise a design concept, so I decided to park the idea. Anyway, the model train got packed away in our Christmas decorations and remained there for years. Every Christmas the decorations would come out and I would see the train and think about the idea I had.

Finally in 2016 I decided to realise my idea. I had the experience and design skills, and with the advancement of 3D printing technology being made more affordable I brought the idea to life.

Because our tree was a 7.5ft tall I decided to design the Halo-Trac™️ system to suit a ‘OO’ scale train set. After many many hours I completed the first design and had it manufactured! We ran the system in our tree that year, It was so great. Everyone who saw the train running inside our tree asked about it and asked where they could buy one!

I had the idea such a long time ago and to finally have it in-front of me was very exciting. The first design realisation was very basic but the effect was amazing. I could see the system had a lot of potential. The design was far from being a final solution, but the idea was finally born.

Now let’s Fast forward 2 years...

I estimate that we’ve spent around 3000 hours working on our project, and we have invested both time and money to get to this point. The investment has been split between product design, patent applications (including international filling), building the halo-trac brand, designing the packaging and of course prototypes, and there have been lots of prototypes. I look back now and realise how far we’ve come.

It has been a busy couple of years. Below is a timeline for the HALO-TRAC™ brand that shows the main milestones during the last two years.

Intellectual Property

Fairly quickly after the first prototype was made we paid a patent attorney to draft a patent application. This process was a long one, but one I am familiar with. Once the application was drafted it was filed with the UKIPO (United Kingdom Intellectual Patent Office). The patent has since then been filed internationally.

PATENTS PENDING: GB 1711392.9 & PCT/EP 2018/069053

Product Design & Prototyping

The first design realization was quite different to how the HALO-TRAC™ floating platform looks today! The design process included:

• Design for Assembly

• Design for Manufacture

The design had to be optimized to ensure the product could be manufactured without compromising the end use. This process lead to iterative design changes focusing on each of the products main elements.

Packaging Design & Prototypes

The product packaging is important to us as well. We have designed the packaging to be robust and easy to use.

There is nothing worse than struggling with packaging. Whether it’s taking something out to use, or putting something away to store for future use. Christmas decorations are a good example of this. When you decorate at the beginning of the festive season you want to be able to enjoy the time and not wrestle with packaging, and at the end of the festive season you want to pack everything away with ease, knowing it’s stored safely for next year without the stress of bad packaging.

Box Size

The packaging consists of a box and a thermoformed tray. The thermoformed tray holds all the components and slides into the box. The tray has been designed to allow the product to be taken out, and placed back in with ease.

Manufacturing Partners

Selecting the correct manufacturing partners for HALO-TRAC™️ is crucial. We have spent a lot of time choosing who we wanted to partner with to give us the best product with least risk. We have visited all of our manufacturing partners and formed close relationships with each of them. Our four manufacturing partners include:

  • Injection moulding
  • Thermoforming
  • Carton and printing
  • Contract packing

All of our chosen manufacturing partners are based in the UK and each one of these companies have a wealth of experience and knowledge needed to bring the HALO-TRAC™ brand to life.

Why manufacture in the UK?

As a start up company it is important to have a close relationship with your manufacturing partners. Having them located within a 2 hour radius of us is important. The manufacturing supply chain must recognise your brand and be dedicated to offering the best quality service. Close location paired with great communication skills builds confidence. If there are any issues we want to be able to respond and work with our suppliers to rapidly resolve any problems, and visiting the suppliers facility maybe needed.

Whats left to do?

How will your investment be spent?

Above is the break down of everything that is needed to be able to put the HALO-TRAC™ floating platform into production, and supply all investors with their reward.

2019 after successful funding:

If you love the HALO-TRAC™ product, and would like to be part of the final journey bringing the HALO-TRAC™ floating platform to life, then please back our project and share on social media to help us get funded!


Risks and challenges

Every project has its own unique risks and challenges and the HALO-TRAC™ floating platform is no different. However, we have been working hard to minimise these by developing the product ahead of the KICKSTARTER campaign. The risks and challenges now all relate to the manufacturing of the product and timescales. We have taken our time to choose the best people to manufacture our product, and that includes the packaging. All the manufacturing is being carried out in the UK by very experienced and leading manufacturing companies. We have raised orders with these companies in order to make the final prototypes, so we have every confidence in them delivering a high quality service. We have built in some contingency for time, as this is the easiest thing to slip. We feel confident that all backers will receive their product in time for Christmas 2019. Shipping in the UK is not a problem, but shipping overseas will have challenges. The size and weight of the product is close to the maximum to make make shipping abroad affordable. We are confident that we can keep the size of the box down. If the weight is an issue then we will ship in 2 shipments.

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