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We wouldn’t dream of making our final album with anyone BUT our fans. Come on y'all, BE A PART OF TLC HISTORY!
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Vinyl Update

Posted by TLC (Creator)

Hi Kickstarter Family,

We have an ETA on vinyl! For those of you who purchased a vinyl, it will be arriving in early November. Because of the delays, TLC will be unable to personalize vinyl. Keep an eye out for your tracking number from the email address and be sure to send any address changes to

The digital scrapbook is still coming. Thanks again for everyone's support, we couldn't have done it without you!

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    1. Ivan Vilar Garcia on

      Hello, my name is Iván . I am very dissappointed and I'm staritng to be frustrated. I 'm still waiting for my signed vynil . I have sent you some mails and you didn't answer me. I don't know what happened with shipment but I haven't my reward for collaborating in the project yet. I hope you answer me and give me some solutions, other way I'd have to take other kind of meassures. Thank you Iván.

    2. Ivan Vilar Garcia on

      Hello my name is Iván and I'm from Spain. I'm very disappointed with all this project. I'm still waiting for my vinyl.It's been a long time and i have no answer. Please could anyone help me? Thank you.

    3. Ivan Vilar Garcia on

      Hello my name is Iván and I'm from Spain. I'm very disappointed with all this project. I'm still waiting for my vinyl.It's been a long time and i have no answer. Please could anyone help me? Thank you.

    4. Missing avatar

      mia kersey on

      I am a backer of this project and paid for the digital download but unfortunately I did not have a computer at the time and finally got one today. I cant find the email that had the link to down load the album. Is there any possibility to get a new link or is there a link for me to still go to and download my copy of this album? Please and thank you and yes im very late but i waited so long for the album and was disappointed when my computer broke and missed out.

    5. Manny Castillo (Roman St. James) on

      Please if ANYONE doesn’t want their vinyl for whatever reason, bent corner, late as hell, you’re just not feeling TLC anymore ... could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASD contact me? I WOULD LOVE TO OWN ONE WITH A BENT CORNER!!!

      IG; Twitter; @RomansWrath or

      They aren’t personalized so no one will know the difference!!!

    6. Nerea on

      Just got my vinyl (Spain)... and I´m HAPPY AF!
      Everything is perfect :)

    7. Jeremy Bingaman on

      Any word on when everyone will be receiving their vinyls? I see one commenter got theirs, but I have yet to receive mine. What's the hold up?

    8. Missing avatar

      Rathy Yan on

      Disappointed. The vinyl sleeve cover came damaged with a large crease in the corner (similar to others who have received theirs). So it sounds like the quality control was bad before it was even packaged for delivery. Not worth it to display.

    9. Hein on

      I'm glad that I didn't order the personalised Vinyl (which I did want to do!) as I would feel seriously let down now. Take an extra week, I'm sure that week would be taken in its stride as the project already ran so much later than planned, and get it personalised.... that is what the reward was!

    10. T Kap on

      I agree. The girls should honor their commitment.

    11. Missing avatar

      Brandon Higbee on

      Seems like TLC really removed themselves from this project along time ago. It is sad that this project became what it did and they cannot produce what their fans paid for. They didn't just pay for an autographed copy, they paid for it to be personalized. This is not right. It's false advertising and shows what they think of their fans who have waited so long for this and were patiently waiting for what they ordered. It doesn't take that long to give your fans what they paid for.

    12. Jeremy Bingaman on

      Thank you for the update. I'm certainly disappointed that the vinyl won't be personalized as that was my primary motivation to spend extra money for this particular reward. I echo what another commenter said in that I would be willing to wait a bit longer if it meant that we would be able to get personalized copies.

    13. Brandon on

      So let’s get this straight. YOU ask your fans for support so you can create a really crappy album that arrives almost 2 years past deadline and then you can’t even take the time to write the less than one sentence they requested? YOU ARE NOT THAT BUSY. These are your fans. No one born after 2001 even owns any of your albums. If I can pull 12 hours of convoy duty in Iraq and still write a college paper than you can take one hour out of your day a couple times a week to show your fans you appreciate them.

    14. TLC Creator on

      @Carl they will be signed, they just won't have a personalized message on them. Hope this helps!

    15. Leon Smythe on

      This is the last reward, it would have been nice to have it personalized. It gives a personal touch. It was limited to 250 and fans will be more than happy to wait a little longer for that special touch.

    16. TLC Creator on

      @Lauren yes! They will be signed but not personalized.

    17. Missing avatar

      Lauren Patrick on

      Will they still be signed?

    18. Missing avatar

      Carl on

      What a crap reason for not signing them, we already waited forever, you could do that for us at least

    19. Danielle on

      Any news on the PDF of their favourite songs that was part of some rewards? And what was the exclusive remix - did I miss that?

      I didn't order the vinyl but I think its pretty crappy that you can't have it personalised - given how long people have waited, I'm sure they wouldn't mind a slightly longer wait to get what they paid for?

    20. Nerea on

      @TLC It is OK then! It will look perfect on my wall! Thank you very much :)
      By the way, I am OK with the delay, things need their time. I think you did a great work and it seems to me it was not easy.

    21. Missing avatar

      Rock Your Hair on

      HI there, we donated $2500 to have a listening party. No one every contacted us and it was supposed to happen in Sept 2015, we really feel taken advantage of. The reward is now 2 years late... Can you some contact us asap!

    22. Nerea on

      Is it too late to ask for a signed CD instead of the vinyl? Keeping my full pledge of course. Maybe you have any left :)

    23. Adam Blackstock on

      It's kind of disappointing that after donating $750, it won't be personalized. Thanks for the update though. : /

    24. TLC Creator on

      @Nerea they will be signed, they just won't be personalized with your name.

    25. Nerea on

      They will not be signed then? :( I do not have a vinyl player, I just wanted to hang it on the wall.