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We wouldn’t dream of making our final album with anyone BUT our fans. Come on y'all, BE A PART OF TLC HISTORY!
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Album Release Date

Posted by TLC (Creator)

Hey Kickstarter Family, The album date is firm, June 30th is the release of the new TLC album that you made happen! Tionne and Chilli have been working night and day to hit this date. The video and a photo shoot on April 18th, 19th, 20th. I hope that you all read the article in The Guardian last week on why TLC's comeback is so important, it is a great read on the group that you love and you should be proud that you made this album happen. The Waterfall's version from the voice was magical and received 40 million views in a week!! Ed Sheeran gave some of his publishing to the writers of No Scrubs and TLC sold out in London in one was a blessed month for us and we finally feel a little wind at our back.  

ONE MORE THING..... We need your help...let's hear your suggestions for the album title! Tionne and Chilli are still undecided so looking to you for inspiration.  

Thank you for being there for TLC

Bill Diggins


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    1. Melissa Marie Eckardt on

      Just a reminder... the backers are trying to get excited but feel left out!

    2. Missing avatar

      Kimberly on

      Someone suggested TLC: The Last Chapter. I think that's a good one. I also like the suggestion of just going self titled.

    3. Leon Smythe on

      Glad you went with the self titled route. Simple and to the point!

    4. Douglas Stone on

      Extremely disappointed that iTunes has two songs released but backers of the album haven't been given anything yet.

    5. Jason Hillard on


      How come there is music available on iTunes which hasn't been given to backers?

      This seems wrong.

      Are we expected to purchase these tracks as well as backing this project on here?

    6. Missing avatar

      Felicia Kendrick on

      "The Last Chapter" is a pretty good title. Though I wish folks would allow these ladies to release that chapter without leaning too heavily on Lisa's memory. They're not stuck in time and dont need us to tell them how to celebrate their friend. Let them move forward with their new music without being shackled to the past.

    7. Sergi Montes on

      Title: From now on

      P.S. Keep doing magic

    8. Missing avatar

      VE on

      Album Name- Resurgence

    9. Missing avatar

      Kenneth O. on

      *just changed the wording to incorporate "eye"

    10. Missing avatar

      Kenneth O. on

      -Trifecta is usually associated with three of something, according to Wikipedia "it is also used to describe a situation when three elements come together at the same time". I remember in an interview, Lisa said that TLC are like three points of a triangle and in another interview she said that they all have to move in the same direction, they can be in three different rows but they going in the same direction.

      -Trifecta is also associated with the mind, body and soul connection. TLC's music effect the way you think about things through their messages (mind), the way you dance (body) and the way you feel (soul).

      -I feel the word can have so many meanings when it comes to TLC with them being a trifecta of musical genres, styles, personalities etc.

    11. Missing avatar

      Kieryn on

      TLC For the Moment
      TLC Back Home
      TLC Opened Doors
      TLC The Mile

    12. Alan Ciba on

      Today Love Conquers!

    13. Missing avatar

      Beau Henderson on


      - or some other Lisa quote. That would be an awesome tribute to their legacy and her being as how she always came up with the titles

    14. Scott Wise

      "Right Now"

    15. Missing avatar

      Ronnie Bylow on

      I know this is the last album, final chapter, encore, but the essence of the group since the beginning was fun, energetic, and positive. Would love for that energy to play out, especially with this album. dont think we need a play on words regarding the fact this is the final album. Go out with energy not sadness. Dont think thats how Lisa would want this to end. This album is new and fresh. Stay positive with the album title-no matter what you two decide

    16. Elle on

      I love TLC/MTB- or T.L.C. it's a Meant To Be Thang

    17. Elle on

      I love TLC/MTB- or T.L.C. it's a Meant To Be Thang

    18. Missing avatar

      Lindsay Willoughby on

      The Last Chapter would be fitting.

    19. Missing avatar

      Lindsay Willoughby on

      The Last Chapter would be fitting.

    20. Missing avatar

      Daisie on

      TLC = TCB!
      (TLC is Taking Care of Business!)

    21. Missing avatar

      Ronnie Bylow on

      Album Title: ...Now That's The One....

      We've stuck by you, me since 1991. I pledged the first week this campaign started. Sad to know this is the last album but I know you did it for your fans. Thanks for making this record. I don't care how long it took, always worth the wait.

    22. John Ralph on

      Would be beautiful if it was simply called "Left Eye"

    23. Missing avatar

      Erica Sims on

      Album title suggestions:

      *The Lessers Can't (that was my roommate's suggestion lol)
      *The Last Chapter
      *9 (Kennya's title idea and reason are perfect)
      *Anthony & Christopher's acronym idea for L.I.S.A. is great as well
      *T-Boz Left Eye Chilli

    24. Angela Hilton on

      Fleeting Mirrors= a tunnel filled with mirrors that contain memories.

    25. Heather Harris on

      First of all I want to say that of all the titles listed in the comments, I liked Quentin's idea- Synergy, Kennya's idea - 9, and Samuel's idea- Sincerely, TLC

      I don't think it should be "the last chapter" because that limits TLC that this HAS to be their final project. They said they were only 99% sure that this was the final album so let's leave room just IN CASE they change their minds! :)

      Here are some ideas I came up with:
      ALCHEMY - This has a double meaning- alchemy is the ancient art of turning metals into gold and TLC turns anything they touch into gold (Plus it's a nod to their song, American Gold). The other meaning of alchemy is a process by which paradoxical results are achieved or incompatible elements combined with no obvious explanation - this explains them perfectly because TLC members each bring something different to the table, but when combined they create this magic chemistry!!

      CHANCES - TLC are known for taking chances, especially with this Kickstarter album approach! Also, it could have a hidden meaning for T-Boz's son, Chance! :)

      LET'S GO - upbeat title, lyrics are included in Joyride

      LESSONS FROM THE ROAD or AROUND THE GLOBE (from no introduction) - since they have been touring so much over the last few years

      CLEAR - TLC are always very clear and transparent with their image and the message that they want to deliver. Also, the word clear is used in the song Sunny.

      SUNNY DAYS - Great song, catchy album title!

      UNDEFEATED - Cool comeback title, and this word is found in the song American Gold

      HEART & SOUL - lyrics are found in song "Haters" plus T-Boz and Chilli have said in interviews that they have put their heart and soul into this album!

      That's all! Can't wait to hear the album and what the title will be! I suggest keeping it short and sweet to stay current with album titles that are out these days. Although the TLC Army will love any title, I hope that the album will attract a whole new generation of fans for TLC as well - so I just don't want the title to sound as if it's a farewell or a greatest hits compilation since it should appeal to the younger kids too!

    26. Isaiah Cano on

      Till The Wheels Fall Off

      A quote from T-box why she kept TLC going

    27. John Eller on

      No Introduction

    28. Missing avatar

      Samia G. on

      US 2U
      FanMail Bis

    29. Missing avatar

      Joseph Pszczola on

      Album 2017 - Title Suggestions:

      TLC - '4 Us, 4 You'
      TLC - '4us4you'
      TLC - 'For Us, For You'
      TLC - 'From Us, To You'
      TLC - 'FanMade'
      TLC - 'This Life Circles'
      TLC - 'The Legacy Completed'
      TLC - 'The Legacy: Complete'
      TLC - 'TimeLifeChanges'
      TLC - 'Through The Waterfalls'
      TLC - 'No More Waterfalls'
      TLC - 'The Art Of Letting Go'

      --- Joseph Adam Pszczola ---

    30. Kennya Hendrix on

      I think the album should be called "9." Lisa was extremely interested in numerology, so the title is fitting and a nice dedication to her. The album is schedule to be release on June 30th (6/30) and when you add those numbers together, you get 9. The number 9 represents achievement and completion, which is the purpose of this final TLC album. Also, in numerology meanings, "nines are achievers, possessing bright ideas, high ideals, and innate abilities," which perfectly describes TLC! :-)

    31. Hannah Usher on

      "Making HERstory"

    32. Missing avatar

      D'Andre Brackins on


      Curtain Call
      Piedmont Circle Blues
      Rebel With a Cause
      Doppler Studio Sessions

    33. Shaun Martins-Torres on

      Have you considered naming the album, LISA?

    34. Dustin S on

      The final album should be titled "ENCORE". It's a simple and powerful title for TLC's album encore.

    35. Dustin S on

      The final album should be titled "Encore. It's a simple and powerful title for TLC's album encore.

    36. Missing avatar

      Anthony O'C (Affirmation) on

      Christopher of CyberTLC suggested naming the album LISA and my suggestion would be to even come up with an anagram for each initial if possible such as...

      L egendary
      I n
      S tatus
      A lways

    37. Missing avatar

      Shyla on

      Title "TLC.MTB" and us fans know what the meaning is.

    38. Sherry Ane Moore on

      Why not a play on the initials and call it "The Last Chapter," with cool graphics highlighting the TLC.

    39. Jonta N Davis on

      Little Faith... for those who had it and for the haters... the album gon drop and be beautiful... all we needed was a little faith!

    40. William Bostick on

      "Never Ending"
      "Still Standing" or
      "TLC" - since they've never had a self titled album and this album is a showcase of their best and final work. It's only right to give the name "TLC" the respect it deserves.

    41. Missing avatar

      Tanya on

      "Forever Standing"

    42. Missing avatar

      Cort Swenson on

      "No Introduction" was one of ideas to come to mind for me. i haven't heard the song itself, but everybody knows who TLC is (well some of these younger kids still don't). it don't matter if you listened to rock n roll, county, alternative, whatever. everybody knew TLC. everybody can name a TLC song (even if they're the obvious ones like Waterfalls and No Scrubs). ask someone to name an EnVouge or SWV song, and i'll be surprised if they get it. a lot of other girl groups, someone who isn't very familiar will walk in and probably not know who is who. you meet TLC, you know who's who. they're all unique and different.

      i also have an idea for some album art work. the front cover would just be T-Boz and Chilli, because even tho TLC will always be TLC, the reality is that it's now just T-Boz and Chilli. so yeah, on the fron to of the album, the girls should just be standing their looking fierce (no floating heads after csc, fanmail AND 3d!) in the background you got all the extra people you'd find on a video set, though they're JUST the background and not a focus point at all... then on the back of the cover, it'll be the same set, but it's empty now. scattered throughout the background are little bits of TLC video history... T-Boz's blue robe hanging on something, one of Left Eye's big hats from the TLC tip era, a pamphlet for wherever Chilli was gonna get implants at in Unpretty, a grammy (or 5?)... you get the idea... and at the forefront of the picture: 3 empty directors chairs. "T-Boz" "Left Eye" "Chilli" it shows Lisa some love, and i think the empty chairs kinda symbolizes like "that's a wrap." i think it'd be a simple, effective way to include Left Eye without photo shopping a pic that's almost 15 years old, or just completely leaving her out.

      so, those are my thoughts.

    43. Kari Iseeclearly on

      How about legends gems since you are considered legends & a cd is basically telling a story. Thinking of the song no introduction or way back it tells a story of where the world knows you from. Although every song may not connect it could work or spell it wrong legendz with a Z Gem. Also if 1 thinks it could connect to previous songs like waterfalls bc I am sure its a message in the album thats not just fun

    44. Missing avatar

      Stephani Welch on

      Soo excited for this album; the world needs a lot of TLC! I got 2 title suggestions: TLC: 4Eva and TLC: Never Left (homage to Left Eye and TLC never leaving the fans).