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We wouldn’t dream of making our final album with anyone BUT our fans. Come on y'all, BE A PART OF TLC HISTORY!
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Posted by TLC (Creator)

Hey Y’all! 

Last week, we sent out surveys to everyone of our backers. YOU MUST fill out your survey if you want to receive your reward. 

We will be closing the surveys out on MARCH 27! That leaves you ONE WEEK to complete them. Once again, If they are not filled out, we won’t be able to send your rewards.

Our recommendation? GET THESE DONE ASAP. 



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    1. neil preston on

      Any updates??? I haven't received any news on my movie date!

    2. Katherine Hemminger on

      I was sick when the survey went out. I am just now going through emails. Is there a way for me to complete mine so I can still receive my cd? Thank you <3

    3. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      ok people relax... it turns out that the survey was the one they sent a while ago about one of their classic songs that should be remixed for the final album which was a one question survey. THERE IS NO NEW SURVEY.

      Follow my instagram jasonj_official :-p

    4. Missing avatar

      Jason on


    5. Derek St Mary on

      i never got the link to the survey!!!! can you send it agin please!!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Abla Ebbiary on

      where can I edit the name I put for the album booklet??

    7. Danielle on

      well thanks for not answeing my question. i have assumed mens sizes in the t shirts and chosen accordingly. this really should have been in the info as mens/womens makes a different to peoples sizing!

    8. Camille Delacroix on

      I left a comment but to be on the safe side, I wanted No Scubs Remixed!! TLC, I can not wait for this album to drop!! I am so excited for you all. GOD BLESS you on your journey, and I AM VERY GLAD TO BE A BACKER FOR THIS NEW PROJECT!!!!!!!

    9. Kavita Baliga on

      What survey?!?!?!?! Was I supposed to get something in my inbox?

    10. Djbitsy Puppetmaster on

      When are the concert dates?

    11. Michael on

      I think it's the remix survey (to double-check if you've done the survey go to your profile, check backed projects, click TLC then bam there's your survey completion details). Good luck!

    12. Elle on

      Hello everyone, I am confused as well...I completed one survey on March 13, asking about one song remix, is there another survey that I am missing? Also per Seth, it should say I completed the survey or provide a link, but I have not seen either on my webpage. It would be nice if you (Bill/TLC) could clarify which survey you are referring to-- : )

    13. Seth Brown on

      If those confused; Go to the Story Tab, Scroll to find your pledge on the side, if you did the survey it will say so there. It should also give you the link to the survey if you haven't done it too.

    14. Paul Clarke on

      I'm also confused. i had one survey request which I competed, then i got this reminder. Is there a second one, or has this reminder been sent to everyone ?
      Doen't seem to be any link to any uncompleted survey ?
      Please advise

    15. Valerie on

      I'm confused too. I have only received the remix survey. Is there another one?

    16. Missing avatar

      Doug perry on

      do they mean the ? Asking your tee shirt size , address, etc..or is this a different one i missed , that is the only thing I've been asked.

    17. Missing avatar

      LaToya Lee on

      Hi, I never receive a survey.

    18. Joe Keaney on

      Which survey would this be? Is it the remix survey or another? Thanks!

    19. Live YR on

      What survey??...You might wanna send it to people first! lol Stop blackmailing your fans who already put their bid in!

    20. Monta Cobbin on

      Can you please send me the survey because i never received one.

    21. Mylin Watkins on

      I filled out a survey already. And now it sent me a email again...

    22. Missing avatar

      Yvonne on

      Hi, is this survey for the number I want to receive remixed? Otherwise, please resend. Thank you very much.

    23. Missing avatar

      Patti Lockridge on

      I didn't receive a survey. Please resend to me. Thanks.

    24. Missing avatar

      Tanisha Elizabeth Gurley on

      Hi, I filled it out already, am I receiving this email to fill out the survey again?

    25. Tammy Larson on

      I got a survey, but it is already closed. Only asked what song I wanted remixed. Was there another.... If so I never got it. Nothing asking for my email adrress or anything.

    26. Missing avatar

      Norah Lally on

      I didn't receive a survey. Can you resend? Thanks!

    27. Danielle on

      i asked a question and you have not replied and i cannot fill in the survey until you confirm if the sizes on the t shirts are men or women fit - otherwise i do not know what size to say!!

    28. Maricarmen Rangel Alvarez on

      So I have a question, I'm actually moving in June and I was wondering how I could then change my address to my new home.