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We wouldn’t dream of making our final album with anyone BUT our fans. Come on y'all, BE A PART OF TLC HISTORY!
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Posted by TLC (Creator)

Happy Tuesday Honeys! 

We have been receiving A LOT of messages and comments asking if people should get our final album now on Kickstarter or later when it's in stores. 

You should get it NOW!!

Why? Well... We wanted to announce that EVERYONE who pledges for our final album THROUGH Kickstarter will get it FIRST. 

That's right...We will make sure every backer who pledges for the album before the campaign ends will get it PIPING HOT. 

You’ll receive the final album as a WAV so MAC, PC, and everything else will be able to play that TLC sound in high-quality. 

 Keep building #TLCArmy until it’s 10,000 strong! 

Pledges are #MTB. 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Dayleemiicka on

      I want 2 know is this true?

    2. Nerea on

      You could try a little marketing tip.
      Organize a raffle but only if/when you reach 10.000 backers, maybe 5.000 just to give it a try. The prize... something that nobody can resist to, like a mini personalized song -a couple of verses- containing the winner´s name (not to be included in the album).
      "Are U our muse?"

    3. Eartha Goodman on

      Yay! When will our copy be available? How do we get the copy of your album?

    4. Jewel Heart on

      Yaaaaaaaay!!!! Can't wait to hear it! :) I love Lisa worlds best female rapper. But I also love Queen Latifah please get her to do a rap on the album I will cry with happiness :) xoxoxo sending love from Sydney ;)

    5. Missing avatar

      Markus Traub on

      .... Sorry, my previous comment should look like a heart, but the leading spaces were removed when posting... But it is still a BIG HEART! :-D

    6. Missing avatar

      Markus Traub on

      *** ***
      ******* *******

    7. CJ Vigil on

      OMG YESSS!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE U TBOZ & CHILLI!!! I'm So Excited to Receive it I Will Never Stop Listing To You <3 TLC MTB!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Patrice Davis on

      OMG!!!! YASSS!!! This Is Why I Fucking Love You Ladies,And I Seriously Cant Wait!!! Im Gonna Be Pledging Again Next Friday,Cant Not Wait To See The End Results To This,You Ladies Deserve It, And Im Very Sure The Doey Eyed Angel, Lisa Is Looking Over You 2 With The Biggest Smile Her Face Can Hold Room For,This Is Your Year Ladies,And I Know Yall Bout To Tear Some Shit Up,And Bring True Music,True Representation Of What Real Superstars Are,And What It Really Looks Like To Be True Royalty, And What Long Gevity Means,Its Undescribable Of How Much Joy And Excitement I Have Inside,To Know Im Going To Be Apart Of Something Huge, Thats Going To Be Here For Lifetimes To Come,Thank You Laidies Again For This, It Is A True Honor.... And It Might Not Make It To The Thought Process,But I Thought Of A Title For This Album... (Tboz,Lefteye,Chilli, The Legend Series, Not The End,Just The Begining ) Or (Tboz,Lefteye,Chilli, 4ever We Are TLC), or (Tboz,Lefteye,Chilli,True Definition Of Legends )and lastly(Tboz,Lefteye,Chilli The History Makers) Just A Thought...

    9. Missing avatar

      Tisa Gray on

      Aw this is my Second Account :-)

    10. Missing avatar

      Tisa Gray on

      Hello ladies I am so excited about this I LOVE Y'ALL❤️❤️❤️

    11. Ashia Mookface Mathieu on

      awesome sauce !!! i cant wait (Throwing my hands up doing the tboz bark ) lmaooo

    12. Alex Instrumentofnature Zhander on

      There's so much to say and so little space. Wonderfully magnificent!!! I can't wait to hear the new music. I wish you all love peace and happiness.
      Alex Zhander

    13. Jackie Coble on

      #OnTheTLCTip....I am gonna be BEEEERRRROKKKKE!!!! LOL! BUT it is SO Worth it. I have got to UPGRADE again. Will do it this week!!!! MUAH! XOXO

    14. Missing avatar

      Stacey Bradam on

      This is a awesome gift!! I have been a fan since the beginning . I am fighting my job right now for workers compensation --- its a long story -- but I had to donate early to make sure TLC is able to deliver the world new music!!

    15. tor on

      So it will play in cars and cd players to?

    16. Missing avatar

      Vedran Saldo on

      Wow thank you ladies! That's amazing! Can't wait to hear the album! See you in stl on May 22nd at the main event tour

    17. Robert Miles III on

      I love the interaction you two have with your fans. As always you all came thru in the clutch. Just when my day was going downhill this gave me something to look forward to. I can't wait!!