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We wouldn’t dream of making our final album with anyone BUT our fans. Come on y'all, BE A PART OF TLC HISTORY!
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Posted by TLC (Creator)

Happy Friday Honeys!  


We now have 2,000 backers from all over the world. OMG! We feel more love from our fans every day and feel so blessed to have your support!!

We decided to do something special in honor of YOU. You’ve shown us much love through the years that we decided to put together a collection of our favorite fan photos for #FlashbackFriday. We hope you enjoy this lil TLC blast from the past!!! 

Our backers are making our dream of a FINAL ALBUM come true! Keep the #TLCLove coming in your comments and messages. It is INCREDIBLE to see y'all join together. We hope that the TLC Army can become 10,000 strong here on Kickstarter ;)

<3 <3 <3 XoXoXo <3 <3 <3  

Chilli and T-boz


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    1. Fawn Colombatto

      I am so HAPPY About this project. I have three year old twins Ashton and Joey III, they both love singing and one of their first song's they sang was "No Scrubs" My son Joey is autistic and singing makes him so excited. Thank You TLC For giving a new generation happy music to sing..

    2. Patrice Davis on

      Yo!! that first pic is incredible!! he had the TLC shrine on point! and the bed spread...dopeness.... I really the throwback pics...Chilli still looks the same,just beautiful,with all that hair.. she is the true Pocahantas....And Lisa Had Some Pretty Handwriteing... So Miss Her,Cant Wait To Hear How She Will Be Incorperated In This Project.... OMG!! TLC Is Freaking Awesome!!! Ughhh!! I Just Love Yall So Much!! Cant Wait To Meet Yall For The First Time,And See The Show...I Know Im Going To Be In Tears,TLC Means So Much To Me,Thank Yall For All You Done,The Barriers Yall Broke For Us Women,And Young Girls, Always Representing What Yall Stand For And Sing About,The Lessons And Messages Your Music Always Carry, And Helping People Through Their Hard Times In Life,Like Me,Helping Me Build My Self-Esteem When I Was Younger, Helping Me To Know It Was Ok That I Was Diffrent,And I Was Special Because Theres No One Else Like Me,Which I Pass Down To The Young Kids In My Family,And Extended Family... This Oppertunity Again Is Amazeing... Im Still Gonna Keep Pledging Til The Due Date... Yall Deserve All This For What Yall Have Given Us Over The Years,And Im Excited To See The End Result Which I Know Is Gonna Blow Fishes Out The Water... Love You Ladies,And I Truly Pray Through This Journey And Your Future Journeys And In Life Period,That God Keeps Just Overflowing You With His Mercy And Never Ending Blessings... And Question:To Continue Pledging, I Can Keep Doing It Under The Same Account,Or Do I Have Make New Ones? Omg!! FrFr....I Just Love Yall,And Chilli I Want One Of Your Famous Hugs...Ha! Im A Hugger Too...

    3. Carl Mason on

      Whoa! His room looks like my room when I was in college.

    4. Tatiana.... on

      I couldn't be more happy about this project!!! It brings tears to my eyes that this will be the Final album. So proud of #DEMTLCGULS you guys deserve this and everything else that comes your way.... Can may 23rd come any faster???!!!

    5. Tisa Gray on


    6. TLC Creator on

      Thank y'all @ashia @kadian @garrett @james for the love and support! We couldn't do this album without you <3

    7. Ashia Mookface Mathieu on

      I am so proud of y'all. 20 years later yall are still together making people smile and starting controversy but y'all do it with so much power and strength. omg yall are amazing and I'm happy I'm apart of this. I wish yall all the best and just know Ashia from New Orleans is behind yall 500000% no matter what. love y'all! !!

    8. Kadian on

      Thrilled! I love how they went about this.

    9. Garrett Lewis on


    10. Missing avatar

      James mckeever on

      �love it!! Can't wait for this new album . I've grown up loving and listening to TLC and you've Always been my number 1.. Xxx