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We wouldn’t dream of making our final album with anyone BUT our fans. Come on y'all, BE A PART OF TLC HISTORY!
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4,201 backers pledged $430,255 to help bring this project to life.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Posted by TLC (Creator)


Y'all are beyond amazing. We are happy and proud to say that this project is officially the MOST SUCCESSFUL POP PROJECT ON KICKSTARTER!!! You made this happen and we are so blessed!!

Some of y'all are asking what we plan to do with the funds we are raising. Every dollar is going into making the album, together with you. The Kickstarter does not stop now that we hit our minimum goal $150,000!! The more funds that we raise means more access to the best producers, writers and talent in the business!!! 

We want this album to have our authentic TLC SOUND and work with the best of the best.

And of course, you aren't just funding our album.. You are MAKING IT with us. You will vote on what remix is included, your name can be printed in the digital booklet (see the Fanmail reward), and more. Keep sending us Kickstarter comments and messages! We want to hear what you have to say and we are listening. 

Ok ok ok....Y'all have also asked for more rewards... your wish is our command ;)

SIGNED CD! This was a popular request. Now you can pledge for a physical copy of the CD PLUS we'll sign it for ya ;)

VINYL!!! We sold out of the signed vinyl! Since these are so popular, we are adding a new reward for signed vinyl of our classic TLC hits PLUS Kickstarter exclusive album artwork ;) 

VIDEO CHAT! For all our fans who can't fly out to see us, we would be honored to video chat with you!

MORE SIGNED LYRICS! Now you can get your own handwritten lyrics if No Scrubs and Waterfalls!!

Thanks for everything! Stay tuned for more updates :):)

We love you,

T & C

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    1. Carlie Crow on

      I am So Happy TLC is still alive and never died... Your truly inspiration to millions! We TLC Fans are here FOREVER. I so honor to be apart of this project in the making for the Final Album. God Bless You Both and Left Eye's Family.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ericka on

      I am so glad that you were funded for this project on time! Well WAAAY ahead of time. Thank you TLC for always thinking out the box and always finding ways to incorporate the fans into everything you all do. And last but not least, thank you for this new album, you guys rock!

      TLC is foreva!

    3. Missing avatar

      Rocío on

      Congratulations! I read some mean articles the day the kickstarter campaign was anounced (TLC is done, why are they doing this, blah blah) but I never doubted you and I'm so happy the project is moving forward. I'm Spanish and I've been a fan since 2006. I had just discovered your music and I was bummed when I found out that the group was on hiatus (and beyond sad to learn about Lisa's death - she was extremely talented and seemed genuine in the interviews I watched). This is going to be the first TLC album I'm going to experience at the same time (I'm such a late fan!) as everyone else and this is what makes it so special. After all label drama, health problems and struggles you've had to fight this is your moment to shine. Even without Lisa, Hands Up and Turntable are some of my favorites, I know you're going to DELIVER.
      I would love to see you collaborate with Dallas Austin again (you're magic together), or Drake (I know he's a fan too) and it would be awesome if you could bring Missy Elliott back (I know it's a reach, but she one of the few people who can match you as far as originality goes).
      You have taught me so much through your songs about what it means to be an independent woman so I'm honored to be part of this. THANK YOU

    4. Ashia Mookface Mathieu on

      I wish I had more than $75 to donate but I still feel good about it. yall are the best. After 20 years yall are still breaking barriers and starting controversy WHILE at the same time succeeding through it with a smile and not caring with anybody thinks AND sticking together. See that's why I love yall lmao my homies *does tboz bark* lmao

    5. Madalyn Sklar on

      Congrats ladies!! So excited to be a backer.

    6. Jewel Heart on

      Your welcome Chilli <3 I would love if you and T could have Queen Latifah rap on the new album! Lisa was the best female rapper in the world, RIP.....then next in line would be the queen!!! Thanks. love and light from Jewel Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    7. Kadian on

      @TLC you don't have "fair weather fans" "phase fans" or any other flaky business. You have people that really love you gals and appreciate your artistry and style. Forever Fans

    8. TLC Creator on

      THANK YOU EVERYONE! so much love
      Patrick - we are happy to add in the CD for you!!
      Cynthia - we messaged you about pledging for multiple rewards, let us know if you have questions!
      Jackie - the scrapbook is digital, so there isn't anything physical to sign, but we promise it's full of things unique to us!
      CJ - thank you! we would love to give you a reward as a thank you for your support, please feel free to change your mind and claim a reward ;)

    9. Missing avatar

      CJ Sixx on

      whats up ladies I don't know if you will see this or not but here it goes...One of the main reasons I chose to donate(without a reward) was my way of saying "thank you" for being you!!!! I'm hoping to catch you at Mohegan Sun, in Uncasville CT on June 12th, this will be my first time seeing you live and im hoping that I can make that happen. Ive been a fan since the beginning and was never able to see you perform. That's it, ive said my peace lol!!!!!!!!!!! again thank you

    10. Jackie Coble on

      Will you PLEASE sign the Scrapbook?!? The scrapbook would NOT be complete without. That is $75 and the CDs are coming signed for $55?!? PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

    11. Shecoriey on

      Thank you for this opportunity I love you guys soo much This Album will be the best because it's leaving a mark for what was missed in the previous years Congrats ��

    12. Tisa Gray on

      Congratulations you guys and I am so happy and proud of you ladies for this y'all deserve this�����❤️

    13. Tisa Gray on

      I am soooo happy and excited to be apart of this fun and exciting project!!!!

    14. Sasha Hamilton on

      Because I'm happyyyyyy!!!

    15. Kadian on

      Beyond excited!!! These ladies were some of the first albums I ever owned. Strong, sexy, intelligent: they were a force. Their songs spoke to me during good times and bad. They will always be very special to me. Soooooo happy to have one more!!!!

    16. Missing avatar

      Cynthia sheffield on

      So proud to be apart of this awesome legacy and be a soldier in #TlcArmy my question is: I'm getting the vinyl and all the other perks that come with the pledge, however I also tried to get the signed cd but it kept changing my pledge saying I can only get one! But I want them both! Lol if not then I'll be content with the vinyl! Also I would like to make numerous donations until the deadline ends, but I don't want to lose my vinyl gift. Any ideas on what can be done???

    17. Vrsatyl on

      I can now boast that as an artist myself, my $360 helped in bringing back one of the most influential groups ever!! Congrats! Check out my project here on Kickstarter also....