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We wouldn’t dream of making our final album with anyone BUT our fans. Come on y'all, BE A PART OF TLC HISTORY!
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First 24!!!!

Posted by TLC (Creator)

Hello Kickstarter babies!

Wow. THANK YOU for an AMAZING 24 hours.

Yesterday was a busy day! We were running around New York for interviews, and all the while refreshing the Kickstarter page like crazy to see more and more fans showing support. It's so exciting to watch!!! 

One stop yesterday was at Huff Post Live, where we talked about a lot of things close to us: what is important to us for this album, keeping our fans close, and of course, Lisa. 

Some fans have been asking how we can make a final album without Lisa, and we wanted to share our thoughts with you all, since you have been so kind and supportive on day one. We feel that this final album will be the best way to keep Lisa's memory alive. We can never replace Lisa, and we are constantly thinking of ways to incorporate her into this album. How could we not?! She's a part of TLC. Lisa was our sister, and we know she would have loved us doing something so out of the box like this. That's what TLC has always been about!

We feel so blessed and are so excited that you will be able to create this album WITH US!! We know you have a lot to say, so keep messaging us, leaving comments, and sending us that #TLCLove.

Thanks again to all of who have donated!! Pssst...we are going to start posting private Kickstarter updates just for you, where we will share exclusive fun news with you amazing people, so be on the lookout. ;)


xoxo Chilli and T-boz

If you didn't see the Huff Post Live interview, you can watch it here:

Huff Post Live prep!!!!
Huff Post Live prep!!!!
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    1. Jackie Coble on

      Love You Always & Forever!!!! XOXO <3 #TLCArmy #TLC4Ever #Meant2Be :) @RanFan1975

    2. TLC Creator on

      Thank you ALL! Your support is amazing and we can't thank you enough. #TLCArmy 4ever :)

    3. Leon Smythe on

      Love you always!

    4. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    5. Missing avatar

      Nicole Vance on

      So excited for this!!! Thank you for including your fans! So many memories are wraped in the lyrics of Crazy Sexy Cool for me! I still listen to it all the time! The prank phone call skit on it still makes me crack up... Can you pass me some tissue lol I can't wait to see what you do with no restrictions! Good luck ladies! ���

    6. Carl Mason on

      I love you!!! The interviews are great. You all look great!!! I'm so excited. I can't contain myself!!!!

    7. Sasha Hamilton on

      Awwww they do act like sisters!!! But except yall say yall never fought! Haha me n my sisters I have four use to always fight! Then Get in trouble for it ��� we are older n all grow we don't fight anymore.....well not often �� they do I don't!

    8. Nerea on

      I din´t know Lisa, but this project just seems like the kind of thing she would love to do.

      I´m trying to spread the news in my country media hehehe I feel like a little internet troll or something

    9. Rondae B. on

      I feel blessed as well and am so so excited And proud to be on #TeamTLC, officially �. Any feedback on my shirt idea?
      Have a blessed day! Love you ladies❤