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The magazine that approaches daily life from a modern evolutionary perspective. Read more

Ithaca, NY Publishing
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This project was successfully funded on November 28, 2011.

The magazine that approaches daily life from a modern evolutionary perspective.

Ithaca, NY Publishing
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About the magazine

Evolution: This View of Life
is the first online magazine designed to communicate modern evolutionary science to the general public. It will show how the statement "Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution" can be expanded to include all aspects of humanity. Evolution: This View of Life brings the freshest and coolest evolution and science content to the general public.

Evolution: This View of Life will showcase science as a process that holds people accountable for what they say about the world. Without a body of knowledge that is provisionally accepted as fact, there is no hope for solving the problems of modern human existence. Establishing facts is not easy, but a collection of norms and practices loosely called "the scientific method" does a better job than any other known method. Evolution: This View of Life will not present factual knowledge as something that must be accepted on faith, but as something that is being formed by people who have a principled way of resolving their disagreements.

The reach of Evolution: This View of Life is global and the editorial staff is international, with the UK, Germany, Holland, and Switzerland represented. All evolutionary scientists from all countries are encouraged to get involved by working with the editors, who in turn work with the central office. The magazine has the potential to be a “game changer” with respect to communicating evolution to the general public and serving as a forum for interdisciplinary scientific discourse    

The magazine builds upon a foundation provided by EvoS , a consortium of colleges and universities that teaches evolution across curricula, and the Evolution Institute, the first think tank to formulate public policy from an evolutionary perspective. Content will be delivered daily for all levels of interest through blogs, podcasts, videocasts, aggregated content, reviews, animations, and more!

 Readers will have the opportunity to communicate with 11 section editors who are the magazine's main bloggers and the invited guest bloggers. 

The magazine has top notch editors who are professional evolutionists and who will be working with a network of international colleagues across colleges and universities and disciplines to provide aggregated and new content. 

Where will your donations go?
The magazine is brand new.  Hourly help is required to aggregate existing online content and to work with the editors to make their jobs as easy as possible. As we apply for long-term funding to support the magazine, a Kickstarter award would be very helpful for ensuring successful operations.

Finally, we want to provide readers high quality video and audio content. In order for us to do this we need to purchase webcams, video and audio recorders, software and compensate media and design works.

We will keep you informed about how donations are allocated.

What about the editors?
The editor's position will be similar to serving as an editor of an academic journal, but we think that the public and private benefits are potentially much greater. The public benefits include promoting public awareness of their subject area from an evolutionary perspective. The private benefits include the opportunity to reach a large audience, in addition to becoming a central figure within their research community.

UPDATE- the magazine has partnered with Binghamton University and is being redesigned by the Office of Creative Services at Binghamton University. IT'S GOING TO LOOK AMAZING!.  

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Illustration by Kevin Cannon


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