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$3,292 pledged of $9,444 goal
By Doug Fergus
$3,292 pledged of $9,444 goal

Boldly marching on

Hello all NIP backers!  Thanks to our newest backer, B.C of Ashland!!!   (I can't say her real name, 'cause she's a FAMOUS actress!!)

In the spirit of film making.. we are proceeding with our next video project now, regardless of whether or not we achieve the Kickstarter goal.  We simply must! We must, We must improve our bustess's!

We are going to do a vid for the song Gray Haired Lady.  Please listen to the song and feel free to send your thoughts on video idea's.  And if you live in/near Ashland, and you know a 'Gray Haired Lady'  who would like to be filmed "just being herself"  let us know!

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