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$3,292 pledged of $9,444 goal
By Doug Fergus
$3,292 pledged of $9,444 goal

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forgot address


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Hi ;-))

Hey All, here's link for you to make it quicker and easier to contribute.

Remember, it's not "against the rules" or "bad/sneaky" or whatever to contribute directly to a project after it ends!!  ;-))

Please consider just donating what you had pledged to donate during the fund raiser.

And if you don't want to use Paypal.  you can send a check  or money order to:

Naked Reality Music LLC PO BOX 3173 Ashland, OR 9752.0


It's OK, Really!!


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

5 days left.

Hello all you wonderful backers ;-)

I want to say thanks for contributing to our project!! I have learned a lot from this endeavor.  I now know that it is crucial for a project to already have hundreds of fans in place before attempting something like this. And I think we set our goal too high.

My research has told me that one cannot easily create new fans during a fundraiser.  I had assumed that Kickstarter did some kind of promotion for all projects.. but now I know that is not true. I placed too much expectation on Kickstarter "finding new fans" for me. 

It has been an interesting and educational experience.  I think the only way we could reach our goal now would be to find a commercial sponsor.  Other than that, It would take reaching 6,153 people to give 1 dollar!  Or, 1230 to $5, Or 615 to give $10, or 307 people to give $20, Or 154 people to give $40, Or 62 peeps to give $100

Looking at it that way, it seems so EASY.. but in reality.. with a very small pre-existing fan base, it is not easy.  Especially for me, with no business training.  It's that ability to see ahead that is crucial.. I'm great at fixing what's right in front of me.. not so great at looking way ahead.. 

My music marketing advise tells me I should be "blogging" daily, or more often!!  I have not ventured into that world of "time lost forever" yet.  I'm supposed to write about anything and everything and chit-chat to show I'm "human"  and then people will say, "oh.. you're human too? cool, so are we! Now we will buy music from you!"  Really? is that what blogging will do?  That's why I have been Tweeting.. I was advised to connect with other Tweeters and show I'm human! and show them that it's all safe and warm and cuddly/fuzzy to go ahead and like me enough to buy music from me!!

Without blogging/Tweeting.. I'm the same as an anonymous homeless person looking for a handout. or worse!  I'm NOT homeless, yet I WANT YOU TO GIVE ME MONEY!! 

It's all a brand new world and all the pieces are still up in the air... floating on the high of the maybe. 

(yes that IS a cool song title.. "floating on the high of the maybe".  and YES that is one of the many new songs I have waiting to unveil someday for YOU backers.  the title was blurted out by former NIP Guitarist, Chris Johnson.. and I said, "SONG TITLE!!!!" and one year later.. I wrote the tune.)

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Rain Cancels Rowing and Naked Garden filming.

Hi Everyone in NIP land! Today we attempted to get some footage of amazing Gray Haired Ladies out rowing on Emmigrant Lake; but it was raining too hard and we had to abandon that plan. We were also going to get footage of a Gray Haired Lady "Gardening Naked".. but she chickened out due to the rain. (we chickened out too ;-)

Afterward, Mark and I came back to NIP world headquarters, (my spare bedroom) and worked on new songs for the first time since the No Filter CD was finished.  I have 27 GREAT new songs!!  Yes, TWENTY SEVEN!!  Can you hardly wait until you hear them?!

That's all for now.. so have a groovy everything until we meet again!

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