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A pocketable supplement for super-smooth video camera handling.
Converts standard tripods into a mobile jibarm with stunning results.
A pocketable supplement for super-smooth video camera handling. Converts standard tripods into a mobile jibarm with stunning results.
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    1. Gert Wagner 2-time creator on

      Hi Kokobin, I greatly appreciate your very kind comments on hipjib after its arrival in London. While the first impression does have some importance, it is the practicability that counts in the end. Let's stay in touch and share some experience after you got to know hipjib a little better. Any suggestions for improvements are most welcome.
      Good luck and enjoy!

    2. kokobin

      Finally, my 2 hipjibs arrived today in London, UK.
      Looks and feels like I imagined all those weeks ago.
      Smells out of the box like something luxurious and high class. Lovely, zippered storage pouch with the trendy hipjib logo a nice, pleasing touch
      Lightweight. Smooth movements. In use with my tripod, feels durable and very practical - a function of excellent design
      I will be testing my hipjibs with new stuff I am putting together for some work later in the year.
      Gert, my heartfelt thanks to you and your team.

    3. Missing avatar

      Stephen Chiu on

      Received mine this morning in Hong Kong. Can't wait to try it out!

    4. Gert Wagner 2-time creator on

      Hi Mario, thanks for the hint. Too late, and in fact we have discovered another tiny mistake but shall certainly keep it in mind for the next edition. Give us some feedback please once you have gained some experience with hipjib.
      Viele Grüße -

    5. kokobin

      Mario Löscher
      You are so lucky. I have been waiting for the knock on my door all week. Anyway it is rather cold, wet and miserable here in London, so I guess the shipping company must also find it tough going.

    6. Mario Löscher on

      Hi Gert and the whole hipjib team,
      received my hipjib just an hour ago, first tests showed a really intuitive and smooth usage. Looking forward using it this weekend.
      Also found a minor grammar mistake in german user manual: "Was für hipjib benötigt wird..." fourth point. Should be either "Er wird mit dem beiliegenden, einfachen Halter an ein Stativbein geklettet, möglichst in Augenhöhe" or "Er kann mit dem beiligenden, einfachen Halter an ein Stativbein geklettet werden, möglichst in Augenhöhe".

    7. Gert Wagner 2-time creator on

      Hi Heiko, you love your monopod, and you will probably love your hipjib too, that could become somewhat complicated. To combine the two really depends on the diameter of the monopod's lower end. There is no way to either enlarge the hipjib opening (definitely not!) nor reduce the monopod's diameter. Looks as if one of your loves is going to suffer…Let me know how you solved the problem, hipjib should be in your hands by the end of next week.

    8. Heiko von Debschitz on

      Hi Gert, I love my Manfrotto fluid video monopod 560B-1 with its three retractable feet providing extra stability. However, the feet appear to make the monopod's lower end too big to fit the whole in hipjib. Am I right there is no way to use this particular model (or the bigger 561BHDV-1) in combination with hipjib? Or is there maybe some creative workaround?

    9. Gert Wagner 2-time creator on

      Hi Kyle, we are having some minor problem with the hipjib surface and have decided to postpone shipment until everything is perfect. With our next update sometime tomorrow we shall give you more details. The first hipjibs assembled function beautifully, but we want it to look good when you unpack it. Thanks for your patience.

    10. Missing avatar

      Kyle Grindling

      Any word on delivery date?

    11. Gert Wagner 2-time creator on

      Hi Ross, there are so many tripods and monopods on the market and we have designed hipjib to fit various differing dimensions. I would rather wait for the arrival of hipjib and then buy a tripod that fits best. For the video head, it does not have to be an expensive one as long as it offers a solid support for the camera, works smoothly, and has a good tilting angle for low camera positions.

    12. Missing avatar

      Ross Gerbasi on

      Do you guys have some recommendations for sticks that you have used with the hipjib? Would like to go ahead an order something but would love to get some options. Also what Heads are you seeing nice moves with?

    13. Gert Wagner 2-time creator on

      Hi Paul, thanks for the idea. At this final stage of completion we shall not be able to attach any more parts. However, we shall certainly keep your suggestion in mind for our future plans and possible improvements. I would appreciate some feedback once you have worked with hipjib for a while.

    14. Paul Massey

      If the belt included a shoulder sling you could attach a loop on the shoulder that you could feed a wire through to attach to the tripod and have a counterweight behind you making movement a little easier with heavy cameras/rigs.

      Just an idea.

    15. Gert Wagner 2-time creator on

      Tooling is still underway, right now we are in the process of fine tuning. Everything looks great, but as with most new projects we have to battle with unforeseen details. Anyway, we should be ready for shipment in appr. 10 to 14 days. We shall keep you posted.

    16. Missing avatar

      Kyle Grindling

      Any news? Updated estimated delivery?

    17. Gert Wagner 2-time creator on

      Hi Kokobin, surething, hipjib will come with a bag that closes with a lace (no velcro or zipper). Hope this helped!

    18. kokobin

      It seems to be a minor thing, and I am sure you must have already figured it out, but I would like to know whether or not the hipjib comes with a storage/carrying pouch?
      Ideally, something with a zipper or Velcro tab.

    19. Gert Wagner 2-time creator on

      Sorry, no images yet, just the description. That limited edition will have a special design, a leather belt and soft leather pad, all of which will give it a very special feel and look without any difference in performance.

    20. Gerry on

      Would it be possible to post an image or concept art of what the special kickstarter edition hipjib looks like?

    21. Gert Wagner 2-time creator on

      Hi Steven, there is actually a hole in the middle! We placed it on the opposite side so not to confuse tripod users with three holes in a row. You just turn the axle until the centre hole appears in front. Using a monopod works very well, gives you even a bit more flexibility. But I find using the two tripod legs a little more precise especially for vertical moves, and they also give you a rather comforting feeling of stability. In between takes, I often just walk around with only one hand holding on to the tripod without having to carry tripod and camera. Indeed, hipjib spreads the weight around your waist so you don't feel it any more, whether using a monopod or a tripod.

    22. Steven Tom on

      Would using a monopod instead of a tripod affect the balance? What about adding another hole in the middle?

    23. Gert Wagner 2-time creator on

      Yes, exciting, and that leaves room for adding a little perk we shall shortly inform you about.

    24. Gerry on

      One more pledge and we break the $30k mark!

    25. Gert Wagner 2-time creator on

      Hi John, nothing to worry! hipjib has been tried and tested for many years. I have been using this type of belt under toughest conditions without any problems. We are determined to make hipjib the best camera tool we can - every component has to match our standards in safety, comfort, and functionality. But all that aside, for most of the time you will be holding on to tripod and video head with both hands and I do not imagine any situation where you could lose control. (Mind you, we have not had the chance to test hipjib during an earthquake though…) The leather belt as included in our VIP version does not offer any more security. It's for the look and feel of natural leather. But thank you for the hint, we are certainly open for any improvements. In the meantime, rest assured that hipjib will let you exploit quite some interesting new techniques with a secure hold on your equipment.

    26. John Priest on

      OH if you do use a "Leather Belt" try looking up what the "Gun Belt" manufactures use to support heavy guns for conceal carry options. Those belts are extremely supportive for heavy firearms, they should work well to support heavy cameras in comfort. Plus make sure its wider say 2" at least.

    27. John Priest on

      I sure hope they "BEEF UP" that belt clip!!! I dont want to swing around over $5000 worth of camera gear on that thing and the clip fails/breaks/slips loose!!! Just a little paranoid on that tiny plastic belt clip.

      Plus a FATTER belt would give even more support too!
      Great idea, cant wait to use it in some unusual ways for commercials!

    28. kokobin

      Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to the campaign's end.

    29. Gert Wagner 2-time creator on

      Hi Kokobin,
      Some of the extras you are suggesting are already part of our VIP packages, and besides, Kickstarter's rules do not allow for any changes of pledges during the campaign. And for those of you who deliberately chose, say, the nylon belt over the leather one it woud not exactly be an "upgrade". However, during these last few weeks of development we have already made some improvements that, once finalized, we will share with you. In case the campaign turns out to be extremely successful, we might have something up our sleeves to share the joy with our backers.

    30. kokobin

      It appears to be the case that hipjib would be funded in the next few days. Any plans for stretch goals in the event of this occurrence?
      Perhaps shoulder strap(s), better/textured materials?
      Leather belts for everyone?

    31. Gert Wagner 2-time creator on

      Hi Artisinal, we would love to offer hipjib at a lower price. However, developing, tooling, marketing, and distribution take a huge toll regardless of the materials used. And yet, the price of a hipjib is minimal compared to the money you would otherwise have to spend on equipment that gets you comparable footage. Additionally, hipjib will allow you to do things you would else not be able to do with such ease. I hope this helps.

    32. Artisinal on

      Can you elaborate on the construction of the hipjib as I'm on the fence on this one as I don't know how nylon plastics can cost $110 let alone MSRP for $225.

      There are no aluminum or titanium materials or ballbearings to ensure smooth rotation. I realize this is a simple contraption of a rod attached to a belt.

      It's a good invention. But why will it cost so much? I've supported a couple of kickstarters and the materials are too notch or the technology is impressive. Help us those who are on a fence.

    33. Gert Wagner 2-time creator on

      Hi Tom, we have no sample of the clip here presently. It is a simple plate with a whole (for the monitor screw) and a strap embracing one tripod leg. Any small monitor should fit.

    34. Steven Tom on

      Thanks for the suggestion. Great timing, Manfrotto has a $50 rebate on that model too!

      Another question. You had mentioned that there will also be a monitor mounting clip included with the hipjib. Can you post clearer shots of the mount?

    35. Gert Wagner 2-time creator on

      Hi Andrew, mind you, hipjib is not a Steadycam. While moving around with your tripod/camera/hipjib rig allows for a great deal of flexibility on location, filming while walking will render somewhat shaky results. However, we have fitted hipjib with two additional slots for shoulder straps and indeed, when using this technique, walking and filming simultaneously is a little easier. But still: it's not a Steadycam - yet.

    36. Andrew Sun on

      Just curious. I know it's not meant to be used while in motion, but I was wondering how well it would work if the operator is moving.

    37. Gert Wagner 2-time creator on

      Hi Stephen, the belt delivered with hipjib should be long enough to even fit an elephant (slightly exaggerated). But in any case you are free to use any other belt with hipjib. As for the video head, I have used a rather primitive one for quite a while which moved smooth enough for my purpose. Recently, I bought myself the Monfrotto MVH500AH which is an advanced version but still favourably priced. It works nicely. Additionally, I have attached a tilting gadget (no idea what it is named) between tripod and video head to allow for more extreme shooting angles especially when starting right from the ground. By the way, hipjib is absolutely ideal for DSLR's, you will enjoy it, I promise!

    38. Gert Wagner 2-time creator on

      Well, hipjib does not need ball bearings for rotation since the centre axis rotates perfectly smooth within its cage. The movement is actually quite small compared to the huge radius the camera covers and there is no fraction whatsoever to reduce the effect of a clean and stable take. The nylon belt is outside the cage and has no effect on the tripod movement.

    39. Steven Tom on

      What is the length of the belt? Also, do you have any suggestions for an entry level video head (for use with a dslr)

    40. Artisinal on

      Hi Gert,

      How does the hipjib rotate when moving the tripod up and down? Are there any ball bearings built in the cylinder or does it just move along the nylon belt via friction?

    41. kokobin

      I see you have made the switch to Design. I did not know it was possible once a project goes live. There also appears to be a small uptick in backers loving the hipjib.

    42. Gert Wagner 2-time creator on

      Thanks kokobin, for this valuable hint. We have immediately checked on that and decided to switch to the DESIGN category. Lets see what happens....

    43. kokobin

      It was a mistake to list this project under this section. I found it purely by accident. It needed to be listed under Technology or more appropriately, Design, for backers looking for innovative projects to support to find.

    44. Gert Wagner 2-time creator on

      Hi Max, nothing to worry about, since the weight of tripod and camera will prevent the tripod from slipping off hipjib. Throughout the last two years of working with hipjib that kind of accident has never happened. Additionally, you will always hold on to the tripod with one hand and to the video head handle with the other, so you are absolutely on the safe side when working with hipjib. And I can assure you: you are going to love it!

    45. Max Ziebell on

      Hello bzw. Hallo Gert,

      although I just backed a very technical solution (BeSteady One) I think this could be a very nice edition for traveling and creative situations without a huge deal of preparation. My question would be: I didn't see any clamps to hold the tripod in place so it might not slip out the hipjib on a fancy move?
      Please give us some feedback on the security for our gear and I would love to see more footage taken with this. How does walking while "jibbing" work with this?

      Best Regards from Berlin ;-)


    46. Gert Wagner 2-time creator on

      Hi Chris, you'll be amazed what you can do with it. I used to travel with a medium sized jibarm and a self-made shoulder support but since I film with hipjib prototypes my baggage has shrunk to an absolute minimum and I am enjoying an enormous amount of flexibility and freedom without any compromise on footage quality. Wait and see!

    47. Chris TiMaG #14 L

      very nice Gert. Just from the short video clip the video footage looks great. No more shaky videos.