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Inspired by activists in India, dancers in Portland, Oregon capture their art on camera to move against human trafficking.
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Sydney Skov

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Moving for Freedom in Portland!

Dancers from across Portland have stepped up to move against human trafficking and support the Free Body Film. They are performing in open rehearsals and public venues across town to show their solidarity and to celebrate freedom. You don't have to be a professional dancer to appreciate the power and importance of movement and expression (just two of the freedoms denied victims of human trafficking). You don't have to be in Portland to move with us. Share the movement and our Kickstarter with everyone you can! Send us photos of you moving for freedom and we'll add them to ours. Like us on Facebook to see more and share. 

Many thank yous to The Portland Ballet, Res Nova, Eowyn Emerald and dancers, Tracey Durbin, Polaris Dance Theatre, and all of the independent dancers, artists, and supporters who have danced and have yet to dance in support of the Free Body Film! 

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    1. Creator Aaron Nelson on May 10, 2013

      Looking great guys! Keep up the tutus too..