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Inspired by activists in India, dancers in Portland, Oregon capture their art on camera to move against human trafficking.
Inspired by activists in India, dancers in Portland, Oregon capture their art on camera to move against human trafficking.
118 backers pledged $10,125 to help bring this project to life.

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The Free Body Film is Almost Here


Happy Holidays!

I hope this update finds you relaxing and enjoying the festivities of the season. The Free Body Film team has been working hard over the past few months, sifting through what seems like countless hours of footage from our shoot in Portland last July to piece together the perfect story, the perfect short dance film with a unique mission. Here is a sneak peek: 

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It has been months since our last update and for that I apologize. Let me catch you up! Our film shoot that took place in July was an adventure of epic proportions. The shoot covered three days, each packed with 12 hours of filming. We worked in locations across the city of Portland from MAX stations on the West Side to industrial areas under the bridges of the East Side. 

Dancers practicing on a MAX platform.
Dancers practicing on a MAX platform.

Over 20 crew members took part in the filming and worked to secure locations, set up equipment, direct photography, stage lights, design costumes, even stop traffic. 20 dancers of all ages came together for our days of experimenting with movement in diverse locations. A full day spent filming in a dusty warehouse was a challenge for every dancer but all were eager to stay in order to complete every shot. 

A dancer in the warehouse during shooting.
A dancer in the warehouse during shooting.

A beloved Portland based choreographer helped to direct movement on camera and an incredible caterer kept us nourished and hydrated. Our project was even supported by local businesses; The Fehrenbacher Hof Coffee House, Elephants Delicatessen, and Por Que No? Taqueria donated coffee, meals, and treats for our cast and crew. The number of people who volunteered their time and dedicated themselves to our mid-summer shoot is truly a testament to the supportive spirit of Portland and to a collective commitment to art and social justice.

Since the time of our shoot, our Producer and Co-Directors have created several rough cuts of the film and as a team we have discussed, changed, edited, tweaked, and worked toward putting together the perfect piece. We want this film to speak as a statement of solidarity between artists in Portland and anti-human trafficking advocates in Kolkata, India. Such tedious work takes an incredible amount of dedication and we are almost finished! 

Free Body Film Co-Directors at work.
Free Body Film Co-Directors at work.

I thank you so much for your support of this project as it is incredibly close to my heart. I thank you also for your patience as we near the completion of this film. We plan to have the film finalized within the next few weeks and we will be sending out copies as well as gifts in January. Once the film is finished, however, our work will not be done. Even today, too few people know the truth about the commercial sexual exploitation of youth, also known as domestic trafficking, which affects hundreds of thousands of children within our own country. Don't forget to celebrate National Human Trafficking Awareness Day on January 11th by learning more about what you can do to work against trafficking at home or abroad.

With much love and gratitude, thank you and Happy New Year from the entire Free Body Film team! 

Thanks to you, the Free Body Film is beginning!

Dearest Backers,

I am thrilled to write to you and announce that we have begun pre-production on the Free Body Film! It is impossible to thank you enough for your incredible support of this project. Without you, we wouldn't be choreographing, scouting locations, and discussing exciting artistic ideas like utilizing motion graphics to better tell our story. Together we are creating something unique: a dance film with a humanitarian mission.

Dancers from across Portland continue to show their support for Free Body Project and the Free Body Film. Performing in public spaces, these dancers celebrate freedom and help to spread the idea that we can all speak against human trafficking and support positive change by using our unique voices. Many thanks to local dance companies Friendly Pheromones, the Jefferson Dancers, and SubRosa Dance Collective as well as freelance artists Rachel Slater and Kristine Anderson. These amazing photos were taken by local photographers Nick Fochtman and Kevin Clark.  

You can follow our progress on Facebook (we always need more friends!). We will be sharing photographs and snippets of video along the way as we get set to start shooting in mid July. 

Thank you so much again for helping us make this dream a reality.  



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We're almost there!

Thank you for everyone who has shown their support, so far, we cannot wait to create this unique film and to share it with you all.

Please help us cross our $5k benchmark - whether it's by posting this to your Facebook page and emailing a link to some friends, or becoming a backer today, every bit helps.

We have an investor who will match your collective $5k donations, so if we can come together and pool only $500 in additional funds, we're there. If we can exceed that, even better!


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Celebrating freedom from the bridges down to the docks.

Thank you so much to everyone who has shown their support for our unique dance and awareness raising film thus far! We only have 8 more days to go. I'm counting on awesome people like you to help us turn up the heat on this campaign! Please share the Free Body Film Kickstarter on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Send out an e-mail to friends and family sharing why you believe so highly in this project. Let's spread the word and show the world how powerful dance can be. 

Dancers across Portland are putting on some truly beautiful performances, utilizing interesting locations to bring dance and celebrations of freedom to the public. Last week local dance company TopShake Dance and a few lovely freelance artists took their moves down to the docks. Check out videos from the event on our Facebook page

Dancers, artists, activists, community members; together we move for freedom! 

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Moving for Freedom in Portland!

Dancers from across Portland have stepped up to move against human trafficking and support the Free Body Film. They are performing in open rehearsals and public venues across town to show their solidarity and to celebrate freedom. You don't have to be a professional dancer to appreciate the power and importance of movement and expression (just two of the freedoms denied victims of human trafficking). You don't have to be in Portland to move with us. Share the movement and our Kickstarter with everyone you can! Send us photos of you moving for freedom and we'll add them to ours. Like us on Facebook to see more and share. 

Many thank yous to The Portland Ballet, Res Nova, Eowyn Emerald and dancers, Tracey Durbin, Polaris Dance Theatre, and all of the independent dancers, artists, and supporters who have danced and have yet to dance in support of the Free Body Film! 

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