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A story of sex, drugs, murder, and trying to figure out why any of it matters. A darkly comic tragedy for a new generation.

We're making a movie...

We want to do something a little different. We want to raise the funding for our film through donations, shoot with the latest technology (bringing cinema quality at micro-budget prices), and then release the finished product online, for free. The idea is to do nothing less than change the way independent movies are produced and distributed. With KickStarter's funding apparatus, technological leaps like the soon-to-be-released Black Magic Cinema Camera (we plan to be one of the first features to shoot with it), and free distribution channels (online video hosting, torrents, etc.) we plan to make a high quality film that we can give away. We've already invested nearly ten thousand of our own dollars to get this project going and now we need your help to come up with the rest. Sound cool? Read on...

"THE PASSENGER" is about a kid named Max. We follow him as he tries to navigate his first year at a secluded arts college, deep in the woods and miles away from anything. Irreverently funny at times, heartbreaking and horrifying at others, we're trying to make a movie about what happens when everyone is trying to be someone else and "nobody is anybody", framed by the culture and experiences of a new "Lost Generation".

Here's the story: Max, our protagonist, is at first enthralled by the decadence and debauchery of the easy sex and easier drugs he discovers at his new school. He smokes, drinks, goes to parties, and hangs out with his roommates -- Dave, a boyish manwhore; Brian, a spaced-out hippie; Kyle, a drug-dealing misanthrope; and Tyler, a wannabe frat boy. Along the way he meets Amy, a brilliant, beautiful dropout who steals his heart and sets our modern-day Alfie wondering what it's all about. But the dawn of new love is darkened by a series of menacing turns. A girl is raped on campus, a reclusive roommate commits suicide, a house party ends in an overdose, a deranged coed commits a grisly murder, and several friends go missing. Through it all is Mallory, his nymphomaniac residential advisor whose seemingly ill intentions might not be what they seem; and Simon, whose initially odd behavior becomes increasingly nefarious as the mood on campus spirals into chaos. Max's distressed response to the whirlwind of events, blending with the growing tension in the air, boils over in a shocking and heartbreaking climax unlike anything you've seen before.

To do this right, we need your help. When all is said and done we hope to complete post-production by May 2013. With your contribution, we'll have the means to bring our vision to life.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We have such a large crew, keeping everyone organized and on track is going to be a difficult process, but the crew is experienced and acclimating to the nature of feature film making rather well. And because we're working on such a tight budget, we'll need to tread carefully in order to avoid budget overruns and not to dig ourselves into hole we're not prepared to escape from. Because of these challenges, we've prepared extensively before principal photography actually begins by, creating a physical budget, shot list, and storyboards.


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